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Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:08 pm
by Minigrift
The rats were fast little buggers and by the time Valeth reached the left side street the rats were only about thirty metres up the street from him. Even his old, weary eyes noted the various states of decomposition the rats seemed to be in, with many of them barely more than tiny skeletons. Turning the corner the khainite sprinted up the new road with new found energy and had barely got six steps before a crossbow bolt whistled past his face.

"Hold your fire, recruit." A gruff, experienced voice shouted. "This one looks... clean." Watching him run towards them were half a dozen city guards, two of them, hiding behind barricades, followed Valeth with repeater crossbows trained upon his person. The one who shot at him was a young female, still to gain the status of an official guard. The officer and another guard armed with swords and shields stood between them, with another two guards keeping vigil along the main road.

Valeth slowed when he was a dozen or so paces away. The rats would be pouring round the corner momentarily.

* * * * *

Checking his immediate vicinity for the signs of rats, Taldein was pleased to see none. The guards had yet to notice him and, gathering the shadows around himself, he climbed skilfully down the back of the house into the side street. Turning north, the direction of the city's centre, he crept up the street until he came to a junction. All around him the sounds of various skirmishes could be heard, most were faint, but the occasional sound seemed alarmingly close.

He peered to his right, round the corner and up the street were the bonfire lay and could see several guards hurrying around busily. Looking to his left, the street was apparently empty. Once he was satisfied that he would be unseen crossing the street, Taldein cautiously made it across without incident.

The wall to his immediately right carried on, unbroken, for perhaps twenty metres up the street, it was obviously a warehouse of some kind. There was a T-junction up ahead, one left turn and one right. At the opposite side of the street there were many ramshackle houses hastily boarded up. Suddenly a loud crash and several concussions sounded from the middle one, followed by gargled screams and shouts of sheer terror, several indistinct voices merging into a cacophonic choir. Instants later there was silence, and then the sounds tearing flesh drowned out even the pounding rain. Something was feasting.

Valeth has stumbled into a guard post - he'll have to think quickly!

Taldein is on a straight road with a T junction ahead and a four way junction directly behind him - something, perhaps too close for comfort(?), is feasting on several unfortunate citizens.

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:25 am
by Smiler666
The rats were disturbingly fast and by the time Valeth barreled down the alley they were getting a little too close for comfort, in fact out of the corner of his eye he saw that the rats looked slightly less than healthy even for rats, some even looking slightly less than alive. Valeth's priorities changed rapidly as he rounded the corner, with the mortal peril of the hellspawned rats being replaced with the immediate death presented by the crossbow bolt that raced down the street to meet him, he threw hisself to the ground, scraping his knuckles as he met the rough ground, before using the momentum of his sprint and dive to roll back to his feet. Valeth found hisself a few yards away from a guard roadblock as well as a pair of uraithen, the ranking officer held up a hand to cut off any further volleys, "hold your fire, recruit This one looks... clean." Valeth realised his entrance had rendered his daft old man act rather obsolete, quickly he pulled hisself up and spoke to all the guards, "afternoon gentlemen and ladies, might I suggest we take a rapid stroll over yonder, since this street will soon be quickly filling with vermin who have no right breathing in and out."

Informing the guard post of the impending flood of furries.

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:20 pm
by Jcitalia4
The noisy eating Taldein heard disturbed his normally calm exterior. Moments earlier he had heard the screams of murdered. He silently offered the souls up to Khaine in his thoughts. Though all premature deaths should be celebrated by the Khainite, he prefered the exact, clean ones, lives snuffed out in an instant, giving no hesitation to sending them Khaine.

Seeing that these noises were coming from a heavily boarded up house, he decided it would be best to keep moving. Those things behind the boards would meet a swift end should he run into them but he didn't like the prospect of searching for an entrance to go looking for them.

With the T junction splitting the most direct route to the city centre, Taldein turned right, searching for another route to bring him back on a bearing to the centre. His pace quickened, he knew he needed to get of these streets. While he wasn't afraid of death, he knew it was foolish to be roaming about this night with such madness about this gloomy city. He was also very curious as to why Khaine had directed his path here. Though if he was to hazard a guess, he reckoned his draich pertain a great portion of that purpose.

Taldein will continue to try to find a route to the city centre, turning right at the T.

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 8:55 am
by Kensou
Pathetic creature. Ignat's only thought as he decapitated the woman. If you can't put up a fight you don't deserve to live. Altough, it didn't seem like she was much alive. The guard made a comment about his fighting, but Ignat didn't feel like answering. This city was plagued, apperently, and the Drachau had summoned him. Ignat could hazard a guess as to why.

His musings were interupted by the guard. Seth, as he was named, spoke of a guard post and possibly less capable escorts. Still they could serve as elven shields if necesarry. Seth left before he could give an answer though, which slightly irked Ignat. Such impatience. Ignat runs after him.

Ignat will follow Seth to the best of his ability.

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:14 am
by Minigrift
"What is this -" The one in charge began to demand until he saw a tide of rats pour round the corner. "I'll be damned!" He said then, quietly, before taking charge of the situation. "Runner, get a barrel of pitch over here. Now! Tella, grab a torch and bring it to me - a lit one, you crazy bastard. Recruits, get this path barricaded, pronto." The sergeant barked out his orders with all the finesse of a beached whale giving birth, before looking back to Valeth. "Well, sodding get over here, you wanna be devoured by vermin?"

