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Re: [PLOG] The vengence of Veysha Everkiss

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 10:31 am
by flatworldsedge
@Cultofkhaine - thanks!

@Trilobite - you're absolutely right! I keep an old toothbrush to hand and dust them (and the mini) down every 30 seconds or so. Pewter/plastic dust everywhere!

Re: [PLOG] The vengence of Veysha Everkiss

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 10:43 am
by Rowena
Looking great so far, I especially like how the torso and the cloak work together, very seamless. I can't wait to see her finished, she's going to look amazing!
I'm not really a greenstuff expert, so I'm afraid I can't help there very much, but at least I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Re: [PLOG] The vengence of Veysha Everkiss

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:14 pm
by flatworldsedge
@Rowena - Thanks! That was an incredible tense moment putting those two together, after chopping them up! When I'm usually doing "crafty"/artistic things it's all in Photoshop - not having CTRL+Z is so terrifying to me! Getting them to mesh took an awful lot of plastic glue, and the downside was that the detail is a little lost at the top of her breastplate, along the V of the original torso. A little work now to re-sculpt that. Fun, fun, fun! Hoping to have the BSB Iacaewon modeled for the weekend too, who is a much simpler conversion as he's all plastic pieces stuck together, but should look awesome.

I've found the Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior heads on eBay, and they should look cool on the CoK's - they are like the normal CoK's, but have horns, and thorns, and plumes/hair with bones in them. I'm hoping they'll bring the Autarii vibe to the unit - as they're meant to be Veysha's highborn retainers that have followed her into the mountains and gone somewhat native.

Just reposting the key "progress" image below for people arriving on page 4, over the fold...

ImageVeysha torso i by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 11:42 pm
by flatworldsedge
Alongside Veysha, who's being drilled and pinned this evening (sorry!) (and thank you Vladdrak and Lion of Flanders for advice on approaching that challenge), I'm making progress across the rest of the Cold One Knights. I'm sprinkling in a few Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior heads as noted above, bringing a slightly more tribal look as befits the Autarii alliance theme. I'll probably add another metal female head for Yasmira, who had a brief speaking role in fluff #2 above. Aside from gluing their wretchedly designed torso (four shoulder pad sections per model, all four attached to a sprue, seriosly!) and sanding/filing everything, the main other piece of work is the BSB - Iacaewon.

ImageIacaewon (BSB Master) planning shot by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Here's a mocked up shot of him. The banner is taken from the Wildwood Rangers that became my converted shades, and the sword is switched across to the left hand mace of the original CoK banner bearer. He's got the best head of all the Kabalite's I think. The slight lean so be watching his great granddaughter to his left setting off on a charge, and will hopefully work nicely in unison. More anon... have a great weekend everyone!

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:57 pm
by flatworldsedge
My loss to the High Elves is now live here - slaughtered his army, but misplayed the objective and was rightly punished.

Meanwhile, some more slow steady progress to document...

The ancient Iacaewon has an SDC and crest for the banner. I was unsure of his having an SDC on a Cold One aesthetically, especially next to Veysha in a flowing Dark Rider cloak, but thought I'd check it out and it looks good to my eye. Meanwhile the banner's crest is less OTT than I first pictured, and I may add more or change, but for the moment quite like the understated look.

ImageIacaewon w/ SDC ii by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

ImageIacaewon w/ SDC i by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

I'm starting to sketch the banner art by hand - think I'll go for a "Shadow Fox" (that'd be a big black wolf) in a gloomy indigo clearing... think I might manage that.

Meanwhile, Veysha's legs and torso are attached and drying. Very ladylike.

ImageVeysha drying by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

And I am now pretty certain she will have a different pose - with the sword arm out forward, over the top of the Cold One's head. The arm fits more naturally, and I really like the horizontal sweep from blade into billowing cloak.

