FAQ about rules 7th ed - 16/may 2008

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FAQ about rules 7th ed - 16/may 2008

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This thread only applies to 7th edition and earlier. It is no longer relevant.

Please do not post in this thread. If no one else posts it is easier to find the rules and not get them bogged down in questions.

NOTE TO US PLAYERS: when we refer to the GW homepage you will probably need to select the UK version, due to the US page not having the stickies and so fourth.

Also before you do anything be sure to have read the 7th edition FAQ/Errata from GW Here


:?: : Base size for dragon?

A: According to the old base size chart 50*50. However since that is many years out of date and the new HE one comes with the 100*50 one... your guess is as good as mine.

:?: I cant find the FAQ for SOC on the GW page anymore!

A: Correct, they seem to have taken it down.

:?: : Dark Emissaries, any rules for these?

A: Of course Here

:?: : Where is the army list for the Chaos Dwarves? I dont own ravening horde!

A: Here You are

:?: : Where can I find the rules for Rhinox Rhiders

A: Here

:?: : Beastmasters and Armour of Darkness or in fact magical shields?

A: The old gem, the rulebook page 121 state that you may not take a magical shield if you cannot take a normal shield. This has nothing to do with weapons so dont think this also mens a Sorceress cant take the Lifetaker.

:?: : The whole turn in combat thing seems odd, it is impossible to turn in combat to get more people fighting.

A : Yes, see the new downloadable errata for a fix for this (and other things)

Dark Elves:

:?: : I heard about a revision, what did we get and where can I get it?

A: the Revision can be found here and is now legal (i.e. you don’t need opponent’s approval) as it is published in UK White 287 (November 2003 issue), and is also available for download from GW´s homepage.

:?: : Cult of Pleasure army list? Same question as above.

A: The Cult of pleasure army list can now be downloaded Here, and it is official and will remain official even after the campaign. However more and more tournaments are banning all Storm of chaos lists.

:?: : I heard about some new magical items that didn’t come from Albion? Where are they?

A: They are in the cult of pleasure list, and they can be used in normal dark elven armies too. See link in the question above.

:?: : How many wounds does an enemy take from Black Lotus? Is it first the one and then a further one as the stats are lowered?

A: Just the one, Reference.

:?: : Do the revision apply to the cityguard list as well (cheaper warriors, 2 for 1 chariots and so)?

A: No it doesn’t.

:?: : What units can use the cauldrons ability to re-roll to wound rolls?

A: All units and beasts, including impact hits from a chariot. (Cleared up by Gavin Thorpe)

:?: : What exactly can I mount my battle standard bearer on, and what equipment can I give him?

A: A cold one, dark steed or chariot only, and you can give him armour and a sea dragon cloak. You can't give him any magical weapon that requires two hands to use, or any magical armour that includes a shield.

:?: : Where can I find the rules for the different hydras?

A: Here, and they are official.

:?: : What is Gauntlet of Power?

A: It's one of the magic items we won with the Albion campaign. All the Albion magic items can be found Here, and are official for use.

:?: : Speaking of the Gauntlet, if I give my Anointed the Gauntlet and Quickening Blood does he still strike last?

A: No, the Gauntlet is a strike last weapon but the Quickening Blood states that you strike first even with such weapons.

:?: : How does the Cityguard formation really work?

A: The first rank must and may only have repeater crossbows; the following ranks must and may only have spears. If the front rank has a hand weapon, shield and light armour you gain a 4+ armour save in close combat as you use the hand weapon and shield. This is a special rule for the city guard. In addition the command group must also pay for repeater crossbows as usual since they are in the front rank.

:?: : But where can I find the rules for the cityguard then?

A: Here, and it is official.

:?: : Watchtower list? Where can I find that?

A: Here

:?: : Do Reaper bolt throwers get -1 when shooting multiple shots? How about -1 for long range?

A: They do not get -1 for multiple shot, but they do suffer the usual -1 if shooting over long range. As the rules don’t mention the Multiple Shot rule they do not suffer from it.

:?: : Does the improved save gotten by wounds inflicted while wearing blood armour apply to unsaved wounds cause by missile weapons such as a repeater crossbow?

A: Yes. The item does not mention any restriction to close combat, so even spells will improve the save (as the Anointed can wear armour and cast spells).