The druchii ran around frantically, one fetched a barrel from a nearby stockpile while another ran to the corner of the street to grab one of the lit torches ensconced at various intervals, and the two recruits - one the female with the crossbow - set about barricading the road with doors, tables and chairs, taking care not to leave any gaps.

The sergeant, now a picture of calm, spoke to the khainite. "Mighty timely arrival there, stranger -"

"The barrel, Sarge," The elf named Runner announced as he rolled the barrel by his officers feet.

"Chuck it down the street, you whoreson!" The sergeant looked down at the oncoming swarm, calmly noted their position and seemed not at all troubled by his troublesome predicament. "Rafan, shoot a few holes in that barrel, would you? There's a good fellow."

Once more he faced Valeth, his purple cast eyes hinting at his bemusement. "A stroll over yonder, y'say?" Tella returned to his sergeant's side brandishing a torch which the, obviously crazy, sergeant took from him without word, then winked at the 'old man'. "Well, best duck first..."

The torch flew through the are in a graceful arc even as all of the sergeants troopers dived to the ground covering their pointy ears with their hands. BOOM! Another concussive blasts erupted through the night air spraying parts and entrails of burnt and burning rats in all directions.

"Ain't that something?" The elf grinned, his face covered in soot and much of his hair and clothing singed. He looked around at his squad with an almost puzzled expression. "Rise! You lazy curs. This ain't no time for sleepin'!" The sooty officer then looked down at Valeth with the most evil smile he had ever pulled. "How about it, then? A walk over yonder, ah, could this night get any better?"

* * * * *

Taldein wisely chose to ignore the ravenous creature. Whatever it was, it was big, and certainly not in a very welcoming mood. Turning right at the junction, the road let straight to the large courtyard he had witnessed from atop the roof he was most recently on. Along, perhaps ten metres another road led of to the left, from which he could hear the sounds of fighting. The promenade at the streets end was huge and circular in shape, and situated on an ampitheatre in it's centre he could see what looked like it might be the city hall, it's high spire rising up into the night, dwarfing the nearby buildings.

Cautiously the khainite approached the left-way street and peered round the corner, several guards halfway up the street were battling any number of crazed looking village people. Behind them he could a see a temple with Khaine's holy symbol etched up it, a grotesque and defiled statue of the God himself standing out front. The temple looked... small, certainly no where near as grandiose as the temples of murder in most other Naggarrothic cities.

From the nearest alleyway from where Taldein surveyed the street up ahead a couple more zombie-like citizens seemed to appear as if from no where, they milled about, groaning softly and caressing each other in a most despicable fashion - their nightgowns falling away from their putrid, rotting selves. But they soon stopped their frolicking as the need for fresh brains overrode their more primal instincts and they lurched towards the guards, who had not seemed to have noticed them.

* * * * *

Ignat followed the guard to the best of his ability but did not have far to go. Around the corner and down a too-thin alleyway onto another main street, turning left and going another short distance to the guard post which was up ahead. A massive bonfire sat at the centre of a crossroads which was scattered with various pieces of detritus. Guards and sentries stood ever watchful down the various streets. He saw Seth talking to a tall woman dressed in revealing robes and as dry as a twig in the desert, the rain somehow falling from her voluptuous form an inch or so away from her body.

Ignat watched them all as he approached, noticing that each guard wore an identical pendant. The sorceress wore a similar piece but hers was much more elaborate and made of finer materials.

"... whipping! Understood?" Seth saluted somewhat too formally, his face forced into calm but his eyes glimmered with sadistic expectations. He quickly moved away and the lady turned her attention to the approaching stranger. Ignat could feel the sorceresses power radiating from her in wicked waves, almost as if he were being slapped by the feathers of gentle birds. She looked at him with intense, lavender eyes which seemed to stare into his very soul - there was no escaping that piercing gaze.

"Ah, another pet. What brings you to this fair city, hmm?" She was much taller than Ignat - whose eyes were level with her heaving cleavage - even taller than most of the male guards standing at their posts. "Here to see Mistress, I understand, and you have proof of this... revelation?" Grinning wickedly, her sensual lips curved into the welcoming embrace of a roses thorn.

Valeth has survived the rats - barely! And is now being spoken to by the sergeant. He can play the situation however he likes, the elf is clearly not fully in possession of his faculties. Each of the guards also wears one of the familiar pendants.

Taldein has found the "Temple" of Khaine but there's fighting in the way, another two people are coming up behind the guards... Taldein can do the same to the undead lovers if he wants to visit the temple. ((OOC: You wanted a bit of combat, so this would be a good opportunity ;) ))

Ignat has met a fellow spell-caster, she's seen through his 'noble' guise and is asking Ignat about his business. How will the mage handle the situation?

