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These blasted things are quite lucky. Ignat mused, his annoyance reaching new heights when he failed to (re)kill the undead. Out of sheer spite, he pushed with his staff. Hopefully, the zombie would not pull a ridiculous act of acrobatics, and just fall to the ground as rotten bodies should.

Then he realised his predicament. While he was busy not killing the corpse, two others had come to threaten him. Ignat took a calming breath, as a chaotic mind would not help him here. He moved his staff to keep one zombie at bay and held his short sword out towards the other. It's probably not stupid enough to walk itself onto my sword, but at least it can close in at my leasure.

Another realisation hit him. That damn biatch is testing us. Then I'll show her not to fool with me. It's the only thing that would make sense. She destroyed an entire horde of ravenous corpses by herself. Wading through that slaughterfield got his clothes bloodied at the start of their mission. Yet why wouldn't she bother jumping into the fray here.

Ignat decided she needed some fun as well. If questioned about he'd answer that she looked bored.

Ignat will push with his staff, probably (hopefully) sending the zombie there tumbling to the ground. He will hold both his weapons at the zombies near him and when close enough try to strike one down with a wrist flick. He will also attempt to let one zombie through the line and push it to Khaela
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Come one guys we can hold the line and push these bastards backMeneth yelled to his line. remeber block stab step, block stab step. repeat after me and keep up the ritme And he does the same as he tells the others. as one line they cant beat us guys

Meneht and his guards step stab and block as one team and tries to push bakc the enemies while gaining ground slowly, step for step

Meneth tries to get the guards in his ritme and to gain slowly the ground
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Taldein attempted to cast a shadow of himself to fight by his side but simply didn't have the time to concentrate fully and give his creation life. He was facing five zombies, any more delays and he'd likely become one of them. Still distracted with the failure of his spell, his next attack was a clear miss but he more than made up for it with his back-swing, which effortlessly decapitated his target.

The mages attacks were somewhat more successful, as he pushed with his staff the zombie collapsed backwards to be trampled upon by other zombies clamouring at the defence line. His next attack, a deft sword thrust, was bang on target and sliced effortlessly through the throat of his target, then with a flick of his wrist he severed the head from the neck. The body collapsed at his feet. Simultaneously, he caught another zombie on the end of his staff and somehow managed to squeeze the zombie through the line towards Khaela.

Meneth, with help from the guards, was holding the line together. He stepped forward with an overhead swing of his sword, shattering the zombies skull and following up with a weighty shove with his buckler. The guards did the same and several zombies fell to the ground at their feet.

The zombies eyes seemed to gleam with the promise of a solitary snack, but that promise was to be denied. Khaela stepped into the path of the hurtling zombie and with a bare left fist, grabbed it around the throat, lifted it from the ground and squeezed. Both head and body fell lifelessly to the ground. Khaela crossed her arms and continued her watch.

Valeth was not as young as he used to be and was struggling to hold his place in the battle line. Though he succeeded in killing three of his foes, the last two broke through his defences and feasted on his flesh. He grunted with pain even as chunks of his arm and leg were torn off by ravenous mouths. He still lived to fight and with help from the guard next to him, killed the last two zombies. But more quickly took their place.

The guards were pulling their weight, their training and discipline held them firm against the tide of undeath. Their combined efforts had killed seven zombies, two on each flank and four in the centre. But ever more zombies quickly filled in the gaps and with the imminent collapse of the right flank, things were looking grim for the adventurers and their allies.

Taldeins spell has failed, he's simply too busy trying to stay alive. He's only succeeded in killing a single zombie this time around. He's facing five, still.

Ignat has killed one zombie, and killed another two from his actions (one trampled to... er, death, and one slain by Khaela). He's fighting another three.

Meneth has killed a single zombie and his guards another three. He's fighting another three zombies.

Valeth, with help, has killed all five zombies but he's sorely wounded and will fall quickly. Five more zombies have are attacking his position.

Fifteen zombies slain in total.
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Taldein continued to move about his flank, swinging at the zombies. He called upon the winds to draw a shadowed blade from himself to help in the fighting. Just as he was reaching his mind out, the guard next to him faltered a step allowing a zombie to quickly close on him. Distracted, he had to let loose his spell and attack the zombie. He stumbled initially, mind temporarily numb from his casting efforts. He quickly recovered and dispatched the zombie.

Back in his place in the line, the zombies were beginning to overwhelm their makeshift battleline. With no relief seeming to be come anytime soon, Taldein set to focus himself. He would hold the line as any battle trained soldier would and slay these unnatural beings in the name of Khaine. Only should his comrades fall, would he make an effort to cut away. He still had yet to figure out his purpose on his newfound path. Somehow, he guessed that slaying zombies wasnt the crux of it.

Stepping forwards, he swung his draich about in 3 great reaping arcs. His hope was to kill as many zombies as possible and bring at least a small amount of relief to the weary elves with him.

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