ImageVeysha new pose by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

In other news looks like battle 3, a re-match with the Beastmen should be next weekend. I'm hoping to table the unpainted CoK unit and Shades. I'm adding two more Shades to my list though to make two units of six. They've been performing stunning well, are thematically "core" to my fluff and I have more Corsair handbows, including two "horizontal" posed. At the moment my Shades are mostly pointing handbows in the air, and it's irking me a little, so two more horizontals should dilute it a little. Just need to find two more Wildwood Rangers, so am haunting eBay to that end.

Have an amazing weekend all!

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:38 am
by Rowena
The Dark eldar head is a great idea, it really makes him look feral. Great find. I think the corsair cloak looks ok, but it you want to make it more flowing, maybe you can use the one from the new scourgerunner? I think one of the dark elves there has a massive flowing one, but I'm not sure how it would work on this model.
And I can't wait to see the finished Veysha. :)

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:23 pm
by flatworldsedge
@Rowena - thanks; really glad the BSB/Iacaewon is giving off the right vibes! I've followed up on your suggestion and the Scourgerunner does like wilder - having a look around on eBay, etc.! If I can get it cheap I know worst case I will end up finding a use for it on someone, even if not him.

RE: seeing the finished Veysha, well we're nearly there. She glued together nicely, so I'm just sanding/shaving the greenstuff there and adding layers of superglue to re-sand and smooth in. She's a little thin around the waist, but I have some very cheap (10-30p) Dark Eldar sheathed daggers, utility belts, chains, etc. coming. With one on each side, she should look a little healthier. Still svelte, but not skeletal!

Her sword is getting a little bit sexier too... the pommel and the square ends on the lower section of the hilt are all getting a facelift to look a little more Druchii again.

Talking of sexing up swords, Iacaewon's was looking so chunky anyway, I thought I'd give it an extra zap. Shown here as it started out, and as it finished.

ImageMace to sword for Iacaewon by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:45 pm
by flatworldsedge
So, Veysha's been drilled, pinned and glued together. Still sanding/layered superglue around her waist, but we're getting there. Dark Eldar equipment and chains in the post to finish sexing up her midriff. Meanwhile, it's meant I'm focusing on her arms a little more. I thought I'd give her a plain shield, but ton reflection thought this runic CoK shield would tie things together better. I've ordered more of them for the rest of the unit from a bits supplier. They also match the runes on other members of the unit, and some of the Dark Eldar heads I'm using. Less ambitious, perhaps, but more effective.

ImageVeysha with shield added by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Note: The CoK in this picture isn't glued/prepped yet - just blu-takked together for testing these two as I work on them.

I've also gone to work on her sword. The pommel was still too H*gh Elven, so I've switched it out for this;

ImageVeysha sword reworked by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Much more Druchii, IMHO.

And since I'm posting anyway, here's Iacaewon now glued (expect for the SDC, which I'm testing vs. a scourgerunner version per Rowena's awesome suggestion).

ImageIacaewon glued by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

EDIT - Oh, and the crest on the banner - still experimenting with ideas on that.

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:45 pm
by flatworldsedge
A quick work in progress update to document what's going on during some busy weeks as I finish training at a new job, ride out a busy time on the photography front and the general pre-Christmas wildness. I've also got a battle report to write up. All that aside, here's what I'm up to:

i) I felt too many of my Shades had poses with RXB pointing in the air, so when I found a few other RXB poses in a recent eBay acquisition of Corsair sprue dog-ends, I decided to add two more to make 2x 6 Shades in my 2,000 pt list.

Here's the original unit -

ImageShades unit by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Getting bodies for the extra two was mangeable, but no one seems to have Wildwood Ranger heads on sale in Europe, so I've used the champion head and a Glade Guard head from another 75% used sprue picked for nothing on Ebay. The sheathed dagger is a spare from one to be used on Veysha - 15p from a bitz website. I really like the ornamental on these Dark Eldar pieces. The one with the champion's head might have the sword downgraded - it's a little OTT and makes him feel like a champion when I have other plans on that front (see below).