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:34 pm
by Smiler666
Valeth stood bemused as the Sergeant began barking orders as much to thin air as the guards around him and this end broke into a flurry of activity to rival the one that broke around the corner Valeth had moments ago passed. Out of his reel of orders the sergeant managed a moment of lucidity to complement Valeth on his timing, but before Valeth could sputter out a response a barrel was thrown forward and a torch was lit and the sergeant was recommending that Valeth make a rapid advancement groundward. It took Valeth a moment to take in the leaking barrel rolling toward the oncoming tide of rats, the lit torch waving in the sergeant's hand, and the manic gleam in the self-same druchii's eyes before the penny dropped and Valeth launched hisself over the barricade with a strangled yelp of "bloody madmen!"

The night erupted in fire and suddenly and unhappily airborne rats. Valeth emerged from beneath his own hands wrapped around his head to peer out over the soot blackened street and the soot blackened guards and in the center of it all the mad guard sergeant stood with a deranged smile on his face. "How about it, then? A walk over yonder, ah, could this night get any better?" Valeth stared dumbly at the source of the cheery words, "what in the... are you... what do you think... By Khaine's bloody hand lad are you abso-damn-lutely barking?" Valeth jabbed khaine at the sergeant with each failed sentence, "you just point me at the quickest route to the city hall, lad. I have business with the drachau and I'd rather turn up with as little of me as possible charcoaled."

getting cooked and getting directions

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:08 pm
by Jcitalia4
Finally, Taldein thought to himself as the temple presented itself. He was rather taken aback at its diminutive size. For a city this large, he expected much more. It was no wonder then that disease and plague had befallen such a godless city. Their faith in Khaine must be wavering and a lack of ceremonial culling could very well result in an over population of the weak.

He noticed the scuffling ahead through the gloom and rain. Where there any sane or regular citizens remaining in this city? It seemed the guards were the only ones that still walked unscathed.

Behind the guards, a shuffling group of unknowns scrapped their way towards the guards. They were completely unaware of their presence, already preoccupied with the citizens they fought with. I think it's time this city received Khaine's blessing, he thought as he readied his draich.

With a silent charge, he raced towards the shuffling group. His approached dulled by the sound of the rain and fighting guards, he fell upon the zombie-like creatures swiftly, swinging his draich about in great arcs. Clean and quick, your deaths are made in Khaine's name

Taldein will engage the zombie creatures, swinging about in an effort to kill them as quickly and cleanly as possible

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:01 pm
by Kensou
Running through the streets, Ignat had a hard time keeping up with Seth. Fortunately, the chase was short lived, for the post was rather close to the little skirmish they had. True to his word. A quality hard to find. Ignat's grim musings were destroyed the moment he saw the bonfire. The inferno, controlled as it may be, could still serve as a weapon for him. That revelation reassured his mind.

Speaking of revelations, while Ignat was distracted by the bonfire, Seth had been dismissed by what seems to be the commander of this post, and she spoke to Ignat about a revelation. It was obvious she was a bride of the king, any fool could tell that. The dark power was as intense as the bonfire She would have Ignat's respect. Pardon me, I didn't quite catch what you were saying. Could you repeat that?

Irritated at being ignored, the sorceres' power surrounded Ignat in an unspoken threat. She repeated her questioning. Yes, of course I have proof of that. Ignat replied, trying not to be moved by her intimidating posture. I could even show you if you wish. No touching though. Also, I'd like to stress that time is of the essence and we wouldn't want to keep the Drachau waiting.

Ignat will try to talk the sorceres into letting him go on, but will show the letter when asked for proof. He will try to pull the letter back, if any hands come near.

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:56 pm
by Minigrift
The sergeant had just saved the old codgers life, he could at least show some modicum of respect. He was in a good mood, but the arrival of the foul-mouthed stranger jabbing a stick at him and making demands definitely pushed the boundaries of his patience. Valeth lurched forward as the sergeant grabbed Khaine and yanked it from the old Khainites hand, scowling, he threw it down the street.

"You can see the spire of the city hall from here, idiot. Ha! Look! Even your old codgers walking stick knows the way." The sergeant began laughing at Valeth, and his squad quickly joined it in on the humour. Unfortunately for Valeth, the two crossbow armed elves had the business end of their weapons pointed at him, any chance of him taking vengeance would likely see him pin-cushioned with bolts.

As Valeth moved away to pick up khaine, it was pointing directly towards a high-rising spire. The street continued on uninterrupted for several hundred metres, with side streets attached at various intervals, and the spire was rising from the end. But it was still too far away for Valeth to make out any other details.

* * * * *

Taldein silently padded up the street and when the time was right he decapitated both 'zombies' with two precise strikes of his draich. They stumbled on for another few steps before falling to the ground, their heads bouncing and blood spraying. The blood did not seem as blood should, it was thick and lumpy.

Continuing his path to help the guards, he could see that there were only three left fighting, with several of their comrades taking permanent naps on the soaking ground. Assailing them from all sides were more victims of the plague, only some seemed actually dead, while others seemed very much alive. "Help us..." They cried even as they flung themselves upon the guards with reckless abandon.

Not stopping in his advance, Taldein continued on to the large group of zombie-citizens.

