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Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:29 am
by Kensou
The cry of the beast was satisfying to Ignat's ear. His satisfaction, however, was short-lived as the beast struck out with his other leg and he had to fall back for the moment. As the beast turned his attention to him, the warrior jumped on the beast while telling Ignat the folly of his actions. As Ignat bristled at the comment, the beast lashed out with his claw at his chest. Ignat managed to dodge the lethal strike, but stumbled and his arm got pierced. Afterwards he was thrown to the side, walking the edge of consciousness.

When the adrenalin rush left his body, the feeling in his arm returned. To say it wasn't pleasant was like saying Khaine is a little bit of a hemopheliac. It burned it's way through his arm into a much deeper part of his soul. Where it reached his father's legacy it swirled around and he vowed a burning vengeance. Poltaa Cida! The words left Ignat's mouth like the golden lance from his outstretched hand. It raced straight for the head of the beast.

Distraction costs Ignat dearly. Afterwards he will try to cast a flaming lance through the head of the beast.

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:00 am
by Jcitalia4
The Drachau you say?, Taldein replied. He was genuinely surprised by this news. What would highest of highborns want with a young pilgrim and an old man? Surely they have more pressing issues at the moment.. Taldein took a few steps towards the elderly acolyte, Forgive me if I'm a bit hesitant and skeptical but doesn't it seem a bit odd that the Drachau would call on us at an hour like this?

He mulled it over a bit in the silence. What would he do otherwise? While he shouldn't just throw himself into situations without any thought or consideration, he couldn't really think of a different coarse of action. I suppose I don't have anything else on my plate at the moment. Lead on.

Following gramps

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:10 pm
by Minigrift
Meneth, in an act of heroic bravery or foolish stupidity, jumped on the creatures back and stabbed at it wildly. His foolhardiness payed off when his sword struck through the creature all way down to it's hilt. The monster howled, an ungodly sound that reverberated through the night air, and writhed about in agony throwing the tough warrior off it's back to land on his bum, though, thankfully, he his pride was hurt more he was.

The beast, angered by the warriors bold actions clawed it's way to Ignat with a fury born of pain. The mage dodged the attacks but one swipe gouged a thick red line across his chest, blood spurted from the wound and his noble garment was effectively ruined by the blow. Ignat channelled his pain and anger into a quick, intuitive spell, the lance of burning pain striking the creature through the chest and diminishing into the chill night air.

The spell sent the creature backwards to the ground before struggling to right itself. Two massive wounds were evident in it's broad, muscled chest, one dripping blood, the other cauterized and hissing steam. Knowing that, this time, it had been bested, it called up reserves of energy to jump and dart away down the alleyway from which it arrived, as wounded as it was it was still far too quick for either adventurer to pursue.

Meneth picked himself up and dusted himself down while Ignat staggered from his wound, though deep, it was not a mortal wound and Ignat would recover in time.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, in the city's temple of Khaine, two Khainites, one young, one old, chatted amongst themselves about the state of the city and the lack of blood sacrifices that state had brought about. The younger had agreed to accompany the elder on a strange errand to meet with the city's Drachau.

Valeth led him outside into the rainy street. To the right was a pile of dismembered corpses, the ones Taldein had help reduce to their current pathetic state before entering the temple. To the left, at the end of the street, the giants spear of the city hall rose into the storm.

Meneth and Ignat have scared the creature away. Meneth is fine but Ignat is wounded.

Taldein has decided to follow Valeth who is leading him to the city hall.

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Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:17 pm
by Jcitalia4
The silvered acolyte guided Taldein through the door. Outside laid the remains of the butchery Taldein had taken part of previously. He didn't see the guards about still, but then again he didn't really notice them. In the shadows of night he sort of had a sixth sense of who was disturbing them, much in the way a spider feels a pluck of one string on it's web. They started to the left towards the large spire dominating the rain filled skyline. Even in this gloom it wasn't hard to make out.

Taldein was perfectly comfortable in the silence that followed but a thought to investigate further forced him to regrettably disturb it. Any thoughts as to the purpose of our meeting the Drachau?, he said keeping his gaze forward.