ImageShade conversion xii b by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

ImageShade conversion xii a by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

ImageShade conversion xi by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

ImageAdditional shade conversions by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Also acquired from Ebay were these two old painted metal beastmasters. They cost about £5 total, and I'm just hoping I can strip them down. They've gone in a pot of bleach to get scrubbed. Then I'll assess them. I'm looking at using a Dark Rider champion's RXB, plus one of the Glade Guard cloaks, to turn one of these into a Waystalker.

ImageEbay purchases in bleach by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Hopefully they come out all lovely and silver, ready for a new incarnation.

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:15 am
by Lion of flanders
Ah yes, one of my all time favorite GW figures...the girl beastmaster.

So many possibilities with that excellent figure as the arms are very poseable, and the waist is unencumbered with superfluous bits. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.....

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 7:10 am
by Lord Drakon
Hi I also have a lot of old models I want to use for conversion. But also thick painted.. how does bleach work for you ? Never tried it, but otherwise some models can expect to get soaped !

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:49 am
by Rowena
I have realised I haven't commented on your previous update.
Both models look awesome, it's clear how much work went into them. The Dark Eldar bits on Iacaewon really work for a "gone native" feel and the banner is perfect. Veysha is beautiful, her face lovely and serene. I get kind of Joan of Arc vibes from her. :)

About the shades, would you like more glade guard hooded heads? I have many and will probably end up with even more despite having no use for them. I can't help wildwood rangers, unfortunately. Otherwise the models look great, but I agree about the one with champion head and a sword looking very much like a champion.

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 9:35 pm
by flatworldsedge
@LOF - Glad you approve! Pressure properly on now! Having cleaned them the girl beastmaster really does stand out. Some of the options I'm considering below!

@Lord Drakon - Well, I've tried several things this week. Bleach has proven most effective, with a toothbrush/shake every couple of days and then some picking at tough bits with a needle today. The outcome below - maybe thirty minutes work. The other beastmaster has a few more black specs thanks to a harsher undercoat. Still working on him!

@Rowena - Thanks so much for the ongoing support and offer of Glade Guard heads. I have a few in from an old sprue, so thank you so much, but you're ok! Think I will downgrade the "champions" head and sword. I'd really like 12 equals in the 2 units of 6... for reasons outlined below! The Joan of Arc note is very funny, as it's exactly what I was thinking the other day, though I had entirely not intended it! Hopefully once painted in darker colours, with scandalous bare legs, she'll get just enough edge to feel Druchii, whilst retaining a colder, intellectual feel!

So, now looking at a 2,400 force for the suggested joint project, I have a few more points to shuffle in more Wood Elves and make the force more Autarii again. A 100 odd of those points will be going on a Waystalker. I don't think this is the best tactical use of points, but I really, really want a scouting hero for a Shade force for my fluff/feel. So with two units of 6, that opens up space for Nelequë (which I am reliably told is "13" in Elven...). Look forward to writing her into the fluff as it crystalises - hopefully with my piece for T.D.'s contest, assuming my schedule allows it before Christmas!

Here's the options I'm looking at - the RXB is firmly chosen already, but lots of other things to think about;

ImageWaystalker Nelequë options by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

And as an aside, a quick update on Veysha, showing the pinned/greenstuff/superglue laminated join. There's a Dark Eldar dagger and scroll going round it, so it won't really be more than a base. It does seem solid, though, and creates the right angle for her Cold One.

ImageVeysha ongoing build by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

I'll be finishing Nelequë and the other models on the go, then undercoat and paint through all so far; the 8 COK's, 12 Shades, Veysha, Iacaewon and Nelequë all in one set. I'm keen to paint it, as the Autarii motifs for the COK's especially I think will only start coming together once painted - and I want to see that progress made. The core of my fluff revolves around this set of models, so really want them tabled.

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:27 pm
by Rowena
Ok, if you ever needed hooded heads, though, just give me a shout. :)
I don't see the Joan of Arc vibe as a bad thing - the contrast between her lovely face and her character and deeds might be exactly what can put the model on a completely different level. More subtle and more noticeable that way at the same time, if I make any sense. Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds, after all. :D
I definitely can't wait to see her painted. If your colour scheme goes as planned, it will be truly unique.

