Campaign results?

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Post by Venkh »

Its probably a good idea that the reults DONT count for anything otherwise we would be facing army list restrictions on forces from the Black Arcs due to casualties.

The campaigns are just a bit of a promotion for the "slow season" They provide players with a setting for their games and an incentive to buy a few more models.

I dont see any issue with having a few main protagonists with the rest as a supportng cast either. Imagine the outcome of the next Druchii/Asur campaign being the loss of Clar Karond to the Dwarfs for example. It just wouldnt make sense
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Post by Bonemagus »

Yeah I think your post is right on the money about everything except the slow season part. I think Summer is actually their busy season (at least at every store I have visited where I could discern such a thing in Minnesota and Wisconsin). Also I think the campaign is setup in a way to lineup well with their Games Day Conventions in the United States. (Perhaps setup well to lineup with the European ones as well but I don't go to the Euro sites much so I don't know if thats the case.)

Anyway to those whom I may have misread their intent. I am sorry sometimes I don't read these things as closely as I should. Like you said many people have screamed cheating and it just gets my hackles up to let such peoploe say those things without contesting what I see as fatally flawed logic.

About improving the fluff perhaps that is something they can work on in the future. Take the Poll and let me know they should do more fluff stuff and perhaps it will be better in the future. Personally I thought it was nice the fluff was vague enough for people to put their own stuff in. However if they added some vauge regional fluff I think it would be a vast improvement as well.
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my point is:

first of all: gw not liking the evil forces?
i don´t actually believe that, it was them who created them, sounds just a bit off to me that they don´t like what they created. the second thing is, heaps of times mentioned i still say it again: what would the profit of gw be, if they cheat the results? and even if, it didn´t change anything about the armies or something like that.

i just took part in the final survey and i didn´t give good marks at all. it still worked.

and one more thing: i reckon the way the do these campaigns is just so easy to cheat, you can do anything with the results. and at some point gw just can´t catch up with reading every single battle report and checking every single account. i think if they run campaigns, the just should make sure that there is as few cheating as possible by just counting the battles played in a hobby center.
if someone really wants to play campaigns at home:
what have we got mighty empires for, if not for that???

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Post by Tich »

the thing i thought was worse for any race was tomb kings. there objective was to capture altdorf which the games workshop people will never allow. what was there point in particapating. they win all battles and they still would have got some ending saying they stormed altdorf but were defeated somehow. this campaigne was oviesly set up how it would end from the start. the only thing to be determined was which "good" race would get the crown and how badly evil races were defeated.
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