Walking towards the hall

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:18 pm
by Lordfalco
Meneth putted his sword back in his scabbard and Looked at the stranger. You sir are an idiot, I told you to run, but no, you jumped in, an inexperienced fighter like you should leave these kind of things to warriors as me. I’m trained to fight. Meneth helps the wounded stranger up. Your own fault that wound, I cant help with the wound, maybe someone at the spire can. Meneth tries to keep the stranger stable and walk slowly with the stranger to the spire.

walking with Ignat to the spire while sayign some words to how an idiot Ignat is

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:29 pm
by Minigrift
At long last the four adventurers were due to arrive at the city hall. None knew why they had been summoned, and they were equally oblivious as to what was really going on in the city of Everain. A plaque had swept across the countryside from the east and had infected the majority of the cursed city's citizens, unfortunately the plague had not stopped there. Wherever signs of life were evident the plague bloomed virulently. Stranger still, exotic and unknown creatures lurked the city streets killing and feasting with a ferocity born of primal instincts.

Both pairs of adventurers approached the massive circular courtyard that was the centre of Everain, the khainites from the West and the other two from the South. The courtyard was four hundred paces in diameter, with near identical buildings opposite each other and facing the centre. Only the largest of these buildings had a spire, which marked the very centre of the city. This, the city hall, was surrounded by a barely perceptible glowing nimbus.

Valeth and Taldein crossed the street and entered the circle next to one of the buildings, situated on their right. It was unclear what purpose the building had, but logic assured Valeth (and Taldein) that only the four most important buildings of the city - barring the temple of their craving God, which was conspicuously not among them - would be built at it's centre.

Ignat and Meneth, since the encounter with the creature, were seemingly at odds with each other. Only by virtue of them having the same destination did they grudgingly allowed the other to follow. To their left, over the street, was the Southern most of the three buildings.

A horrific tumult of echoing moans and the sounds of a legion of shuffling feet alerted Ignat who, because of his wound was lagging behind a little, spun and gaped at the tide of zombified citizens charging hungrily towards him. Meneth immediately turned and let out a choked gasp at the sight he saw. Their goal was so close! Neither warrior nor mage fancied their chances against the 'undead' horde, each of which held ravenous lust in it's eyes as the promise of fresh blood drew them like moths to a flame.

With unspoken agreement, they decided to make a run for it.

Fast approaching the hall, Valeth and Taldein spotted the two strangers making a rush for safety. Given different circumstances they might well have laughed at the ignominious sight of two fully grown Druchii fleeing for their lives, until, moments later, a vast horde of the deranged citizens they had become intriguingly familiar with followed the pair. Valeth and Taldein looked at each other with identical expressions of shock and awe before simultaneously concluding the sensible option of running for their Khaine-damned lives!

By now, both pairs were equidistant from the half-octagonal stairs that led to the high arched double doors of the city hall.

Doors which swung ominously open and out onto the landing strode a giant of a woman. She was huge; not huge in the way of an abundance of fat or folds of flesh, but rather, huge in the way of steel hard, bulging muscle. As tall as Taldein and as broad as any Orc Big 'Un, she was dressed in meteoric steel armour; cuirass, greaves, gauntlets, kilt and a corinthian style helmet. With a single hand she swung from her back a great-sword fully six foot in length and, with a sinister glint in her ocean blue eye, surveyed the sweeping mass of zombies chasing the four adventurers to the steps of the hall.

"Get inside. All of you!" As the four of them clambered up the stairs the warrior-woman stepped forward and ushered them inside, she quelled any notion of a heckle with a glare that would freeze a Bloodthirster. Once the group was safely in the confines of the candlelit hall the doors pounded shut with a near deafening Boom!

The hallway was that of any hall, large and spacious, with vaulted arches holding aloft the lattice-worked mosaic ceiling. Chandeliers ensconced at various intervals illuminated the vast chamber. Away at the other end of the room stood, almost like a diorama, four people.

One figure stood at the very back, his posture lazy, his pure-white eyes glowed intensely as he smiled a diabolical welcome to the group - all of the adventurers knew of him; the albino assassin. To the left of the stage stood the tall, full-figured sorceress, her 'modest attire' left practically nothing to the imagination, not her long, flawless legs or her fulsome bust. An arch, playful smile tinted her sensuous lips and a finger suggesting illicit happenings was pressed against them.

On the far right stood another lady, where the flirty one was practically overwhelming in her choice of attire and demeanour, this lady held nothing but malice in the dark, almost black eyes. The cause of her anger was clearly evident, for she appeared to be only half a woman. A white, porcelain mask covered the entire right side of her face and the costume continued down over her breast down to her thigh, her entire right side was much diminished. Whilst the scarring and ugliness of that side was fully covered, the other half of her was flawless and perfect, almost a mirrored copy of her porcelain dress.