Nelequë looks great already and i feel your pain about having to choose, so many awesome bits! I think I would give her a glade guard cloak myself, it would add more movement and dynamicism to her pose - she seems to be turning and a cloak could easily emphasize that movement. But other than that...

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:06 pm
by Lord Drakon
Looks very clean, I will try the same !

I'm also really interested in waystalker to get assassin/shade captain conversion there ! But really no place in my proposed list for the joint painting project so I look forward to yours.

BTW do you have an army view of what you have converted so far ?

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 9:42 pm
by flatworldsedge
@Rowena - Thanks! Great commentary - very much like that! Totally agree on the cloaks - you're so right about the movement, sweeping around her. I think I'll use the smaller one, as the lines fit better and should give the RXB better emphasis. The knife probably fits best, but... I think I'll go for the mad snake-hilted charioteer's sword, because... well... I picture her as a little crazy. What's weird is that with the End Times, my fluff is turning into a flow where I'll dip in and out of time periods and guess I'll jump back and forth. Usually fluff is about the backstory, and then you play the present, moving into the future... but End Times has accelerated things faster than I'd like so I can see myself saying "today I'm fielding Veysha's force from 20 years ago" or whatever. More anon... want to get something finished for T.D.'s competition that binds things together! Just testing the purple/indigo/silver colour scheme as I get these final models built and cleaned ready to be sprayed and painted over the coming Christmas travel! Don't want to travel with lots of bits bouncing around!

@Lord Drakon - I should have an army view up before Christmas, right at the start of proper painting. That should show - 10x COK (inc. Veysha and Iacaewon (BSB)) plus 2 units of 6 Shades each, and then Nelequë/13. Once they're painted, then phase ii is my sorceress on IOB Griffon (or maybe Manticore) plus (probably) 24x Witch Elves and 10x Warlocks (Sisters of the Thorn on Fenrissian Wolves).

More shortly - busy week photography wise! One of the shoots might actually be quite "Druchii" feel, so I might share some of the pics on this thread too. If only to prove I do (sometimes) take proper pics with something other than an iPad and table lamp! Hope everyone is having an awesome week!

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 1:23 pm
by flatworldsedge
No major modelling updates, though the Shades sketched above are being tweaked and glued. Photos soon.

In other news, a big fluff update... somewhat rambling perhaps, posted in the End Times fiction competition. I'll move it here in due course.

More interestingly, perhaps, I did a Veysha-style shoot in Soho last week, and thought I'd share one of the first pictures I've processed from it.

Witchlight (Jemma Funge), Soho Noir by flatworldsedge, on Flickr

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:57 pm
by Amboadine
Definitely a Druchii feel to that one. Nice picture.

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 3:14 pm
by flatworldsedge
@Amboadine - Thanks! Will definitely look to do another with a more appropriate Naggaroth-style background. Pine forest and snow, etc. I might even try to upgrade the wardrobe. Though Veysha has been mostly naked (in the fluff) so far, and that is easier/cheaper to do (tastefully, of course).

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 9:55 pm
by Rowena
That's a lovely picture (and a beautiful lady, of course). Looking forward to whatever you plan to do with it. :)

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:17 am
by flatworldsedge
Glad people like the additional of my (proper) photography! More from the Druchii feel Soho set to come, and I will definitely run a proper themed Druchii/Autarii shoot later in the year. Look forward to sharing!

Meanwhile, some photo updates shot on less expensive kit... Good news, though. I have all 12 of my Shades (that's the actual Shades qua Shades, Dark Elf - Special units) converted and glued. They're just getting a final going over with toothbrush and glass-paper before I undercoat them all tomorrow and start painting.

The final two Shades changing a bit since my blutak test models shown above. People seemed to agreed that the one looked too "Champion-like". In the end I used Glade Guard heads for both, along with the Wildwood Ranger torsos and Corair arms from the rest of the unit. I also did a bit more greenstuff work - definitely something I'm keen to get better at.