* * * * *

"Let me see it." Clearly annoyed at Ignats feigned ignorance, her tone brooked no argument, she held her hand out languidly and waited for the mage to give her the letter. Finally, he did. The sorceress took it and, not even looking at it, threw it away over her shoulder before smirking at Ignat. "It's not even signed. Am I to take you for an idiot, then?" The scantily clad woman grinned mischievously at his sudden flash of anger.

"Fortunately for you, Ignat, I know full well who you are. But why the Mistress wanted... someone of your ilk, I will never understand." Her attention never wavered from Ignat as she spoke. "No touching? How tedious, and you look so cute, oh well, guess these guards will amuse me for the night." Her peels of laughter were ones greatly amused.

"Well then, Mr. Mystery, don't let me keep you, because I would y'know, in a cage with all my other pets." Another laugh before she stepped aside to let Ignat pass. Some of the guards were looking on with not-quite-smiles on their faces.

Khaine is pointing the way to the city hall. It's pretty much directly at the end of the street Valeth is currently on and the road is clear, for now.

Taldein has taken care of the first two citizens and can help take care of the others, or go directly to the temple if he wishes to.

Ignat has permission to continue along his merry way.

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:07 pm
by Kensou
Disturbing woman. The cage would melt before it closed. With a bit sour demeanor and some nasty images about scantily clad women in his head Ignat moves on towards the city hall. Hopefully, there would be no more interuptions.

Walk, walk, walkerdy walk.

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:03 am
by Smiler666
As khaine was pulled away from him Valeth stood up to his full height and his brazen eyes burned into the sergeant, "back in my day guards were slaving asur on the shores of Ulthuan, they didn't need half a dozen craven lackeys and a pair of Uraithen to take a stick from an old man. Now get out of my way before my patience wears thin, boy." Without sparing the insolent guard a second glance Valeth pushed past him and swept up khaine, he walked to the nearest right turn along the street and disappeared down it. A moment later, after the guards had gone back to watching the road, he reappeared and a flash of silver followed quickly and it streaked to meet the guard sergeant's head

Valeth didn't hang around to see if the throwing dagger found it's target, he had already fled with a flicker of dark robe. Again he was bolting down a small street towards the city hall, he only slowed when (read:if) he was sure any pursuers had been left behind once more assuming the aged hobble to avoid any further attention from whatever may be between him and getting some answers from the mysterious Drachau who it seemed was content to twiddle her thumbs as the city burned.

burning through more throwing daggers and city guard. Then heading towards the city hall... again.

OOC: Y'geddit, coz twiddle sounds like fiddle, and Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Ah good times :P

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:16 am
by Jcitalia4
His momentum carried him forwards after the quick dispatching of the zombie-like citizens. He continued on into the larger crowd that was beginning to overwhelm the watch. He swung in great arcs as he surged into the press of bodies in an effort to create himself some space to move.

One guard seemed to be about done for with the press of bodies around him. Taldein slashed a great reaping cut across the pressing group of diseased in an effort to provide the guard with a bit of space to escape his predicament. He now seemed to have the attention of several unfortunates. All seemed very eager to meet the business end of his draich.

Taldein will join the guards in their fight In an effort to allow them some relief and to gain the upper hand in subduing the citizens

OOC: I hate typing on an iPad ...

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:29 pm
by Minigrift
The tall and perfectly formed sorceress stood aside to let Ignat pass, which he did without further comment. She watched him stroll through the throng of guards with a lazy eye thinking of how boring the man was, and the guards who were witness to their conversation were clearly amused.

The male mage walked around the fire, the guards taking note of him and his attire but otherwise paid Ignat no undue attention. Ignat walked with a strange expression of his face, feeling somewhat deflated by his interaction with the spirited sorceress. Again he noted all the pendants the guards wore and several guards carried large round shields emblazoned with the rune. As he walked passed the fire, Seth approached him.

"Sir, be careful out there. Just follow this road to the central courtyard, you can see the spire of the city hall from here." Seth pointed. The spire was perhaps five hundred or so metres down the street. After walking through the torrid rain, the mage was soaked to the skin.

As he came closer to his destination, he could see the city hall situated in a large circular courtyard, with various other important looking buildings dotted around the perimeter. There was still two hundred metres to go when the mage stopped. Something was watching him from the darkness. An alien presence. From where he could not tell and, whatever it was, it felt more than hostile.

* * * * *

The sergeant stopped his laughter immediately but the humour never left his face. "You must be sodding ancient then. Ha! None of us are fooled by your old man act. Now get out of here before I change my mind about saving your miserable life." The sergeant had a longsword in a scabbard at his waist and carried a large round shield which was emblazoned with the same rune that each of the guards wore round their necks.

Valeth pushed past him to retrieve his staff and continue on his way.

The tall, solidly built elf returned to his troops and just as he reached them, a throwing dagger hit him hard in the back of the head. His helmet stopped most of the blow, but his head still snapped forward from the impact. He immediately spun around. He could see nothing but shadows. "And a coward to boot, gods, I wish I had..."

Meanwhile Valeth escaped, fleeing through the city's streets, coming closer to his destination with every step. Towards the end of the street, he was beginning to hear the faint sounds of something big and strong feasting on flesh - the flesh of what or whom the Khainite wished not to guess at. The unpleasant sounds were coming from a boarded up house on the street to his left and the wall of a warehouse was opposite.