The last figure was much shorter than the other three, she stood left-centre of the stage. Appropriately dressed for one of royal stature, her black clothing flowed about her with majestic grace, concealing the flesh but not hiding it's shapely figure. Her hair was styled in the current fashion for Druchii nobility and framed her beautiful face and emerald green eyes, accentuating both. She did not bare the resemblant patronising sneer that generally marked the misanthropic higher class of dark elven citizenry, if anything, there seemed a distinct lack of any superior aura about her. Most surprising was her age, and the group could guess that she was no older than one hundred and forty or fifty years old. Other than age and beauty, there seemed nothing at all special about this mysterious figure.

She took a single step forward, eyeing each of the group with a penetrating glare. "Welcome."

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:52 pm
by Lordfalco
After he threw his words at the stranger Meneth heard the stranger gasp and looked back, seeing a terrifying horde of those “undead” creatures running towards them. Meneth started to run, thinking only to survive. I am so close to the spire, I can’t fail now to reach my objective. When he was close to the door he smiled nicely to the woman we let them in and kept on running to the door.

When Meneth walked in the town hall he was totally overwhelmed by the riches. How the hell can people afford this? Meneth noticed how the light fall from the chandeliers to all around it, giving the big hall a sinister look. It felt a bit as the caves of the mountains where the few torches also caused such light fall. After looking around and being a bit obsessed with the light he noticed the five new person, two standing next to him and the stranger and across the room the assassin and three women.

When one of the women stepped forward and said welcome, Meneth stepped forward to. Thanks for welcoming us, but I don’t want to sound rude. I think we better move before that ravenous horde gets through the doors. We can say welcome after we are safe I think. Next to that, we need someone to take care of this guy here. Meneth points to the stranger he ran with.

Meneth tries to let everyone move to a safer spot in the town hall, scared of being overrun by the horde

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:12 am
by Kensou
Trained to fight, but never to think! Ignat wasn't in the mood to reply to such stupidity. They had moved on, but they were being followed. When Ignat turned around he saw an ocean of dead bodies move towards them. With a gasp, he started running. Not long after his impromptu companion ran with him.

After a hectic race they managed to reach the city hall and a female guard let them in. Ignat was gratefull for the lack of questioning, though he was wondering what the other two were doing here. One was khainite, that much was obvious. The other would have seemed like an old man, but the fact that he ran probably as hasty as Ignat himself did, destroyed that illusion.

Then he took in his surroundings. While he had been surrounded by riches most of his life, this was on a whole other level. Someone has a good decorator. Then he looked over the people in the room. The assassin he had met. Same with the sorcerer.

The other two were new and they didn't seem to be any threat. Ignat knew better. There is no place in the world where it's safe. One of them stepped forward and welcomed them. Then the warrior spoke and pointed out his wound. By khaine's bloody balls! Does he even know how to think?! He crossed his arms, hoping to conceal his wound, but knowing he's probably to late.

Ignat will try to conceal his wound.

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:42 pm
by Jcitalia4
Taldein hurried along the square at Valeth's behest. He saw two other strangers doing much the same away from the horde or shambling figures. His witchsight felt and saw the nimbus quite clearly as they approached and passed through it. A rather large, imposing female figure erupted from the doors and hurried them inside.

One inside, the foursome were greeted by an alternate collection of four. If in a different context, they easily could have passed for a troupe of troubadours. One a seductrious with a slightly unstable mirth, another beyond scared and covered like a dark harlequin, the smallest and least imposing in character clearly in the position of leadership and the white eyed madman he had been blade to blade not minutes prior.

He heard the harsh accented bark out his words of warning. Taldein thought it better to think before speaking but that was probably why he never was taken as a warrior caste as they mainly ran on instinct. Taldein spoke to him, I don't think you have any thing to fear..., he said remembering the magic he felt in the nimbus, Outside the hall at least. He redirected his gaze to the assassin as if to hint to his new found fellows.

Entering the hall

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:50 pm
by Smiler666
Valeth led the way out of the temple, back out into the street and onwards toward the spire. As they walked the boy disturbed the silence with a question, "Any thoughts as to the purpose of our meeting the Drachau?" Valeth smiled from beneath his hood, "not a clue lad, and that is what makes it so very intriguing."

