Warhammer Renaissance

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Warhammer Renaissance

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As requested elsewehere, here are the rules to Warhammer Renaissance.
It's the rulesset I have been playing for the last couple of months.

Follow the link below to the main rules, and those for Dark Elves and Bretonnia.

https://wetransfer.com/downloads/1e0a23 ... 539/cec2f8

To make this post of use to everyone, I will repeat what I said in a previous post

Warhammer Renaissance is a fanmade set of rules which is a combination of 4th/ 5th and 8th edition, with a little bit of 6th mixed in.
"A game of fantasy battles combining the atmosphere of the 1990s with the balance and clarity of the 2000s"

Some standout rules:

- Army buillding: minimum of 50% regiments, the rest is characters, war machines and monsters
- Free musician and banner bearer (for units of a decent size)
- Musicians provide better manoeuvrability. Units can make one pivot move at the beginning and at the end of their turn.
- All units can take magic banners
- There is no pre-measuring. Ranges are guessed.
- Rank bonuses at 4 models wide.
- It does have the step-up rule and units always have supporting attacks from the second rank, but enemy models touching corner to corner are not considered in base contact.
- There is no steadfast.
- The magic system is that of 4th/ 5th, including Magic Cards. The lores are different (college magic) and there are no lore attributes.
- To prevent herohammer, magic items are not as powerful as in other editions.

- Dark Elves have no Always Strike First and no Murderous Prowess

For those that are interested in the rest of the rules: the guy who wrote them makes them available through a Facebook group page (request to join):

Once there, you'll find he is in the process of updating the rules to a 2022 version
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