A sense of calling... called to him. The Temple of Khaine was hereabouts, up the left-side street past the hungry creature. But the central courtyard wherein the city hall was situated was also very close.

* * * * *

Taldein wasted no time in continuing the charge. He pounced into the group of reprobates with great sweeping arcs of his blade, chopping and slicing through the unarmoured citizens like a knife through butter. Seeing fortune arrive from an unlikely source, the guards renewed their struggle with the crazed citizens. Together, the four of them hacked and sliced through the 'zombies' until the ground was swamped with decapitated heads, severed limbs and congealed blood.

The lead guard looked Taldein up and down, before giving the tall Khainite a respectful nod. "Thought we were done for, but thanks to you we live still. Your timely arrival is much appreciated, Khainite." The guard looked over to the temple as if seeing it for the first time, his eyes becoming dilated slightly. "You must have come to visit the Temple. Why else would you be here?"

Taldein noted as the guard spoke that the three of them wore the identical pendants he had become familiar with. The lead one held a gore-soaked blade by his side and carried a large round shield which was also emblazoned with the familiar rune. The other two carried vicious looking halberds.

Ignat is being watched and get a sense of it not being friendly. Will he stop to investigate?

Valeth has escaped the guards, but his spiteful and cowardly act will not be forgotten. He has reached the end of the street, further along is the central courtyard but the Temple of Khaine is also nearby. Where will he go?

-1 Throwing Knife

Taldein is being thanked by the guards and his destination is just across the street.

OOC: Are you guys fed up of traversing the chaotic mess that is Everain? We're close to getting you all together so the RP can actually start (not really even started the RP yet). As always, if you've any questions or if I need to clarify anything, please ask in the OOC thread, because...

I am fairly extremely just a bit hungover just now, so maybe not the greatest mod post I could have done :roll:

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:03 pm
by Kensou
He was allowed to move on. Which was good. Unfortunately, before he even left the post, Seth had some 'advice' for him. Sir, be careful out there. Just follow this road to the central courtyard, you can see the spire of the city hall from here. Ignorant fool. Druchii are always carefull. If they're not, they die. It's as simple as that. Also, the spire was a dead give away. Guess he meant well. Ignat gave a nod in thanks, before moving on.

His spirit, while lifted from the bonfire, was slowly and surely being grounded by the ever falling rain. At least they named this damned city correctly. Ignat could see a circular courtyard. Then it happened. It hit him like a bucket of icy cold water. Something was watching him. It didn't feel like an elf or another spellcaster. This was something different. It made him curse the rain again and reach for his sword. Best to move on. This rain will destroy me before that creature will. Ignat walked on with his hand on the hilt of his sword, ready for an attack.

Ignat will go for the city hall. He will draw his sword and defend himself should the need arise.

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:41 pm
by Jcitalia4
Taldein looked over the massacre calmly. The guard spoke something to him but he didn't notice what he said. With barely an acknowledgement of his existence, his gaze rested upon the temple on the other side of the square. Tim to get some answers

He calmly stroke through the guards gathered around him and took steps towards the temple. He hoped that it wouldn't lead to a dead end. If anything, it would at least provide him some rest from his travels.

Taldein will enter the temple and try to find out some information about what is going on and khaines purpose for him being there

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:58 pm
by Minigrift
Hooded, unblinking eyes watched Ignat from every direction. They all opened as one and surrounded him him from every shadowed recess, from the alleyways, the shuttered windows. From every where. Several metres along the path which the mage walked, a creature born of pure darkness manifested before him, coalescing all the shadowed eyes into a single transparent being.

"Come hither, my children, father has a gift... For you!" The voice was totally alien and devoid of inflection, it seemed to emanate from nowhere and everywhere all at once.

The eyes surrounding Ignat moved... closer, then, several of the zombie-like creatures erupted from the shadows and made a mad charge at the mage.

* * * * *

The guards were all but forgotten by Taldein as he moved past them towards the Temple. The guards simply shrugged and moved away to attend other duties that night. The khainite approached the temple entrance, the door was vaulted and arched, almost grand, certainly much too big for such a small building.

The temple was the size of a large cottage and once stepped within, he was standing in a large hallway which was suitably decorated, walls of blood were at each side, once dripping wet, but now dried to a husk. Ahead of him a set of double-stairs led ominously downwards, between them a rivulet of dried gore. Evidently, since the plague has begun, sacrifices have been found wanting.

As he reached the bottom of the stairs he was entering a very large underground chamber with vaulted arches supported the roof. The walls were decorated with all manner of vicious looking weapons and tokens of praise to the God of murder. At the back of the hall a single figure crouched before the biggest alter in the room, it stood fully twelve foot tall and held a bathing cauldron which dangled from chains in it's outstretched hands.

The lone figure was dressed in tight-fitting black leathers and wore a leathery hood. As Taldein approached the figure stood and turned to face him. His mouth and nose were masked and it was obviously that he was completely bald, despite the fact his hood hid most of it. The most alarming feature was his eyes, since he appeared not to posses any - they were completely white, even his pupils were totally white.

He spoke, his voice deadpan and monotonous. "Does history guide you or do you set out to change it?"