Within the courtyard of the city centre a scene that might have been comical, if it weren't for their proximity to it, greeted Valeth and the boy as they arrived: a pair of younglings, one wearing nobles finery, the other equipped more practically for warfare, sprinted toward the city hall followed shortly by a horde of the diseased natives. Diseased natives that noticed Valeth and Taldein as well. With a glance at the boy and a few grumbled curses he ran forhis life for the second time that night into the city hall proper, the solid door thankfully being thrown open just in time for the four of them to pile in safely.

Valeth leaned heavily on khaine for a few moments, his reliance not quite an act after so much exertion, before taking in the inside of the city hall. The building itself was very much opulent, with a patterned mosaic spread across the ceiling and exquisite chandeliers lining the walls, all in all fairly standard fare for a wealthy abode, what was far more interesting were the figures contained within. Closest to, the noble was the very model of refinement but looked to be wounded, a guess that was quickly confirmed by the soldier that had accompanied him, much to the noble's distaste it would seem.

Shifting his observations to the back wall Valeth finally appraised their hosts, another quartet lined up opposite them, somehow it seemed fitting. Two of them he had already met, the 'friendly' sorceress and the blank eyed assassin, Valeth offered a nod of greeting to each though it was doubtful they would notice. The other pair consisted of a ceramic half-woman, her scars carefully covered in a decent approximation of her uncovered side's beauty though the anger worn plain for all to see, and finally a woman standing out only through her lack of outstanding features but obviously far from insignificant. Valeth waited quietly for the inevitable revelations.

entering the hall, appraising the hosts, remaining quiet

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:58 pm
by Minigrift
Now that they were safely within the confines of the shadowy lit hall and had recovered somewhat from the embarrassment of having to flee for their lives, the four adventurers could better appreciate the décor of the carpeted hall. As the Drachau stepped forth to greet them the stage became all too clear. A table stood at the centre, even from their vantage point from down the stairs and across the hall they could see maps and charts covering the table’s length. The Drachau and her council had been busy.

Two full-blooded, overgrown wolves appeared from the shadows and, flanking the woman standing to the right, sat on their haunches. The wolves’ silhouettes were opaque and their glimmering eyes glowed like tiny suns. The woman crossed her arms across her chest, her laboriously-crafted artificers dressings flowed as smoothly with the movements as if they were part of her flesh.

As Taldein eyed the assassin, the albino moved not a twitch, only his ever-knowing smile widened. Then, he winked.

Meneth, likely to be fated as the groups pack mule, with the all the idiosyncrasies of abuse, running jokes and luggage haulage that entails, spoke. Callously, the Drachau regarded him and seemed on the verge of a rebuke before Taldein spoke up for the lad.

“Why recruit this fool, surely…” It was the scantily clad sorceress who spoke, her sultry tones did nothing to hide the obvious scorn in her voice.

The Drachau stamped her foot in anger, her once serene face flaring with rage. “Silence, Modrane, you are spoiling the scene.”

Though she actually managed to look abashed, a flash in her lavender eyes belied her true feelings. “Apologies, Mistress, I shall… behave.”

The ‘Mistress’ quickly regained her composure.

“Your acquaintance here has the crux of it, Meneth, this place is sanctuary - you are safe. Did you not see my companion outside? We have nothing to fear from that horde.” She then smiled, baring her fangs, her whole face changed into something fierce and cunning, her emerald green eyes sparkled with intelligence.

The Drachau walked sedately down the small flight of stairs and approached the group, she stopped a half dozen paces away. Eyeing the group of weary adventurers, her intense stare penetrated the souls of each of them in turn, and she spoke:

“Ignat, a thing of pain is a thing of beauty, don’t you agree? An heir to blood, refused. One becomes inured the the pain and torture, one begins to enjoy it. My friend outside… you two have something in common.” She eyed Ignat’s wound, but deigned not to comment.

“Valeth, your threads of fate are ever tied to the coin, do they push or do pull? From corsair to khainite, from noble to street rat, you need not live in obscurity any longer. Your life can have a purpose again, if you choose it.”

“Meneth, strong and stalwart, if a bit simple. To feel guilt is to damn yourself, facing what consumes you is the only way to be free. Their deaths have given you purpose, resolve, vengeance, whatever it is you seek you need only to look.”

Then that omniscient gaze settled on Taldein, the Mistress looked him straight in the face, his shadowy concealment useless against her attention. “And you… Taldein. A call for blood has brought you here at a fortuitous time, fortune smiles upon us both, it seems. To conquer others is to have power, to conquer yourself is to know the way.” And with that cryptic comment Mistress turned and stepped up to the stage once more.

