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Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:34 am
by Jcitalia4
Taldein waited outside and took in the scene of carnage. He curled up his lip in disgust. Very unclean deaths were not liked by him. Quick and clean, that was what he gave khaine. He turned to see the others begin to wander outside after whatever more words with the drachau they had. He didn't want to stay another moment in their presence.

The Mage looked mended. The large female warrior looked large and female. And the warrior who self deprecated himself as slow witted, though Taldein didn't greatly believe this, turned to address him. Damn it, I hate small chat, he thought to himself. He had hoped that simple greetings would suffice but he knew he was foolish to think so.

Stubborn? No, I don't think so. Not more more to say I think other than what you've already heard/seen

Waiting outside

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 1:33 pm
by Kensou
Ignat was quite pleased with the reaction he got from both ladies. More so than with the actual sewing done on his outfit, but it would do. He had to refrain from groaning when the fool asked for supplies and gear. No way we'll get something from them for this test. Then, after all that has been said he became even more foolish asking about his wound again.

As they have told you before, I've had worse. I'm not in need of medical aid. And in the future you would do well to not tell unknown people about wounds we may have sustained.

Reprimanding Meneth

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:40 pm
by Lordfalco
You guys are not really talkers it seems, one stubborn, foolish and with strange powder, other trying to act mysterious. If we need to work together on missions it would be better to know each other. Meneth then stops talking, realising it wont have any point with these guys.

wonder what we need to get for that woman. I also hope the last one is atleast more willing to talk then these fools

Meneth realises that there is no point to talking with these two, he will try to talk with the last one when he arives

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:43 pm
by Jcitalia4
Taldein dismissed the warrior's rebuke with not so much as a glance. He seemed to be craving attention and comradery. Taldein remembered such traits amongst the warriors of Ghrond. After their drills they'd often indulge in their preferred vices together. This seemed to bring them closer as a unit and helped them work together. Taldein, however, always preferred staying away from such social outings and instead used his actions in the drillyard to give those near him confidence in him.

Instead he turned his attention to the other standing outside. A weaver of Aqshy, interesting. The winds blow with this group it seems. Ignat, is it? I find comfort that a man with your talents is joining us..

With that he looked back at the door they had just exited. One of their group and their guide are still to join them. He wondered what they were talking about that would be taking such time. He wasn't an impatient person by any stretch of the word but he was indeed quite eager to discover how this mission from the Drachau runs parallel to the path he should be walking.

Hanging out outside

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Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:17 pm
by Kensou
Do I have a neon sign that says sorcerer walking here pointing at me?

If by my talents you mean my higher paintreshold and relative endurance, then your comfort is well deserved. Otherwise, I don't know what you're talking about. And while I'm pretty sure you didn't just call me a butchered phrase from a land unknown, I'll correct you anyway. It's Ignat.

Having some fun

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:00 pm
by Jcitalia4
Taldein smiled at his response. He clearly liked to hide that the red wind gathered near him, Taldein's own witchsight seeing this. He didn't blame Ignat as Taldein himself prefers to not flaunt his own talent as well. Surely, however, the mage could draw the same conclusions about Taldein with their own witch sight.

Yes, a remarkable constitution. I'll remember that you go out front with Meneth here., Taldein mused.

Chatting as we wait

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:26 pm
by Minigrift
Valeth remained indoors with the Drachau and her troupe while the remainder of the group had a somewhat stilted, awkward conversation outside. The old khainite was by far the most stubborn of the group and definitely seemed most unwilling to do anything he was told. It did not take long for the over-sized warrior to step in and take control.

Nothing short of the threat of physical violence upon his person convinced Valeth to, grudgingly, place the pendant around his neck. Like a schoolteacher admonishing a pupil, Khaela then, rather pointedly, told Valeth to wait outside with the rest of the group. He slouched off.

Khaela turned to face her Mistress, a conflict of emotions skimming the waves of her blue eyes, she nodded curtly and turned to follow the old khainite to the landing outside. The Drachau watched her go and only once Khaela had stepped outside did her face take on a hint of compassion.

Outside on the landing, Valeth was quiet and brooding, obviously not thrilled at being practically forced into servitude for the city's royal leader.

The broad-shouldered, massively chested warrior woman strode out with thunderous steps only moments later. She regarded each of the group with callous regard, then disregarded each of their attentions as she stepped to the top of the stairs. Her back and left shoulder were equally covered in scars, with barely a single centimetre not wounded or untouched by violent means. Khaela studied her handiwork with the deranged citizens and a slow, almost satisfied smile began to form on her lips.

She placed her helmet over her layered blue-black hair and her face settled into a grim expression of repressed violence.

