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Two Idiots Printing Service - TIPS

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Hello all!

My name is Lord Marcus, and I am one of the Two Idiots at Two Idiots Printing Service, or TIPS.

We are a licensed printer for Peculiar companions, but perhaps more importantly we are here to support The 9th Age. What this means is that if you love Peculiar Companion's work, but don't have a printer or don't want to deal with setting up and maintaining a printer, we are here to help. Our current farm hosts over 10 printers, with a mix of resin, FDM plastic and multi-material capable FDM machines.

We just finished adding the latest Turkic-mongol dark elves to the webstore

We are hoping to expand our printed offerings with other licenses moving forward. any such suggestions you may post here will be reviewed.

We would like your input on:

1. Value army deals. Essentially, we are aiming for these to be a one click add to cart with a discount. Currently we are working towards one per faction that Peculiar Companions releases, with more variations if requested. I have added our example photos below. note that you will receive a mixture of the poses available (unless requested,) and that these renders are intended only as examples.




I invite you to ask me questions relating to 3D printing, our service, and anything else here. I also invite your commentary on the above products/army deals as well as which companies we should contract with next to bring you awesome printed miniatures.

Until then, I wish you all a lovely day.

Kind regards,

The TIPS team.
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