“Each of you are here at my behest – even you, Taldein – and you are here for a purpose. Several, actually. You are expedient and not expendable. If I wanted miscreants and malcontents, well, I have a whole city full of those. If you look to your left you will see a pedestal, on this there are eight pendants, which, by no small amount of effort and expenditure on my part, I have crafted for my new… friends. These are wards against the plague and a badge of your official status. Please take one and wear it with pride.”

These pendants were obviously crafted by a fine metalsmith, the carvings and detail were impeccable. They were certainly of a finer ilk than the 'standard issue' ones the city guard had received.

Each of the group has been spoken to - take from that what you will. The characters have also been instructed to take a pendant each.

OOC: Modrane was speaking about Meneth, just in case it wasn't obvious! And now's your second chance for first impressions ;)

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:06 pm
by Lordfalco
I know that the one next to me is a fool, getting wounded like that, but he is quit useful, and deaf I think. Meneth turns to the drachau.

Thank you for your welcome, but how you know so much about us, or at least me? You have been spying on us? Meneth looks a bit mistrusting at the drachau. Tell me what our status will mean, what our jobs are and why there are eight pendants for four persons. No way I will do something suicidal for this spying woman, let her first show me she means the best for us and we can trust her.

Meneth looks at the other two persons, looks how they react to what the drachau said and what he said.

Meneth asks some questions before accepting his pendant, not trusting the drachau and her cohort at this moment.

OOC: i know she didnt said it about Ignat, but Meneth thinks, he is a fool after all:)

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:02 pm
by Minigrift
Mistress was not at all surprised that (some of) the group were sceptical as it was only natural. Her penetrating gaze lingered unflinchingly on Meneth as he spoke.

"More likely he is ignoring you. You are all useful, I wouldn't have went to so much trouble recruiting you if you weren't." With this, she winked slowly at Ignat.

"The eyes are the windows to the soul, I need only look to see what lies within. I would not simply recruit anyone into my House, first I had to make sure that each of you was suitable to become a member of my retinue. Each of you is gifted, and now you have the chance to prove yourselves worthy of my generosity."

She stepped down from the stage to stand at the foot of the stairs, now level with the group again, the Drachau was only a few inches taller than Ignat, who was by far the shortest of the group.

"Eight pendants for eight people, only three of my chosen made it. The others are likely dead, taken by the plague or eaten by one of those foul monsters prowling my city." Mistress shifted into a more comfortable stance expecting more questions to be asked.

Answers given, questions can be asked.

OOC: Question and answer time, then :)

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Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:03 pm
by Smiler666
Valeth froze as if slapped as the unassuming girl, more than obviously now the drachau, gave a summary of his life which, though brief, was uncomfortably accurate. Mind set racing, it was a a while before Valeth regained enough composure to take back control of his tongue, by which time the drachau had passed similar, unnervingly well-informed comment on each of the others. The soldier youth was the first to speak up at the drachau's announcements with expertly balanced ignorance and suspicion, most of which the drachau deftly sidestepped, which got Valeth's attention, so she knows more about each of us than any stranger ought, but keeps her own secrets close to her chest. That hardly seems fair(!)

Valeth straightened up against khaine, crossed his hands over the top of his staff and met the drachau's eyes from beneath his hood, "your generosity is appreciated milady, however I fear I've been terribly rude and not quite caught your name there if you would indulge an old man's addlings. I take it that 'making sure each of us is suitable' means yes, you have been gathering information on us, since between us Taldein and I have four eyes not our own, unless of course your information comes from Khaine and a glass-maker." Valeth smiled slightly at the half-joke before continuing, "you didn't answer the youth here's question: what particular purposes, pray tell, have we not-quite-miscreants-and-malcontents been gathered here for?"

adding to Meneth's questions

Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 4:24 pm
by Jcitalia4
Taldein was uncomfortable with the sudden open discussion of himself and his compatriots in a detail that shouldn't be known to a stranger, regardless of station. It spoke of knowledge gained by other than ordinary ways. He was particularly disturbed as he generally liked to keep his thoughts and dreams private. He could see that his new acquaintances were equally disturbed at the Drachau's greeting. Many voicing themselves quite quickly looking for answers.