"Let's go." The warrior began to walk down the steps.

Khaela will lead the group to the edge of the courtyard before heading North - feel free to keep chatting ;)

OOC: I'll move the story along in the next post as I don't really have the willpower for a lengthy post at the moment. Plus, sort of distracted atm... ;)

Yeah, you should never confuse character names with player names. Leads to all sorts of... misunderstandings!

Hands that Bind

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:47 pm
by Minigrift
The group of stalwart male Druchii seemed stunned into silence by the intimidating presence of the giant warrior-woman, with but a glance she had silenced each of them. Khaela set a quick pace as she led the way with long, powerful strides like those of a juggernaut. The blue-eyed warrior occasionally paused to casually boot aside mutilated torsos of the demented villagers she had so recently put to a violent end.

By the time the group had traversed the blood-bath that was the courtyard, their feet were caked in gore and semi-congealed blood. The warriors pace did not slow as they travelled North through the city's streets. They passed several guard outposts, most of which were involved in small skirmishes. Generally, though, the guards looked like they were managing the threat of zombie-citizens and order was slowly being restored to Everain.

It was some half an hour or more before the sounds of a larger skirmish were heard and as they stormed up the main road the sounds became louder still. Suddenly, from the alleyway between two large houses, a harried guard charged around the corner and, noticing Khaela, managed to skid to a halt before bumping into her. The bedraggled guard quickly stepped back as his eyes went wide with fear.

"Sir," the guard snapped a salute. "Our position's being overrun. We need reinforcements. The graveyard... They're coming alive!"

Khaela's jaw clenched as she ground her teeth together, controlling her temper with obvious effort. "This better be worth our time. Lead on, knave. "

Shaking out a nod, the guard turned back the way he had come and the group followed him. Turning right, the group ran past three large houses, then turned left and ran up a short street that ended in a large gate. The gate itself had been ripped from it's hinges and the opening led out into the graveyard. Beyond the gate the North wall was two hundred metres ahead of them and ran to the East and melded into the darkness. For as far as the eyes could see, graves were turning, corpses scraped from the dirt, cadavers walked and ran and stumbled around in disordered lines. A mere handful of guards were battling the swarms of undead, fighting a tactical withdrawal, their line was bending and would soon break.

Khaela, within moments, had assessed the situation and began to bark out orders, her voice rising out over the groans and moans of the ceaseless dead. "Guards, allow for one. Form up, shield wall. Meneth, take the centre and hold the line. Taldein, Valeth, take the flanks, don't let 'em surround us. Ignat, see what you can do to thin them out."

Actual zombies/undead this time round. A gap in the centre of the line has appeared for Meneth to fill. The two outer guards in the line have taken support positions for Taldein and Valeth. Ignat is expected to support the group with fireballs and explosions etc. The enemy is amassing in greater and greater numbers and will surround the group unless something is done.

OOC: Try and use the time from when your characters left the city hall to arriving at the graveyard for some introspection/reflections on the events leading up to and including the scene in the city hall. That was the first part of the prologue and I would like to read your characters thoughts and suchlike on what has transpired RP wise so far - something fun for me to read ;)

Three paragraphs at the very least, if you can manage it. Remember, you guys (should) have three days to post and I would much rather you took the time to write up a good post than post quickly and poorly. Thanks, gentlemen 8)

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:08 am
by Jcitalia4
The blue eyed warrior spoke finally Let's go. And with that they were away, trodding through the massacre of the square. Their escort was a striking figure. Clearly powerful and likely attractive, her intimidating demeanor stole this from her in Taldein's eyes. What he did notice was how she was able to wield her great weapon with ease. As a former member of those who drilled and trained the Ghrond warriors alongside his father, he could very well appreciate and respect her obvious ability. She carried herself the typical druchii way when placed in a position of power, which Taldein didn't mind either. He was not an ambitious person, his desires were always sated by a different need. The thrill of a clean death. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two observing Khaela's technique, we shall see. He wasn't hugely optimistic given the brutal end most of these corpses he was now wading through had.

The city seemed much the same and the gloom and weather had not yet lifted. Though now, on the side of the guards, his perception of it all had indeed changed. For the most part, the guards seemed to be able to keep a relative martial order on the streets. He didn't know how long this would last, however, as with every death meant the population of the city was culled just a bit further from within. Eventually, if things continued this way, the logistics in place supporting the guards would falter.

He considered the posse he was now made to be a part of. Nicely well rounded, he thought. The large warrior was what she was but as the Drachau mentioend, she would not be with them for their entire task, only this first bit. He looked around at the others, pleased at what he saw.

