Reborn in Darkness

Introduce yourself to the forum and tell us a little about your journey to the land of the Dark Elves...

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Reborn in Darkness

Post by Duke_Mantis »

Hey folks!

Well isnt this a big shiny forum, im excited to be here! I will give you all a shortish blurb about myself/my hobby as a method of introduction :)

Im a smalltime producer/videographer from England, UK currently living in Ontario Canada. I currently make videos and such for my local Wargaming game club, we mainly make Warmachine and 40K Videos but intend to expand into WHF: ... ature=mhee

Ive been into Wargaming since i got my first models (forest goblins :p) back in the late 90's. After that humble beginning Warhammer Fantasy and Necromunda were my main games, with a little 40k(Eldar) as a sideshow. I started out with Orcs and Goblins, then through the years had sizeable Lizardmen, Empire and more recently Chaos Warrior armies. When i moved to Canada a few years ago i took a lengthy hiatus from wargaming, only restarting in spring 2012 with Tyranids. Most of the guys in my local meta play 40k so i havnt touched Fantasy at all in this edition, this made me a little sad as ive always felt Fantasy was a better game overall. Despite this ive some success on the local 40k tourney circuit with my Nids.

Snap to the present day! When i saw the Dark Elves were coming - an army i have always deeply admired but never had the balls to try out i considered giving them a go and getting back into WHF... but knew i couldnt really afford it. Then i won first place in a big 40k tournament... and used ALL my winnings to buy a truckload of Dark Elves! I guess 40k is good for something after all xD

So here i am.. adrift on the tempestuos ocean of the internetz, at the mercy of the Druchii overlords. Seeking wisdom and glory for my new darkelven despots!

Thanks for reading, happy to be here :)
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Re: Reborn in Darkness

Post by Calisson »

Welcome Duke_Mantis to! :)
Still at discovery stage with the new army book.
A world to explore!
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Re: Reborn in Darkness

Post by xFallenx »

Welcome to the site mate, good time for you to drop in, a whole lot of very interesting conversations going on thanks to the new book.
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