He supposed he could give into a line of questioning, as there were many to be asked but he felt that more was needed to be said by the Drachau first as to her intentions, what is happening to her city and how they might be incorporated to it all. I think you have quite a lot more to say to use before we start assaulting you with questions. Perhaps you should say your piece first before we all start up with our own inquiries.

Encourage the Drachau to continue

Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:14 pm
by Minigrift
The Drachau's looked Valeth straight in the eye as he spoke, then, as Taldein piped in, her eyes stared fiercely into his and when the Khainite was finished, she nodded. "You are wrong, Taldein, I have said all I wished to say - for the moment, at least. Invitations were sent to these other three, if they did not wish to be here, then why did they accept? They chose to come." Mistress paused, momentarily, to let Taldein digest that piece of information and all it's connotations. "Khaine guided you here, I believe you believe that. He has pushed you into my embrace, and I have accepted His judgement."

Looking again at Valeth, she offered him a benevolent smile. "It is a great honour to invited into a Noble House, I suggest you not try my patience more than necessity demands. Of course I have gathered information on each of you, it would have been foolish of me not to. Your status will be official, I accept you and any debts that you owe, your enemies become my enemies and so on. Your particular purposes shall be non-trivial, furthermore, if you have loose ends from your past that need tied, then we shall tie them. Wealth, power, slaves, blood, any thing you desire shall be yours - provided you work for it." The Drachau placed hands to hips and took a deep breath.

"You see, most of this should have been obvious. I have accepted you, that includes everything about you. Now I have said more than enough, I hope. We shall discuss your first mission when my warrior companion returns, for she will be accompanying you. Only when I know you can be trusted shall I decide whether to divulge my name. In the meantime, you may call me Mistress."

That covers everything... Hopefully!

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Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:30 am
by Lordfalco
Meneth looked at his companions asking even more questions. Questions he never could think of. I understand you want to know more of us before inviting us, but needing to spy was not needed I say. Well I accept your pendant and all my lady. Meneth walks to the pendants table and picks up one. One more thing Meneth says, he turns around and points to Ignat, someone should help his wound to recover, we are lucky it stopped bleeding but it had no medical care at all.

Meneth accepts his pendant and tries tog et medical help for Ignat, again

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 10:22 am
by Jcitalia4
Taldein moved to grab one of the pendants. Holding it in his hand, he looked at it curiously.

I don't believe you. I don't think you would simply hand us these and then send us on our way without informing us to our task or what is going on in the city. What is your plan?

He didn't at all trust this harlequin troupe. They smelled of trouble, nor did he fully believe that Khaine's path was to follow them. Until he saw a sign saying so he would be cautious.

Looking once more upon the pendant, he decided he didn't wholly trust their purpose, given with the intent to protect. He peer into the pendant's shadows, a reflection of their magic. Shaping behind it with his witchsight he began to try to divine the magics locked inside it.

Asking a question and examining his pendant

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 12:39 pm
by Smiler666
Valeth picked one of the pendants up from the table and examined it for a moment, then pulled the looted pendant from his robes and compared the two. If nothing else the drachau's pendant looked better forged and probably more valuable, so he dropped the stolen pendant onto the table and pocketed the new one.

While Valeth had been appraising the neckwear the acolyte and the boy warrior had continued questioning the drachau and made some fine points, though the the boy did still insist on pointing out the noble's wound, much to his duress. "Taldein has a point, 'mistress'," Valeth loaded the word with as much sarcasm as was possible, "you have continued to dodge the question we have each asked, namely: what by Khaine's bloody balls do you actually want us to do?"

Swapping pendants and joining Taldein with the questions

OOC: yay khainite profanity :lol:

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 8:43 pm
by Minigrift
"My lady?" Mistress exclaimed as a dainty hand fluttered to her breast. "Such manners, Meneth, your new found companions would do well to heed your fine example of gentlemanliness." The effect of the warrior being polite was somewhat diminished, for he still seemed oblivious to Ignats... scorn of the attention he was bestowing upon the mage. "And, though your concern for your friend is endearing, I fear, tis unnecessary. Ignat has suffered worse wounds than this and still thrives in the modest comportment of well living."

Next to grab a pendant and inspect it was the young Khainite, Taldein, and he was still sceptical about trusting the Drachau. Though, for the moment, he seemed far more interested in gauging the magic of the pendant than anything the Mistress had to say in response to his bluntly put query. "You have walked the city's once hallowed streets, so you know as well as I what's going on in the city - chaos. Chaos, which, my guards are sorely pressed to bring order too..."