* * * * *

Valeth, intrigued by the call of his temple, could not resist the calling of his God. He turned left down the street, cautiously and slowly, so as to not be detected by whatever was feasting. He managed to get halfway along the street before a shattering crash disturbed his travels.

He turned, half in shock half in curiosity to see the monster. Though crouched on all four it was certainly bigger than any elf. It's limbs were sleekly muscled and all down it's back were rows and rows of spinal spikes. It appeared to not have any eyes, and it's knife-long teeth dripped blood and gore. Valeth stood stock still and forced himself into calm

The creature looked around with sightless eyes and sniffed at the air, it stepped towards the khainite, sensing a presence. Then... it was gone. The creature bound past Valeth and turned right at the intersection up ahead - exactly the way he had to go to reach the Temple

Ignat is best upon by five (5) of the zombie-citizens. He has time to prepare himself, attempt a spell, etc before they reach him.

Taldein has stumbled upon a fellow worshipper who is asking him a bizarre question.

Valeth has had a lucky escpae - for now. If he wishes to carry on to the temple then that is the way the creature has gone. He can, instead, decide not to bother and continue along to the city hall.


Kensou - Have given you a fight as I want to see how you manage it. Try and aim for around 3 actions and, for this, you are allowed to describe the actions of your enemies.

JC - Have only given basic details of the temple (since I really have no idea what would be in a Temple of Khaine) so feel free to expand and elaborate on the details I've given you.

Smiler - Had to make several rolls to determine what Valeth would do. You've been lucky this time... For once! ))

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:28 am
by Cronos
Rain and wind lashed at the crumbling face of the tavern. It's narrow windows and doors were bolted from within and boards from it's floors and tables had been nailed across the apetures by its previous tennents. The interior of The Rat and Adder was musty and damp, a strong smell of cheap spirits and urine filled Kulriks nostrils as he struck a match and drew on his pipe. He flicked the lit match into the darkness of the tavern, the dying flame illuminating the dead that were scattered on the stained floor. Kulrik had already been through their pockets when he'd entered the tavern, finding one of the back window shutters eaten away by rot and climbed through.
He'd done his best to ensure he wasn't followed, the rain and darkness had given him plenty of cover, but the foreboding in his gut was difficult to shake off. He took another deep draft from the bottle of Maelith's Spite that stood on the table and drew on his pipe again. Kulrik had placed himself in the back corner of the tavern, his back pressed against the damp stone of the wall, his heavy iron crudgel at his side. The Rat and Adder itself had shown no sign of forced entry, Kulrik concluded the assailants must have entered through the cellar, but he had little interest in exploring the dark hall ways and back rooms to see if whoever or whatever had killed the elves around him remained.
As much as he tried to settle his mind, his eyes still scanned the darkness for any sign of attack; the more he looked, the more he felt as though the darkness looked back.

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:19 pm
by Jcitalia4
Taldein looked about in the temple. It seemed to be heavily neglected. The city's problems had obviously affected their worship traditions, as though they might've. Still, it was smaller inside that he would have imagined for a city of this size. Surely the city's plague could have not affect such small devotions?

Taldein and actually never ventured into a temple of khaine. He was still very new to this path of his as an acolyte of the god of murder. This temple was just about as familiar to him as his new face. The biggest connection he had to his new calling, the flowing blood of his dreams, weren't even here to greet him with some form of familiarity.

An odd hooded creature in tight black leathers was at before the main altar of the temple. He turned as he sensed taldein's approach. He wasn't exactly what he expected in a worshipped of khaine, but he wasn't quick to judge. He had heard the gods can have many different kinds of worshippersin their service, especially a god with as many aspects as khaine.

He asked him some question about history and it's shaping but Taldein really wasn't sure what he meant by it. He thought for a moment about how to respond.

I know not how my actions will in the end affect history. All I know is that khaines as touched me for some reason in both my dreams and in my appearance. I have come to devote myself to his service and he has led me here. I've come here for answers and guidance though this place seems for wanting as a holy shrine of the bloody handed god

Taldein will try to engage the hooded person, looking for some kind of clue as to why he has been led here

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:04 am
by Kensou
Khaine's bloody balls! They couldn't just stay in their hiding places to rot, could they?! Ignat cursed his bad luck. One glance at the dark entity told him enough. He couldn't talk himself out of this situation. Here's to hoping zombies have a different body temperature than the air. Ignat drew his sword and started up the simple part of a two-fold spell. He focused a bit of the power brooding within him on his eyes. As the zombies started their mad dash towards him, his eyes burned with a crimson glow. Ignat's vision changed from normal to magical. The rotting citizens turned to a deep and dark blue, and far away, in the direction of the guard post, a large red color danced in contrast to the black night.

Now for the hard part Para Khom Vapor Ignat spoke the spell in a whispered voice. Focusing his energy on as many pools of water in the street as he could manage. The spell would rapidly heat up the water, causing a smokescreen to be formed. Only three more meters before the two closests zombies could attack Ignat, the mist was in place. Hopefully, zombies still need to see. Now to dispatch of them.