So... to get the GG heads to work on the WWR torsos, I had to chop up lots of little bits of sprue to fill in the neck hollows;

Shade xii sprue filler by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Rather than the pointed sword show in the draft above, I liked the open hand and Dark Eldar dagger shown here, for a more balanced pose. That's a WWR arm. I chopped the Corsair shoulder off for consistency, and chopped the WWR arm just above the gauntlet.

Shade xii components by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

I then glass-papered the details away from the arm, and built it up with greenstuff so that the shape matched the other hand. The main difference was the edge of the gauntlet - much bigger and more angular on the Corsairs. That's then varnished with superglue and glass-papered some more. It's pretty basic compared to the amazing things I see others do, but I'm pumped that I got the outcome I wanted! My main greenstuff learnings from this exercise were; (a) you need way less than you think you do (b) water - water everywhere.

Shade xii a by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

And from the front - I really like how this one came out with the swish of the cloak and angles of the Dark Eldar dagger and reaching hand.

Shade xii b by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

The other Shade is a complete reworking of the one shown above. Seeking balance across the two units, I thought I would do a second with a hunting spear. Given the only "non-pointing straight up" RXB I had left in my eBay acquired Corsair sprues, that meant a left handed spear. That's done with a Corsair banner, with the spear glued on just above the arm. Getting it aligned was kind of stressful, but I think successful... eventually.

Shade xi a by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Shade xi b by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

It did seem like a waste of a banner, but I'll be back on eBay later hoovering up more used Corsair sprues. I'm looking to add some Glade Guard, maybe Deepwood Scouts, Warhawk Riders, Waywatchers, etc. to what will become a real 50/50 Dark/Wood Elf army list - as Autarii maybe should be. However, I'll want RXB for *everything* to keep a consistent look, and make sure it is distinctively Dark Elf. No longbows anywhere (expect the dice rolls). The Corsair RXB's (actually handbows, obviously) are nicely convertible and as they are smaller seem to fit more easily with other models.

With the undercoat scheduled for tomorrow AM, then; here are my two units of finished Shades waiting to take their first paint.

Unit i;

Shade unit i by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Unit ii;

Shade unit ii by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Finally, I will b shifting the latest Veysha fluff onto the PLOG shortly, but its otherwise over at TD's competition. Some awesome other pieces there too; well worth checking out all of them! Hope everyone is fantastically well and enjoying an incredible end to the year!

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:20 am
by Amboadine
The conversions have come along nicely. Great looking Shades.

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 10:36 am
by flatworldsedge
@Amboadine - Thanks; really appreciate the support always! They've been base coated as planned... This evening I'm going to do a last clean up and get black of the metals, deep shadows, etc. Looking forward to adding some finished models to my PLOG!

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:19 am
by flatworldsedge
Another quick update as we whizz around the UK family with my carry case of paints... but otherwise not that exciting. I'm taking this picture in part to remind myself of (a) all the random moments/places I'm painting/converting at the moment in order to keep the small steps of progress going and (b) how bad everything looks at the early stage!

Sprayed white, metallics and deep recesses then washed in a thinned black. The chainmail detail on each shoulder has been painted with thinned black, dry brushed mid/bright silver and washed in Nuln Oil. Once dry tomorrow it'll then get a final Runefang dry brush. Then I can start tidying it all up with indigo sleeves/tunics and purple cloaks.

I was finding it hard to plan everything when it was all bright white, so I added an extra wash of Nuln Oil wherever I saw detail and couldn't quite work out exactly what was what or where the borders are. All in, the only real "paint work" so far are the chainmail shoulder pads. Hope the next update shows all this chaos starting to look a little more sane!

Undercoat by FWE Veysha Everkiss, on Flickr

Re: [PLOG] Veysha Everkiss and the Clan of the Shadow Fox

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:10 am
by Amboadine
That is really not a bad idea to help pick out the details on a white basecoat. I tend to work from a dark coat myself and lighten, so of limited application for myself but I can definitely see the value.