A mage, around whom the red wind swirled violently, as it does, would definitely support them well against anything unnatural they would encounter on their way. His own knowledge of the shadows was significant but not like Ignat's command of fire. The stalwart warrior was quite garrulous and baudy, as all good warriors should be. A shield by which to protect the bulk of the group. The old wizened acolyte, with whom Taldein was most intrigued with, as he would teach him the things he desired and the ways of the bloody handed god. As well as a knife in their enemy's back. And lastly himself, a heavy arm with which to strike and quickly end any threat.

He at least, felt comfortable. Time would tell how well it all worked together, however. If there was anything he had learned during his days in the drill yard was that a unit was only as good as how well it worked together in a common goal. Hopefully this would be the same.

His reverie was interrupted by a frantically running guard. After a quick exchange with Khaela, coupled with some aggressive pointing from where he had just ran from, she grumbled something and motioned for them to follow. The graveyard was coming alive.

When they arrived, the situation seemed dire. Khaela quickly took command and instructed them in their roles. Taldein moved to support the right flank, as commanded. Grim faced he took his position, draich in hand. The masses of dead would easily overwhelm them if they could not dispatch them quickly enough. Muttering a few words, grasping at the shadows of his fellow's sword arms, he sought to empower their strikes with the speed a shadow forms in the light. With the grey winds wrapping around his own arm extending to his draich, he met his first foe with a great cleaving strike only to turn it back again in a rapid, fluid movement forming a great silver X in front of him, letting the enemy come to him. The culling of the dead has begun.

Taldein will follow the group. He will then take his position. Attempt to speed up the attacks of his fellows and then begin striking out at the dead while maintaining the flank

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:08 am
by Kensou
Finally, they were on their way. They marched through many of the corpses, so violently slain. This did not sit well with Ignat. He just got his robe sewed up and now his shoes and the bottom of his pants were getting stained. Oh well, I can ask for new stuff later. It seems the rain hadn't stopped yet. At least it would wash away the gore on his clothes.

As they marched, the city seemed more at peace, with the wind blowing softly to mourn the dead. Or maybe to mock them, Ignat didn't know, but figured it was the latter. He could still see the sky lit up by the guardpost he had passed through a while ago. If that child is still active, then I certainly will be as well. With new resolve he set about his task. Which consisted of walking for the moment.

After a while, a disgruntled guard burst from an alley and requested them to help him out at the graveyard. He ran. The weakling. He probably would've left the city if he didn't encounter us. Ignat immediatly decided he did not like this guard. Still, they followed him. When they arrived the guards were fighting a desperate battle. Masses of the undead were battling them and if it weren't for the fact that a lot of them were walking aimlessly around the graveyard, the guards would've been broken already.

Khaela quickly took command. Thin them out, she says. Then I'd better find a higher vantage point. The wall seemed the most likely. From there he could easily target the undead without risk of harming his impromptu allies. He may even see the bonfire. You have hand free to get me up there? He asked of the female warrior. If not he'd do it himself but this would save valuable time.

Once on the wall, Ignat searched for the highest density of undead nearest the elves. It wasn't hard to find. It was close to where Taldein went. Time to help out his murder loving friend. ARCHAIA EXOUSIA, VORMI KULJEST I POLTADA VOLTAENA!!!. As the words rose to a crescendo, so did the wind start to pick up around Ignat and when he finished, the burning visage of a bird erupted from his hand. It rose up in the air, gave a screech, and dived into the shambling corpses. It buried itself in one of them with a hefty explosion. Corpses were raining everywhere.

Ignat will take position on the wall, with or without Khaela's help. After that he will throw a Fire Bird (because it seems more awesome right now :))

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:28 pm
by Lordfalco
When Valeth finally leaves the town hall Meneth goes to him, I so hope this one is more social then the others. Hi mister, I am Meneth, since we will be as one team I hope you are willing to introduce yourself, what are your skills for example? I am a warrior that learned how to ride, I know how to survive the worse odds and can take a blow, these two, Meneth points to Ignat and Taldein, are not talkers, I know Ignat got some magical powder, or possible a ring. Well lets move on as the rest walks on to. Meneth starts following the rest

During the walk Meneth saw that the hell hole they landed in is slowly becoming better, the soldiers and guards getting the upper hand. Or so he though at least till a soldier suddenly came running to them. A soldier running? This is not allowed, leaving his unit behind, what an coward. When the soldier talked about the undead Meneth instantly grabbing his old trusted shield and putted his hand on his sword hilt.

Arriving at the graveyard made even Meneth heart skip a beat. So many undead, truly to many if they were organized. Meneth looks at his companions, Khaela, Ignat, Taldein and then Valeth to see how to reacted on this slaughter fest of undead. Then he takes a few step forward to stand between the group and undead for if one would break trough the desperate soldiers.