With sword in hand, Ignat charged straight for the leftmost of the two zombies. Either the bag of rotting flesh hadn't seen him coming or it wasn't expecting such a sudden and direct move, for the sword went straight through the throat. This had the fortunate effect of incapacitating the zombie. It also had the unfortunate effect of having elven sized corpse dangling from the sword.

Realising there was still an enemy within striking range, and a few more beyond that, Ignat pulled the sword free and slashed at the leg of the nearby zombie. Having lost mobility in a leg, it fell down. Ignat stepped back to re-assess the situation.

Ignat will cast a spell that allows him to differentiate between temperatures and also create a fog. Then, he will charge at one of the two zombies clustered together. Finally, he will slash at the leg of the other zombie.

Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:05 pm
by Smiler666
Valeth slowed his sprint once he realised that the guards had no interest in following him and settled into a more discreet hobble as the city center came into view, however at the same time he felt the familiar almost subconscious tug of the sight of Khaine's benedictions. It had been a long time since he had set foot inside a temple, and for good reason, where there was a place of worship there was worshipers and Valeth had no idea if the command of his death had reached this far yet. While Valeth pondered something even less inspiring came to his attention. The tear and crunch of a great many carcasses being consumed by a large something came from a boarded up building that stood between him and either destination.

He had barely taken a handful of cautious steps before Valeth was rather suddenly confronted by the source of the grim noises. The beast launched itself clean through the solid beams covering the orifices of the building and landed on all fours to tower over the old elf, there was very little Valeth could do besides stand and gape at the sightless face that sniffed the air and turned towards him. Just as Valeth mastered his fear and was preparing to lash out at the monstrosity stalking towards him, however futilely, it simply turned away and bounded toward the pull of the temple like a bloodhound after a scent. With that Valeth's next course of action was pretty much made up for him, as curious as he was about the mound of flesh and spikes that had so casually passed him by he would not stand a chance if it decided to make it's next meal out of him, and any Drachau worth their salt would have precisely the kind of high walls and real soldiers that would keep such a beast out. Valeth set back off towards the city hall, trying very hard to maintain his aged pace and not keep glancing over his shoulder in case the beast came back for dessert.

Valeth didn't get as old as he is by chasing crypt horrors into the night. RUN AWAY! :)

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by Minigrift
Bang! Bang! Bang!

There was knocking at the tavern door followed shortly by a few seconds of silence. "This is the city watch. Come out." When no answer came to the shouts the guard knocked again, even louder this time.

"Are you sure there's someone in there?" The voice was muted but still clearly audible.

"Yes, sir. But... can't we just leave him? The monsters in there will get him, probably sooner rather than later, so why waste our time?"

"We need to rescue the citizens and slay the infected. Our orders are to save as many people as possible. And that is what I intend to do. You know what happens when someone defies orders, right?"

"Ah, yes... Sir."

The knocking came again. "Come out, citizen. We can get you to safety." As soon as the elf had finished a kind of slapping noise could be heard from the opposite side of the tavern from where Kulrik was currently sat, shortly followed by scuffling and what may have been a hiss or a sigh.

* * * * *

The albino eyed stranger cocked his head as Taldein answered his question. His outfit was so decorated with daggers there was barely any leather left to be seen. His hands rested on the handles of two throwing daggers resting at his hips.

Ah, just as deluded and ignorant as the rest of us were, that is... comforting." He paused, looking Taldein straight in the eye, his posture stiff and unwavering. "Tell me, why have you chosen to follow a God who makes a mockery of you? You think he will welcome you to his side when your servitude is done?"

* * * * *

Ignat quickly assessed the situation and formulated a quick battle plan. The bonfire was not so far away that he could draw power from it and this provided him a measure of comfort. He magically altered his vision and poured power into the pools of water and other sources of rain about him, making them boil in an instant. A think, lazy fog soon erupted about him. But his fight was only just begun.

The quickest of the zombies stumbled forward through the haze and Ignat quickly thrust his sword into it's throat, it was left imbedded for just a moment before the mage casually ripped his sword free, severing the zombies head from it's shoulders as both tumbled into a bloody heap on the cobbled street. As he spun away towards his next opponent, one zombie hurtled past him through the fog and, tripping over a loose stone, fell flat on it's face with pulpy squeltch!

He swung his sword at his target and scored a hit on it's knee, though the hit almost cut off the lower half of it's the leg the zombie was not slowed by it's wound and continued on it path to Ignat's throat unhindered. As luck would have it, Ignat stepped back when the blow was struck and the zombie was still out of grasping range but only for the moment.

* * * * *

Valeth had a narrow escape from the now sated creature and decided not to follow it's path to where he thought the temple was. He changed his mind about visiting the temple after all, well, the creature had changed his mind for him. He strolled quickly down the street, taking care to note that he was not being followed by anything... unwelcome.

As he approached the turn to the centre of the city and his destination something strange began to happen. All the shadows around him seemed to waver before wispy strands began to travel to the centre of the road before him. He stopped, wondering what else this accursed city could possibly do to make his mood even more sour. The shadows coalesced into a giant fist that aimed towards the sky.