Taldein scried the pendant using his own magical gift. There was definitely magic imbued in the ornate metal carvings, runes of protection and disease resistance, but beyond that, there seemed nothing disturbing or malicious in it's purpose. It was just as the Drachau had said: the pendant was protection against the plague and a badge of official status.

Mistress arced an eyebrow as Valeth took one of her guards pendants from his pocket and unceremoniously dumped it on the the pedestal as he took one of the more ornate pendants and callously stuffed it into his pocket. "Ahem, that goes around your neck, Valeth, not in your pocket." But the observation went unnoticed by the old man, much to the young Drachaus annoyance.

"Mistress, if you will allow me to speak on your behalf. I feel that you are too compassionate of countenance to deal with matters of transgression upon your obvious superiority. It would appear that these two bumptious buffoons are ill-versed in matters of impudence and diplomacy. They ask the questions but do they listen to your answers?"

Cringing, Mistress spoke up again. "Ah, no, Modrane, I fear you will only exacerbate current hostilities. I can handle the situation with, ah, rather more tact than you would employ. I'm endearing them to my service as valuable accomplices, if they are to become ephemeral to our success then it would be inadvisable in the extreme to treat them with impugnity. They are right to be mistrustful."

Throughout the entire exchange Ignat had been totally silent - obviously still brooding about the warriors' ignorant behaviour. Alone and mostly unnoticed, the mage approached the pedestal and curiously looked over one of the ornate pendants and, before returning his attention to the scene before him, placed the piece of exquisite jewellery around his neck.

"What is it I actually want you to do? You want specific answers, I suppose. Well, did I not say I would brief you on your first mission when my Blade returns?" This time, she paused, scanning the four adventurers who were in various states of attentiveness. And just as she was about to re-inform them of their various non-trivial, non-expendable, expedient tasks - the door swung open.

The giant warrior-woman stepped into the hallway and the door shut itself behind her. The hallway, by no means diminutive in size, seemed to shrink in her presence. Her greaves were caked in gore and, as she thundered with slow strides to stand beside the Mistress, a trail of clotted blood followed her. She was every inch the warrior; no one could, or should, dispute that fact - she stood eye-level with Taldein and Meneth, but was easily twice their width. Her ocean-blue eyes scanned each of the group with nothing but cold, icy, regard. Mistress looked like a small child standing next to the steel clad woman. Her right shoulder and arm were clad in a steel galerus and manica; and her left arm was totally bare and covered in scars. With her left hand she took off her corinthian helmet, causing her layered blue-black hair to tumble about her ginormous shoulders.

"What took you so long? Well, never mind, Khaela, you're here now and not a moment too soon."

And, once again, she settled her gaze on her apt audience. "Got a mission for you to prove yourselves. Getting here alive was simply a matter of winnowing out the weak, so, give yourselves a round of applause for not being dead. Now, on to the important matter of the task at hand."

"Something of great importance has been stolen from us. By a most vile witch, whom I trusted implicitly, or thought I did. We want it back. Simple, really. Khaela here will be accompanying you on your quest, to ensure your loyalty on the mission ahead. It need not be an unpleasant journey, but there will likely be some fighting along the way. Transportation and supplies have been arranged for you. For now, all you need do is follow my good friend, she will take you where you need to go. Alright then, put your pendants on and I will see you anon."

Heckling time, I presume... Ah, have your characters put their pendants and make their way outside, then we can get the RP started :D

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 10:40 pm
by Kensou
The ignorant one doesn't even recognise the target. And the other one wasn't any better. It's painly obvious to even a man with no manner of sense, a drachau would know of the people she invites. Ignat thought, still a bit anoyed by the lack of intelect his future companions were showing. As they asked their questions, Ignat was drawn by the pendants, and after studying one of them, put it on his neck.

As the drachau went on answering questions, and even as the large warrior entered, there was one thing the drachau said that Ignat was pondering. "Anything you desire shall be yours". That lady needs to watch her words a bit more. The mission briefing ended promptly. You say anything we desire shall be ours, little one. I wonder how true those words will end up being. I desire two things. One of them can wait. The one that can't has to do with a large hole in my robe. If you were to be so gracious as to fix that before we leave, I would be grateful enough to change little one to my lady. Besides, you probably wouldn't want your workers to disgrace you by leaving on a mission with battle damage visible, right?