When Khaela ordered them and asked Ignat to give fire support Meneth replied, do know he only has some limited power since he uses powder, maybe we need it later more, he can fight with sword.

Meneth goes to his place as ordered, instantly in his defensive stance, ordering the soldiers and guards around him to do so to. All undead that tries to go to him or the soldiers around him will be attempted to shield bashed and then stabbed by his short sword. If Meneth sees a much stronger looking hostile creature he will go to that and try to out tire it for the flankers.

Meneth tries to talk With Valeth, asking some questions, at the scene of fighting he will be in his defensive stance and when a strong boss undead comes he charges it and tries to out tire it

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:24 pm
by Minigrift
"Do you think they suspect anything?" Mistress asked once Khaela and the group of adventurers had gone.

"Undoubtedly," replied the white-eyed albino in his monotonous drawl. "Valeth will be trouble. Let's hope he doesn't influence young Taldein too greatly, it could be problematic if he does. However, I don't think even he could accurately guess the true nature of their mission."

"Never fear, my dear, you played your part perfectly." Modrane said, looking down at the Drachau from atop the stage.

"Yes, I am rather good, amen't I?" Mistress flashed the sorceress her most wicked grin. "Too bad I couldn't kick all their asses, though only Valeth deserved the humiliation, really." Mistress then turned to the last member of her council. "You know what you need to do. I'm counting on you."

To that, the mute sorceress simply nodded her consent.

* * * * *

It was testament to either the stupidity or the cleverness of the group that none of them dared attempt to engage Khaela in conversation, asking questions or making smart comments which she would be most disinclined to answer. She was pleased, for the most part, that they showed sense enough to follow her orders for any time wasted could mean the death of any one of them should the undead horde break the line.

Taldein and Valeth, seeing the sense of the situation and the orders given, quickly took their positions without comment or complaint. Meneth, however, felt the need to inform Khaela of Ignat's 'powder' which she knew to be a totally absurd thing to say. She ignored him in favour of Ignat asking if she could help him to a higher vantage point - an all together more sensible request.

The giant warrior looked down at the fire-mage, who was a foot shorter than her and almost child-sized in comparison, which made the scene look almost comical. She nodded and looked to where Ignat pointed to the southern wall of the cemetery. Her gauntleted right hand reached down and grabbed the mage by the back of his robe and, with a few quick strides, lifted Ignat up onto the wall. The warrior then returned to her position behind the group.

Taldein had taken his position already and uttered a quick shadowy blessing on the soldier adjacent to him, who was in a position to support the young acolyte. The guard was too preoccupied with a couple of walking corpses to show his appreciation for the magical boon granted him. The khainites' first strikes effortlessly took care of the two undead immediately before him, one of which the guard was struggling with. Three more enemies quickly took their place, and two more were slowly approaching Taldein from his left.

Ignat, from his superior vantage point, quickly spotted the nearest cluster of animated dead and set himself in preparation for a spell. His connection with the bonfire was weak but he still managed to draw power from it - how long that connection would last, however, was dubious at best. The pheonix flew through the air and dived for the middle of the cluster, then imbedded it's fiery beak into the chest of one of the zombies. Nothing seemed to happen at first, then suddenly the bird exploded with a calamitous detonation which instantly obliterated it's target. Three nearby zombies were also caught in the blast and were put out of action. Flames licked out and set fire to another zombie, fortunately it was still some distance from the groups battle line.

Meneth took his appointed place at the head of the line of guards and reiterated Khaela's orders for them to go on the defensive. The guards welcomed the warriors presence and they began to fight with new found determination. The two guards who stood in line between Meneth and Valeth quickly decapitated a zombie each before shoving the corpses away into the shambling wall of undead. Meneth himself felled a third corpse, easily batting aside an ill-swipe with his buckler before neatly severing it's head. The zombie fell to the ground at his feet only for another two to take its place.

Valeth was holding his own well enough with the support of a guard. He attacked with both weapons in a scissor motion, neatly decapitating yet another corpse before following suit with the guards and kicking it back into the wall of zombies. Some of the undead stumbled over the newly discarded obstacles, but still they come one en mass. Each of the guards and the adventurers found themselves fighting ever more zombies.

Taldeins support spell was successful and he also succeeded in slaying two of the undead. He (and his guard) have three more to contend with immediately, and another two approaching from the left.

Ignat's spell was successful and has slew four zombies and set fire to another (not an immediate threat to anyone at the moment). However, his magical link to the bonfire (which is far away) might not last much longer.

Meneth's presence has bolstered his new allies, making them fight with new vigour. He has killed one zombie so far only for another two zombies to appear in the gap.

