Combat calculator - Abilities missing

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Combat calculator - Abilities missing

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I'm working on the list of special rules that need additional support within the combat calculators for AoS. I went over the list of all abilities.

The details:
- Armour of Midnight: not required.
- Noxious Breath: supported.
- Absolute Power: not required.
- Soul Stealer: supported.

Malus Darkblade:
- Tzarkan: supported.
- Tyrant of Hag Graef: not required.

- Price of Failure: not required.
- Tyrant Shield: supported.
- Exile Blades: supported.
- Cruel Tyrant: supported.

Dreadlord on Black Dragon:
- Noxious Breath: supported.
- Tyrant Shield: supported.
- Exile Blades: supported.
- Lance of Spite: supported.
- Do not disappoint me: supported.

Dreadlord on Cold One:
- Tyrant Shield: supported.
- Bladed Barding: supported.
- Single-minded hunting beasts: supported.

Dark Elf Sorceress:
- Blood Sacrifice: not required.
- Word of Paint: supported.

Dark Elf Sorceress on Black Dragon:
- Blood Sacrifice: not required.
- Noxious Breath: supported.
- Bladewind: supported.

Dark Elf Sorceress on Cold One:
- Blood Sacrifice: not required.
- Chillwind: supported.

Cold one Knights:
- Lance charge: supported.
- Darkshields: supported.

Cold one Chariots:
- Scythed Runners: supported.

Beastmaster on Manticore:
- Spiteful Dominance: supported.
- Sea Dragon Cloak: supported.

Black Ark Fleetmaster:
- Sea Dragon Cloak: supported.
- Murderous Swashbuckler: suported.
- At them, you curs!: supported.

Lokhir Fellheart:
- The Red Blades: supported.
- Sea Dragon Cloak: supported.
- Helm of the Kraken: not required.
- Daring Leap: not required.
- Take them Alive!: not required.

Black Ark Corsairs:
- Sea Dragon Cloak: supported.
- Flashing Steel: supported.
- Ravagers and Slavers: not required.

Master with Battle Standard:
- Dark Steed: supported.
- Treachery and Power: not required.
- Banner of Murder: supported.

- Darkshields: supported.
- City Guards: supported.
- Formidable Bastion: supported.

- Quicksilver Strike: not supported.
- Darkshields: supported.

- Storm of iron-tipped bolts: supported.
- Darkshields: supported.

Dark Riders:
- Sow Terror and Confusion: not required.
- Darkshields: supported.

Black Guard of Naggarond:
- Witch King's Retinue: not required.
- Eternal Hatred: supported.

- A shadow moves unseen: not required.
- Blend with darkness: not required.

Reaper Bolt Thrower:
- Crewed War Machine: not required.
- Reaper Bolts: not supported.

- Prey upon the weak: not required.

Scourgerunner Chariots:
- High beastmaster: supported.
- Lay the beast low: not supported.

War Hydra:
- Sever one Head, another takes its place: not required.
- Quick with the lash: not required.

Doomfire Warlocks:
- Doombolt: not required.

- Abyssal Howl: not required.
- Feast of Bones: not required.
- Quick with the lash: not required.

Sisters of Slaughter:
- Bladed buckler: not required.
- Dance of death: supported.

- First Sorceress: not required.
- Enchanting beauty: supported.
- Black Horror: not supported.

Bloodwrack Medusae:
- Bloodwrack Stare: supported.

Bloodwrack Shrine:
- Bloodwrack Stare: supported.
- Aura of Agony: not required.

Cauldron of Blood:
- Bloodshield: supported.
- Witchbrew: supported.
- Amulet of Dark Fire: not required.
- Strength of Khaine: supported.
- Orgy of Slaughter: not required.

Witch Elves:
- Frenzied Fervour: supported.
- Sacrificial Knives: supported.

- Amulet of Dark fire: not required.
- Cry of War: not required.
- Dance of Doom: supported.
- Orgy of Slaughter: not required.

- Black Lotus Venom: supported.
- Heart of woe: not required.
- Master of Assassins: supported.
- Master of Disguise: not required.

Death hag:
- Rune of Khaine: supported
- Touch of death: not required.
- Witchbrew: supported.

Dark elf Assassin:
- Black Lotus Venom: supported.
- Hidden murderer: not required.

Har Ganeth Executioners:
- Severing strike: not supported.

Exiled Warhost:
- Murderous Prowess: supported.
- Strength born of hatred: supported.

Exiled Blood Cult:
- Dark Venom: not supported.
- Revelry in Slaughter: not required.

It looks like the only special rules that need to be added for our Exiles are:
- Quicksilver Strike, from Bleakswords
- Reaper Bolts, from Reaper Bolt Thrower
- Lay the Beast low from Scourgerunner Chariots
- Black Horror from Morathi, but I'll model this one separately.
- Severing Strike, from Executioners
- Dark Venom, from the Exiled Blood Cult.

So a total of 5 special rules need to be supported by the tool. Do you think there is any rule missing? Let me know!
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