:?: : Do Dark Elf Sorceresses get +1 to cast with Shadow and Death magic too?

A: Yes. The rules just state that they get +1 to cast, not that it is specific to Dark magic. Page 16 of the Dark Elf army book.

Close Combat:

:?: : Can I use a magical close combat weapon along with a hand weapon to gain an extra attack? Or can I have say a great weapon and a magical close combat weapon and change depending on the need?

A: A character who has a magic close combat must use it and cannot use other close combat weapons, see page 121 of the rulebook. Only exception is Bretonnian Characters who must use their lance when they charge if they have one.

:?: : Can you have an armour save that is better then 1+?

A: Yes you can have negative armour saves, though you always fail on a 1. This just makes it easier to save high strength attacks as you are more likely to still have a good save after the modifiers. See page 30 of the rulebook.

:?: : Speaking of the parry bonus, can units that have more then one weapon, say spear elves decide which weapon to use and if they pick the hand weapon and shield bonus do they get the bonus save?

A: You can select a weapon at the start of combat, but must then use that until the whole combat is resolved (i.e. no longer in close combat). And yes if the models are eligible for the parry bonus (i.e. they are on foot, have both non magical hand weapons and non magical shields) then they gain the bonus save. So spear elves using the hand weapon and shield combo will have 4+ save in cc

:?: : Can a mounted person benefit from the +1 attack for having 2 close combat weapons?

A: No, only people on foot (except Empire pistoliers). Page 56 of rulebook.

:?: : Do all troops carry hand weapons?

A: All troops and characters are assumed to carry hand weapons (page 56 of rulebook) unless otherwise noted (such as Orcs who have Choppas but no hand weapons).

:?: : Since all troops carry hand weapons can my Executioners use their hand weapon and still gain Killing blow?

A: Yes. The killing blow ability is for the troop not the weapon.


:?: : When you have a failed charge with flyers how far do they move?

A: All troops that make a failed charge move their normal movement rate, and for flyers this is 20 inches. Page 68 of rulebook.


:?: : When a troop is under the affect of Stupidity can it flee as a charge reaction?

A: No they cant, page 52 of rulebook.

:?: : If a Frenzied unit is beaten by a Fear-causing unit with higher unit strength, does the frenzied unit autobreak?

A: Yes, they lose the combat and therefore lose their Frenzy and are then no longer immune to psychology and flee.

:?: : Do I have to take terror tests for a model that I cannot see? For instance if it is behind my units, or behind terrain?

A: Yes. As long as you are close enough you must test no matter if you can see it or not.

:?: : Do dark elf special characters hate high elves?

A: Yes. Page 6 of the Dark Elf army book clearly states that ALL dark elves hate high elves.


:?: : How is a wizard affected my close combat when it comes to casting spells?

A: A wizard can cast spells when he is fighting in close combat. Only exception is magic missiles, which a wizard can't cast when he is in close combat. He can only cast spells which require LOS at the unit he is fighting with.
A wizard can not cast spells at a unit in close combat, unless specifically stated in the spells description.

Magic Items


:?: : When using poisoned missile weapons do you still autowound on a 6 if you need 7+ to hit?

A: No. Page 95 of the rulebook

:?: : Where can I find the rules for Mengil Manhide and his Manflayers?

A: Here.

:?: Where can I find the other Storm of Chaos army lists?

A: There are here.

:?: Where can I find the Dogs of War units?

A: Here.

:?: : Can I take Dogs of War characters in a non-DOW army (like a hireling wizard)?

A: No. Only DOW armies can use DOW characters (apart from the ones that specifically state they can be used in any army like Dark Emissary and such).

Other armies:

:?: Warbands, any help on rules etc?

A: Of course: Here

:?: : Can a marked character (chaos) join an unmarked unit?

A: Yes. Though note that Undivided is a mark too.

:?: : Where is the GW errata and FAQ located?

A: Here

:?: : What size base should everything be on?

A: GW has finally made a ruling on this: Here

:?: : What WD was X in?

A: use the white dwarf database: Here
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If someone can come up with how to link to the GW page now and post the correct links I am sure the moderators would appreciate it.
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Needs to be updated for the new rulebook. Much appreciated. :D

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