Valeth has also killed a single zombie, but several more are quickly arriving.

OOC: Great job everyone 8)

Don't forget to update your characters inventory!

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:36 am
by Jcitalia4
With a shadowy alacrity, Taldein quickly dispatched two of the zombies. The guard near him's attention was too focused to give thanks but Taldein needed none. The training of years and years of working with units was instinctive and necessary, thanks were rarely needed or warranted. Three more zombies quickly took their place with two more approaching from the left.

The rest of their line was battling formidably. He couldn't see the other flank but the fact that the line hadn't started curling and running towards him told him it was holding. The large warrior had linked up the centre and provided much needed relief to the guards. A large flash of light distracted Taldein temporarily, as he redirected its gaze to the source he saw a fiery bird slam home into a zombie some paces away. The sudden explosion that followed told him that the fire mage had found an appropriate spot to support the line. If they held firm, this would be a relatively easy task.

He took a quick glance at the large female warrior standing behind the group. Clearly she must have had some tutelage with the skaven rat-men of the new world with her leadership style. It wasn't Taldein's job to judge, in fact, it meant more killing to be done by himself, for which he was actually grateful. He was curious however, and made a note to ask Valeth later, if killing the already dead counted in Khaine's eyes. No matter, he thought as he set to task on the three zombies before him.

Working in support with the guard he quickly told him, I've got your swordside, so he knew the guard was protected on the right and free to extend his swipes. In a great overhead strike, he brought his draich down on the middle zombie. He then shifted his weight to his right and then left foot in small step out and to the side to bring his great sword in a diagonal strike towards the right zombie. Carrying the momentum of the strike, he completed the turn in a quick pivot, arm already raised, swiping down over the guard and into the left-most zombie.

Taldein will make an overhead strike at the middle, reverse the swing up to the right most, spin and swipe down at the left most

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:15 am
by Lordfalco
Relieved of seeing how his allies pick up the pace and figth with new vigour gave Meneth also some extra vigour, he used it to bash the udnead before him and decapitate him. The ehad drops before his feed and he tries to kick it to one of the two coming undead to him. Hoping to push that undead away. Come on guys we can do this, hold the line, stay together as brothers in arms, Meneth yells to his guardline.

He quickly look at the other lines and sees Taldein making some nice kills, Valeth was harder to see but that flank still stood so he is probably doing ok. The big red burn made Meneth shake his head, wasting valuable powder. Powder maybe needed later.

Then he focused on his fight again, the undeads still coming and being bashed away before he tries to stab them.

Meneth tries to inspire his line even more with some words, next to that he tries to kick the zombies head to slow down one of the two zombies so he could fight them one at the time.

ooc: as long as noone tells him Ignat is a mage he will not beleive he is a mage, he is a bit naive and thinks Malekith kills all boy mages, not that some can escape that fate

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:07 pm
by Kensou
As the bird left his hand, Ignat felt his powers weakening. The resulting explosion did make him feel very comfortable. However, it did nothing to give much aid to himself. He had one last spell in him before the blasted rain would stop any thing he tried. He looked over the battlefield again. The line was holding, and even though it was still bend, it wasn't as bad as before. Taldein's flank was easily dealing with the corpses. Valeth's wasn't. The next one was going near that position.

Channeling any thread of wind he could find into his being, he started focusing on seeing more of them. Catching any spark that would allow him to continue on. He envisioned a fiery blaze, an inferno, that would consume all. Again the wind would pick up, and again his chant was offered to the wind. ARCHAIA EXOUSIA, VORMI KULJEST I POLTADA VOLTAENA!!! And again a fiery bird flew from his hand and dived into a cluster of zombies near Valeth's flank.

Tired as he was, he knew he had to keep doing something to keep the zombies at bay. He turned to Khaela. You don't happen to have a spare Uraithen, do you? If he would get one, he would skewer eye sockets. If he wouldn't, then so be it. His sword would taste rotten flesh.

Ignat will attempt to cast another birdy, ask for a RXB, and if he get's one, start shooting some undead. If he doesn't, he will hop down and move to fight wherever he's needed.

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:07 am
by Minigrift
The guard stood next to Taldein grunted his assent as he helped out his fellows. The Draich'arha brought his weapon up to smite the middle zombie and cleave the foul-smelling creature in twain, the zombie-halves fell harmlessly by the wayside. He reversed his weapon to strike at the next zombie and scored a decapitating blow. As he spun to gain momentum for his next attack, the left-most zombie struck at him, though the attack was feeble and did no damage. The khainite quickly retaliated and sent another undead into the gates of oblivion. His position was quickly being overrun as the two zombies approaching from the left were upon him and several more quickly took the place of the one's he had slain.