Ignat will follow along and barter for a little upfront payment :)

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:12 pm
by Jcitalia4
The pendant reflected back to him nothing sinister in it's shadow. Indeed it's purpose was true, to protect and ward off disease. Satisfied, he hung the pendant around his own neck, murmuring his own bit of reinforcement in the magics. The cracks in the shadows of wards mending, strengthening their purpose.

He heard the grief in the Drachau's voice in her explanation of the city and of her task. Her reprimanding of her council gave Taldein reason to believe her, though he was still wary. He eyed the white eyed assassin a this thought. Not too long ago, on of yours attacked me without warning after seemingly being a non-threatening face.

The Drachau briefly explained their task, with the implication that there would be many. The great shouldered woman then, without many words, led them outside. Taldein shifted the weight of his draich and followed, looking at each of his companions as they left. The older acolyte he had already been acquainted with and gave him a brief pleasant, look. He glanced at the other two and with a slight nod to each, he muttered Taldein, as an introduction.

Will attempt to strengthen the wards on the pendant, make his way after Khaela and introduce himself to the others

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:22 pm
by Lordfalco
Meneth puts the pendant around his neck, looking at his new companions. Well guys, since we will be together let me introduce myself. I am Meneth Blackfire. Meneth looks at the drachau afterwards. We will find this witch for you, I arrange that for you and get your stolen item back my lady. I would like to know though what is stolen if possible?. Meneth looks again to his comrades, and if needed i will make these man also gentleman.

Meneth then starts to walk to the big warrior lady looking one more time to the wound of ignat, confusion in his eyes about what they say of the big wound.

Meneth puts on his pendant and introduces himself.

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:39 pm
by Minigrift
Mistress cocked a curious eyebrow at Ignats words. "What! Am I to be a seamtress now?" She seemed to have the inclination to go off on an angry rant, but then thought better of it. "Oh, very well. Let it not be said that my words be false... Modrane, please be so kind as to acquiesce Ignats request."

Modrane, in a moment of furious idignation, stuttered, but recovered quickly and composed herself with some effort. "Come here then, Ignat, and I shall sew you up good as new." The sorceress beckoned him closer with a seductive finger.

Then the Drachau's green-eyed gaze lingered on Meneth and with a smile, she nodded her head respectfully. "Your intentions are noble indeed, young warrior, but don't overburden yourself with impossible tasks." She said with only a cursory glance at Valeth and Taldein. "It is a... deeply personal matter. Khaela knows of what you seek and she will guide you on your quest."

By this time Modrane had finished sewing up the mage and his robe had been mended. The fire mage, then, made to go outside and join Taldein.

Khaela's steely blue eyes bore into Meneth's and she motioned for him to head outside and join the Khainite on the landing outside the doors of the hall.

With three of the adventurers outside or heading outside, only Valeth remained to say his piece before the group would set off on their magical, mystery journey.

Outside, down the steps from they city hall to the circular courtyard below, the ground was littered and strewn with dozens, if not hundreds of corpses. Severed limbs and decapitated heads lay in large, chaotic piles along with torsos in various states of being hacked to peices. Not an inch of ground was left untouched by the bloody debacle. Whilst the group had fled from these damned villagers and had been safely confined in the Mistress' temporary base of operations, someone else had been extremly busy neutralising the threat.

Ignat and Meneth are heading outside to join Taldein. Valeth is still inside.

OOC: Smiler, I left Valeth 'untouched' as you haven't posted. You can still do whatever it is you were going to do, or whatever :lol:

Jc, just a little niggle, Khaela hadn't actually led anyone any where, she was/is still inside where I left her.

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:30 am
by Lordfalco
Meneth looks at the Drachau, My lady, any idea what to face could be useful to gear our self. Speaking of gearing our self, can we get some supplies and better tools for the job? Meneth looks at his small dented shield and short sword these need replacement big time. Possible a horse or cold one to fasten travel time can be useful to.

When Khaela nodded Meneth outside he was looking at those blue eyes, they are not normal, they have something strange he though. He walked outside With the two of his companions. Meneth looks to Ignat, how is it going sir, the wound is pretty big but they are stubborn and not willing to disinfect it.

Meneth then looks at his other companion. So, Taldein you said you were called? Tell me more about yourself, you aren't as stubborn as that fool over there right? Meneth points to Ignat and shakes it head.

Meneth asks for possible gear and/or mount and tries to talk with his companions