The Skaven have finally emerged! (Updated: NEW PICS)

For discussion about all the lesser races of Warhammer. Talk about armies, tactics and lists to take on the Druchii here...

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They sound like a great army going by all the rumours on warseer. Now you can get stubborn and/or unbreakable units through characters and their mounts, or immune to fear through a ratogre mount, it makes the infantry a whole lot more viable. Shooting into combat has been majorly reduced, as well as ratlings and jezzails being slightly depowered, making gunlines less of a no-brainer. It looks like they have gotten a bit of a Druchii makeover in that there are now seceral builds that will be viable for them, gunlines, hordes, monster mash, balanced... I look forward to facing them (Plus, they are a 7th ed army that I can finally bust out my hordes of core troops to fight).
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