Unfortunately for Meneth, his skills weren't quite on par with the (un)death-dealing khainites. He struck with his shield at the nearest zombie but failed to cause any damage or push the creature back, and a follow up swipe from his shortsword was equally unsuccessful. However, his kick at the monsters chest pushed it back and it stumbled and fell backwards amongst it's approaching companions. More zombies quickly filled the gap.

Ignat, pleased with the success of his first spell quickly attempted another. He assessed the enemy and quickly found the best spot to thin out the horde. The burning zombie gave him some small boost to his magical affinity and he almost drew too much power for his next fiery wave. The pheonix erupted from his outstretched hands and flew in amongst the zombies near Valeth's position. Burning waves quickly reduced the birds target to ash and licked out to set fire to another three. Thus, another kill and now four zombies were wandering around with fiery resolve.

The mage then asked a question of Khaela, who flashed him an angry glare as if to say he couldn't have asked a worse question of her. "Do I look like I have a Uraithen? Use your magic, mage, or your sword."

The brutal warrior then returned her attention to the fight before her, which, for the moment, was going well. The line was holding and though some of the adventures were doing more killing than the others, each of them was doing as commanded and doing it well. Even Valeth, old and frail as he pretended to be, was holding his flank together.

The guards, in unison, as befit a trained fighting unit, each decapitated another zombie each and pushed back their targets with their large shields into the horde of zombies which was growing ever thicker. Dozens more zombies were shuffling towards the line and many more dozens were making their way forward as if attracted by the commotion or the whiff of fresh meat.

Taldein has 'killed' all three undead. But is now facing at least five - two of which have circled around to attack him from his left flank.

Meneth hasn't managed to kill a single zombie! At least two are fast approaching the centre of the line, with many more lining up behind them.

Ignat only managed a single kill this time but has set fire to another three. The rain will put them out sooner or later. He still has some power left.

Valeth has taken two more zombies out of action.

Each of the five guards had killed a zombie but there are still many, many more to be slain.

Eleven properly dead zombies in all. Still hundreds more to come :twisted:

OOC: 5's and 6's all round for Taldein. Mostly average dice rolls for everyone else!

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:30 am
by Lordfalco
Seeing as the horde kept on coming Meneth stays on the defense, he keeps on calling his guard line to stick together and work together. Every time one zombie comes to close he shield bashes it and then stabs it.

Stupid Zombies, why don't you all just vanish? guards, anyone of you know where they come from? the source of their resoruction?

Meneth keeps on fighing and hopes one of the guards knows where to go to stop this resoeuction if it is still in place

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:59 pm
by Kensou
Many fell, but even more arose to replace them. The tide of undead seemed without end. Unless you cut off the source. Which is another problem, as I've lost mine. The undead pressed again and again and it was just a matter of time before they were overwhelmed. Just like the bonfire was eventually snuffed out by the rain. His eye fell on the few burning zombies.

The small flames were consuming the zombies, yet they too would be killed by the downpour. Yet, like the bonfire, they refuse to die down. They want to live. They want to grow. And, most of all, they want to procreate. They fight with so much dedication to survive that it seems wrong to let them die out. I will not stand for such a crime! Ignat began to focus again, this time on the group of flames consuming a few zombies. He would give the infantile flames the chance to live. Lauka, Levima, Elama ti Elu!! And the flames danced to his words.

Ignat will try to get the flames on the group of zombies to flare up, and hopefully spread to other zombies.

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:05 pm
by Jcitalia4
Taldein finished his pivot in a balanced position. He was pleased that his training still held firm. He didn't have much time, however, to appreciate his efforts as just as quickly as he had dispatched the creatures, even more had taken their place. The line still held but they were at ever danger of being outflanked and overwhelmed. What they needed was leadership commanding their movements, making uniformed strikes and blocks. He glanced back quickly at the large warrior leading from the rear Feel free to take charge, he thought. Thought he knew the commands, he was not the leadership type, always preferring the shadows to the limelight.

He instead focused on his immediate situation. Now 5 zombies stood in melee with him and the guard to his left. Bash when I sweep and lunge with me, these aren't combat elites so butcher's work should do the job. With that he went into action. With simple muttered words to the guard to coordinate with the guard they heaved their enemies away with shield and sweep to follow up with lunging strikes on targets of opportunity. They continued these efforts methodically in an effort to keep the enemy from being able to overwhelm. Taldein hoped that the rest of the line would notice the movements and join in, multiplying their combat effectiveness.

