Khaine or Slaanesh

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Choose your God

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Post by Artein »

To be born, to live and to die in the name of Khaela Mensa Khaine!!!
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Post by Darkfox »

I make my bed next to Morathi...
Trust me...
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Post by Artein »

I make my bed next to Morathi...

Morathi is a traitor of all Druchii. We should fight with Chaos like our ancestors did. After reclaiming Ulthuan we should destroy worshipers of all Four Powers
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:twisted: some people collect coins, others collect i collect souls :twisted:
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Lord Veshnakar wrote:I will serve only the will of the Witch King with my Cult of Slannesh army, death to the Asur scum.

u do know that in ur cult of slaanesh army there are male dark elf sorcers that malekith has outlawed he woudl kill u if u marched to his gates and put ur head on pikes
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Post by Fotsvette »

Khaine all the way..
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Post by Korath »

as is common in my nature, i have chaged my mind and full-heartedly support my lord and master Slaneesh in return for power and slaves,praise be to the prince of chaos!!, though i have nothin against khainists really....
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kaine for life , khaine for death and khaine above all..!

The lord of darkness will smight his foes in the dead of your back.....
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Since you havent seen the light yet, and cant get your pointy eared heads around a pantheon of gods you follow which ever little god you want.

It want help you as your ground under my boot.

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Post by Enthardon »

Asuryan :P
Burn Naggaroth

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In the end we all die :twisted:
I shall stick my blade in anyone's back as the opportunity permites.
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Post by Lord tareq »

Both. I have a khaine army and a Slaanesh cult army.
That's why I don't take part in this campaign, I don't like the idea of elves killing eachother for something stupid as gods. We should stand above such a low thing, we're not stupid Mon-Keigh who kill eachother for gods....
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Post by Tijminator »

Slaanesh for life!!!
Devoted rock!!!

I think it's clear that im Slaanesh...
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Post by Raziel02 »

I voted for khaine, the witch elves and executioners and assasins, great units, i like each gos in a load of different ways, but khaine wins it for me not by much though.
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Post by [llct]kain »

oh what a pleasure ....

I voted for the dying god ( :cry:
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Post by Taint »

Khaine till death. I'm up for bloodshed and causing pain alongside any allies however fickle. Our paths are bound to cross at some point and when the time comes it will be all the worst for them. my allegiance is to none save myself and not altogether behind the Witch King. outwardly i am a solid loyalist but as the almost certain civil war draws ever nearer my hour comes almost to within my grasp.

(if Morathi wants some real pleasure she can find me on :lol:
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