The fist opened slowly, it's fingers spreading out like the petals of a flower. And within that giant's grasp the perfect figure of a Druchii female appeared. She was tall, nearly as tall as Valeth himself, and slender with long, luscious, midnight black hair. Her gown - if it could be called such - was far too revealing for someone possessed of even a modicum of decency. She was also completely dry, the rain pounding and falling from an invisible barrier an inch from her flawless skin.

Her lavender eyes rested on Valeth, who could feel the power of her gaze enveloping him like a lovers embrace. "Where is it you think you are going, hmm? Please return on course to the temple, I nudged you there for good reason!" Her voice was smooth as silk. "Don't make me cross, now. Oh, you will not appreciate that at all!" Her sultry lips thinned into a mischievous smile.

Kulrik is being advised by the city guard to leave the tavern. There is also a creature of some kind in there with him. What is he going to do?

Taldein is being engaged in conversation by the white eyed elf.

Ignat has successfully slain his first opponent and another has fallen by the way side but won't stay down for long. Two more zombies are nearby and approaching fast. The last is reaching out for his throat...

Valeth has encountered the spirited sorceress, how is going to handle the situation?

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:23 pm
by Cronos
Kulrik woke fitfully with a groan, bleary eyed his hand probed for his cudgel on the bench next to him. The banging continued, reverberating inside his skull. He looked down at the empty bottle of Maelith's spite in his hand and flung it into the far corner in disgust. Harpies drag you to the deepest pits of Mirai.

The shattered bottle seemed to have disturbed somethings slumber; a shapeless thing was animated into life. Moving ill-proportioned limbs towards Kulrik through the darkness. He shook his head to clear the fog of liquor.

Face an unknown creature of filth that surely has kin or the two-faced daemons at the door?..

He was sure the Druchii guardsmen would not honour their words and slit his throat at the first opportunity, but..
Better the devil you know,
Kulrik pressed himself against the wall, climbing over tables and benches, never taking his eye off the creature that crawled towards him. He turned slightly to face the door and, with a final look over his shoulder, vaulted the back of the bench and swiftly unbolted the door.
"Come then." He addressed the guards, "Deliver me from evil.", his fingers wrapped tightly around his concealed dagger.

Kulrik will distrustfully accompany the guards.

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:48 pm
by Smiler666
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Within a few minutes it became apparent that the charnel-beast had no intention of returning and the city hall was only a short stroll away Valeth allowed hisself to assume a small sense of security. As if on cue the city rose up to throw another terror in his path. The shadows that clung to the street congealed and rose up to block Valeth's path as he slowed and readied khaine to ward off whatever attack this new threat, however as the darkness finished gathering and peeled apart a more subtle, though far less mundane, danger presented itself. The sorceress smiled seductively down from her intangible pedestal and spoke, "Where is it you think you are going, hmm? Please return on course to the temple, I nudged you there for good reason! Don't make me cross, now. Oh, you will not appreciate that at all!"

Valeth relaxed slightly, lowered khaine to lean upon once more and remained silent a moment and took in the sorceresses despicable state of dress and slightly less veiled threat with little more than a small, weary shake of his head, curious he responded, "no offence meant miss, but it is a matter of great necessity to my personal health that I avoid meeting with other followers of our bloody handed lord for the forseeable future. What prey tell is so important that I should ignore the call of this city's drachau and risk life and limb?" as an afterthought the old man added, "and cover yourself up girl, you'll catch your death."

A pleasant chat.

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 1:20 pm
by Kensou
My guess was right. These horrors cannot see in this fog. Ignat concluded this as a zombie fell on it's rotten face next to him. Unfortunately, he couldn't capitalise on it as another swiped a putrid hand near his throat. The creature made another swipe with it's other hand, but this time Ignat was ready. He let the claw pass by in front of him and struck true with his sword aimed for the neck. The body dropped immediatly.

Ignat didn't waste a second, and made a wide arc with his sword. None of my opponents get away with laying on the ground. At the end of the arc, the sword hit the ground after passing through the neck of the zombie laying there.

In this time, the remaining zombies went for him. One managed to grab his arm and held him in place rather painfully. Time seemed to slow down as the feeling of the grip seeped into deepest part of his soul. The other was about to attack his throat. Before he could even think of using his sword, memories of a time long past manifested into action. Poltaa Yanmaq Sekitar As he words left his mouth, the flames jumped from his body onto the creatures, and they immediatly fell over.

Ignat will strike at the neck of the zombie closest to him. Then he will decapitate the tripping zombie. Finally he will clear the last to zombies with a small AOE spell. Or at least attempt to :D

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:51 pm
by Jcitalia4
Taldein considered the elves words. It seems he at one point in his life, might have stood as Taldein himself stood here now. He didn't want to speculate on what culmination of or major event had shattered his faith and ingrained such cynicism but he had a hunch that the present condition of things in the city might be related.

No, I don't pretend to believe that the gods ebb and beck at our call. I just think he is a suitable fit for me. All I want to see is the blood flow, it is my waking desire. A death, neat and clean. Khaine knows this, he has touched me, this is undeniable. He is in my dreams. So I will walk the path he has set out before me, because by his very nature, it will be very satisfying to my desires, Taldein very uncharacteristically almost let a quiver of the corner of his mouth flash a hint of a grin.

Taldein will answer the elf