Taldein will attempt to organize his attacks with the guard next to him

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:56 pm
by Minigrift
"It's this damned plague, sir!" The guard next to Meneth replied as he forcefully hacked another zombie into the dirt. "Makes the living dead and the dead living!"

Meneth seemed to put extra concentration into his next attacks as they all struck true. The first zombie to assail his position had it's rotting face neatly hacked off and as it stumbled forward onto the warriors buckler, he pushed the headless cadaver back into the tide from which it flowed. The next dead-living in line stumbled over its compatriot into Meneth's downward hack, shattering the skull.

Ignat could feel the fuel for his magic slowly draining away around him and tried for one last spell. Angry that his children were dying, he focussed on the small group of burning zombies to empower his latest creation. He quickly gathered all the energy into one last cast... But nothing happened. It was simply too wet and the flames were quickly dying their last.

The guard, following the advice of the Khainite, altered his tactics slightly. The mailed guard pushed out with his shield and followed the attack with a slash of his longsword at the zombie in front of him. Neither attack was very successful. The shield-bashed zombie clung to his shield, dragging him to the ground and causing his sword strike to fly wide of it's mark. The next guard along awkwardly chopped the zombies head off, his well-placed sword striking the metal centre of his buddy's shield.

Noticing the defences of the guard drop, the khainite made the guards target his. He struck out with a heavy blow, but as chance would have it, the zombie stumbled and managed to duck under the blow, clawing and biting at the guard as it lurched into him. Taldeins assault was already in motion, however, and he brought his sword back and around to his left to tackle the zombies flanking him. Two quick strikes saw those would-be-slayers topple harmlessly at the khainites feet.

The other three guards, between Meneth and Valeth, continued to fight as they had been trained. Using their shields to present a wall to the enemy, and striking out to stab and sever when the opportunity arose.

The zombie clawed and gouged at the panicked guard who was struggling to free himself of it's death-grip, his weapons useless. In a bid to sever the creatures neck the guard dropped his sword and shield...

Three successful attacks for Meneth this time, two kills. Another three zombies are assailing him. More are pushing forward.

Ignat tried all he could but simply could not muster the magic needed for another spell. His magic has run wet for now.

Taldein has slain the two zombies flanking him. His attempts to fight in unison with the guard have ended badly for the guard. Several more zombies are approaching Taldein and the gap in the line is also filling with more zombies.

The combined efforts of all the guards have killed five zombies in total, including the the one clinging to the shield.

Valeth has killed another two zombies.

Eleven zombies properly dead. But now the defence line has been broken. Can the group fix it? Hundreds more zombies to come :twisted:

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:24 pm
by Lordfalco
good job guys, lets push on, remeber this pattern, step, block, stab, now with me, step block and stab, step block and stab. we need to push on, dont give the zombies space! and with that Meneth tries to hold the line together and taking space of the enemy. step block stab with his sword next to his shield in a defensive position.

tries to get his line in the same apttern as he is and push the zombies slowly back to give the flanks more space

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:57 pm
by Kensou
Khaine's bloody balls! It's like some higher entity wants me down there! Ignat was rather irritated that the fires could not be saved. He looked along the line, trying to spot any weakness. He found one guard struggling on the ground with a zombie on top of him. Ignat quickly hopped off the wall and ran straight for the gap, al the while drawing his sword.

Simple tactics for simpletons, present an annoyance for them to grab at and kill them. Mentally reviewing his attack pattern, he stepped in line near the fallen guard and held his staff forward. His sword was back a bit, ready for a strike. Soon enough a zombie fell prey to his tactic, clawing along his staff. It met swift decapitation.

Ignat will join the fight in melee, using countertactics by providing a distraction with his staff.

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:31 pm
by Jcitalia4
The guard stumbled over himself. He found himself in a precarious position. Taldein groaned a this sight. He shouldve expected as much. A city in such a position would likely have recruited able bodied elves with minimal training to the militia. Given their current circumstances, however, every arm was needed.

Taldein quickly dispatched the two zombies nearer the center of the line on the left. He slashed protectively in front of the guard while side stepping to cover him. Rearm yourself and get back in line. Steady now, he said as he pushed the guards arms towards the guard with his right foot while lunging once again at the oncoming horde.

Once he was confident the guard had replaced his arms, Taldein spun a slash to resume his current position. There was no end to the horde. He was confident his training and zeal could hold him and his makeshift posse, but he could not vouch for the worn out guards. Meanwhile, their erstwhile guide continued to stand to the rear. A leader of elves she is not..., Taldein decided to himself.

Taldein will try to cover the guard while he gathers himself and falls back in while delivering three attacks on the zombies before returning to his flank position

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:22 pm
by Minigrift
This was a battle of attrition, one which would not be won with a defensive line. The enemy were relentless and unceasing, potentially going on forever without ever tiring. The druchii could not say the same, eventually they would become fatigued and be overrun. It did not matter how good they were.

Taldein was in the best position to help the struggling guard and swung his draich to try and protect him - presumably to to stop the zombie clawing the guards face off - but the attack missed by a hairs' breath.

The guard was a stubborn one and was as well trained at his companions. Realising his weapons were all but useless, he dropped them to reach up and with one quick motion he literally snapped the zombie's head from it's neck and tossed it to the side with contempt. Taldein kicked his weapon and shield over and, gratefully, he picked them up and retook his place in the battle line.

The guard again took his place at the cloaked elf's side as the khainites draich danced among the dead, killing another two zombies even as Taldein took his place at the flanks of the line once again.

Meneth's influence over the guards was strong and they seemed amiable to his desires, it was unfortunate that his own skills didn't quite match that efficacy for his tally so far was rather dismal; four zombies. Though, he had done as he was commanded, which was to hold the line, and in that regard he was doing extremely well. Seemingly oblivious to the fact their battle line had been compromised, Meneth encouraged the guards with new effort and personally succeeded in killing not a single zombie.

Cursing that his magical powers had eluded him for the time being, Ignat resigned himself to actual physical combat. He had a good view of the fight from atop the wall and deduced that his presence would be needed the most where the line had collapsed. The mage filled in the gap next to the struggling guard and was quickly beset upon by a zombie, the creature folded over his staff as he swung his sword down to meet it's neck. Unfortunately, his angle was slightly off and the flat of his blade bounced off the zombie's thinning skull as it clawed harmlessly in front of Ignat's face.

The fight so far had been relatively easy, for only the skirmish elements of the massive horde had been assaulting the line of guards and adventurers. Easy and yet they had been compromised, only the training of the guard and Taldein's quick-witted actions stopped the break from becoming a full-blown breach. The rest of the line held firm and stepping forward, the guards each killed another zombie, excepting the one assisting Valeth, who, in conjunction with the 'old man' had killed four in total.

The assaulting mass thickened - the true assault had begun. Each of the guards found themselves face to faces with two zombies apiece. The flanks were swarming with more and both khainites now found themselves practically surrounded, each facing five zombies. Ignat and Meneth faced three zombies each, one of which was still being held at bay by the mages staff.

Some several yards behind the adventurers stood Khaela, the hulking, muscled warrior had the ghost of a smile playing about her lips as if she found the whole scene something of an amusement.

The guard has recovered, slain his assailant and resumed his position in the line. He is now facing 2 zombies.

Taldein has killed 2 zombies and is now fighting 5.

Meneth and Ignat haven't killed any zombies and are now fighting 3 each.

The guards and Valeth have collectively killed 8 zombies.

Each guard is fighting 2 zombies (so 10 zombies in total).

And Valeth is fighting another 5 zombies.

Khaela is watching, for now.

OOC: Please see the OOC thread.

The line is currently:

Taldein - guard - Ignat - guard - Meneth - guard - guard - guard - Valeth

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:29 pm
by Jcitalia4
The line reformed, Taldein set to task again. In the flurry of movements performed to assist the guard, his position on the flank had become even more precarious. Five zombies now clawed over each other desperate, it seemed, to drag Taldein down to join their undeath. What's more, he could tell the fight was slightly unnerving to the guards. Where most enemies could grunt, scream and otherwise fill the air with the clamor of battle, the wounds inflicted here were met with nothing but silence.

Fortunately, Taldein loved the silence. The peace and tranquility in it. It's why he stalked the shadows so often to be alone for all those years. He felt he could concentrate full on the tasks he had at hand. And the task he had just now had ten hands, ten rotting, clawing, grotesque hands.

Even if his movements were exact, he knew there would have to be some kind of godly intervention or fool's luck to survive long against these odds. He knew he needed help. What he really needed was another sword arm. With this thought, he muttered a few words to his gloomy shadow, drawing the reflection of his arm and draich into an inky, weepy substance. As an extension of himself, he willed it to strike in the same manner and movements as he would were he to be standing next to himself in a battleline.

Satisfied with is work, he did just that, swinging down in tandem with the ethereal shadow-blade he swiped at the zombie horde. Stepping in a wide based gait, he sweeped high while the blade reaped low. Retreating a half step with one foot, he lunged a strike while the blade to support the guard while the dark blade continued to slash at his foes further at his flank.

Taldein will attempt to summon a shadow of his draich to help in the fight. He will then strike with it and then move to continue supporting the guard while the blade harries those at his flank.

OOC: I thought I had went to the right flank? Suppose it doesnt really matter in the end though.