Poll for 8th edition: Various Character Builds - Dreadlords

How to beat those cowardly High Elves?

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Poll for 8th edition: Various Character Builds - Dreadlords

Post by Ebonyphoenix »

As promised, here is the polling section for the main topic 8th edition: Various Character Builds. This is one of several so I can start moving characters to a Confirmed Status and try to clean up the conglomeration of builds offered by the fine posters of druchii.net.

Due to the tremendous amount of suggestions I couldn't fit them all into a poll, so if you would please post your choice(s) I'll start a tally that I will update periodically.

Due to the large number of builds, any build that gets to a 5+ vote will be moved to "Confirmed" on the main topic (link above in red).

If you have a new build, please post in the main topic, above in red.

Many thanks once again.

The Lone Guard at the Gate by druchii.net
Dreadlord - 280pts
- Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Dragonhelm, Crown of Command, Pendant of Khaeleth, Sword of Might, Cold One

I cannot take credit for this, as this and it's variations have been popping up all over druchii.net by various users. The Dragonhelm was recently added as a resistance to Lore of Metal due to the 2+ ward against flaming attacks.
This build is intended as the ultimate stopgap against an enemy unit. You walk up, ignore the incoming blows and stick around due to stubborn leadership 10. Add a bsb reroll, and you would need some really bad luck to run away. (Warning: Science ahead!) Assuming my math is correct you would have a 3/36 chance of failing your leadership, or 8.33%. With the BSB, that decreases to a 0.67% chance of failing both times and actually having to flee from combat. That means, on average, you would need over 100 rounds of combat to actually roll the flee result! With those odds, you should have plenty of time to arrange for a support unit to hit the flank, or just proceed to destroy everything else on the other side of the board while you tie up the deathstar or horde unit your opponent decided to bring.

Horselord Guardian by Red…
Dreadlord - 268pts
Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Crown of Command, Dragonpearl, Armour of Eternal Servitude, Berserker Sword, Dark Steed
Red… wrote: This guy is stubborn, permanently immune to psych, 2+/1+ save, a 4+ regen save versus non-flaming attacks and a 2+ ward again flaming attacks, doesn't have stupidity (like the previous build) and gets +1 attack to boot. He's a combination of several other builds suggested on here, but I do think he's probably the best for this role.

Eternal General by EolElfslayer
Dreadlord - 264pts
Armour of Eternal Servitude, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Pendant of Khaeleth, Sword of Might, Cold One Mount
*some tidying of remarks*
EolElfslayer wrote:So he gets an 1+ armour save, 4+ regen and the pendant, plus s5 all the time.
Still one of the more durable generals you might have in the game, not an ace in combat due to only 4 attacks at strength 5, but with LD10 and fear causing for unit assistance, albeit stupid could cause an inconvenience.

The Cleaver by Rabidnid
Dreadlord - 282pts
Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Ogre Blade(+2 strength), Talisman of Preservation(4+ ward), Cold One Mount

This build comes with a 0+ armour save, a 4+ ward from the new talisman section, and a constant st6 due to the new sword of +2 strength from the BRB. He is highly durable, but comes with the option of actually killing most things he hits due to the increased strength. He can actually attack a moster and expect it to say "ouch".

Robust Challenger by Vaari
Dreadlord - 220pts
Armour of Darkness, Pond Stone, Heroslayer

Vaari wrote:1+ Re-rollable armour save in light of the amount of AP i'm seeing. Herolsayer giving +1 A & S for every character in opposing unit. Will survive against mundane units fairly well and has the punch needed to tackle the character heavy units that shall appear.

MCHammer Lord by Gee
Dreadlord - 276pts
Ring of Darkness, Glittering Scale Armour, Duelling Blades, Sea Dragon Cloak, Cold One

This build comes with only a 3+ armour save, however he is virtually untouchable in combat. With WS10, and halving opposing model's weaponskill, he causes virtually all opponents (anything with a WS of 8 or less) to need 6's to hit him in combat. In addition, the RoD helps against massed bow- or gun-fire by halving Ballistic Skill.

The Silent Assassin by Falconrider
Dreadlord - 252pts
Deathpiercer, Armour of Darkness, Pendant of Khaleth and Other Tricksters Shard, Dark Steed
Falconrider wrote:1+ save, Pendant's Inverse Ward, Killing Blow and force opponent to reroll ward saves.

The Anti-Magic Dreadlord by Calisson
Dreadlord - 265-285 (depends on weaponry)
Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Cursed Iron Icon, 5xNull Talisman, Cold One Mount, "Weapon of Choice"

This build by Calisson is rather harsh on certain opponents. Due to the fluctuation on the effectiveness of the Ring of Hotek, this build picks up a lot of slack by granting the unit he is with 1) Immunity to Fear 2) 6+ Ward against War Machines 3) 2+ ward against any damaging spells. This makes him perfect to join a unit of Black Guard or Horde-style Spearelves for some much needed protection.
Plus he's well protected with his 1+ save and 2+ ward against such character sniping spells as Lore of Metal and Lore of Death. Plus you can edit his weapon to either save points with a hand weapon or buy him something such as the Sword of Might or Reliquary Sword to assist with damage.

Death from Above by Shifty
Dreadlord - 450pts
Deathpiercer, Other Trickster's Shard, Talisman of Preservation, Dragonhelm, Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Manticore
Shifty wrote:This guy weighs in at 450 points, so he's no slouch. But he has the 1+ armor save, 4+ ward, 2+ fire ward, and 0+ against shooting. He causes Terror, and has the 18'' leadership range.
Most importantly though, the shard makes models in base to base re-roll successful ward saves, so it augments the manticore as well. Thats 8 Killing Blow attacks (on the charge), half with hatred. There is even 5 points left over, so you can add in the BRB potion that gives 'Devastating Charge' and have 9 KB attacks if you like.

Brute-Lord by RafaPolit
Dreadlord - 279pts
Armour of Eternal Servitude, Dragonbane Gem, Giant Blade, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Cold One
RafaPolit wrote:Has S7!, 1+ AS, 4+ Regen, 2+ WSv against Fire.

To paraphrase and expand (sorry for the oxymoron) the remainder or his post: Due to a natural leadership of 10, combined with a BSB stupidity shouldn't cause a problem. If you are still hesitant, feel free to switch to a Dark Steed and save 12pts. As it works you have 4 st7, I8 attacks with hatred, for defense you 1) cause fear 2) are ITP (debatable ruling on stupidity) 3) have a 1+ armour save 4) regenerate and 5) have a 2+ ward against flaming attacks.

Aerial Axe by The Internet
Dreadlord - 285pts
Armour of Darkness, Crimson Death, Talisman of Preservation, Dark Pegasus
The Internet wrote:Flying CR factory; with bonuses from charging and rear/flank and s6/s5 attacks, he can swing the tide of a lot of combats.

Midnight Dreadlord by Isryion
Dreadlord - 240pts
Crimson Death, Armour of Darkness, Opal Amulet, Crystal of Midnight
Isryion wrote: Crimson Death (str 6), Armor of Darkness (1+ AS), Opal Amulet (4+ ward once), and Crystal of Midnight (LD 3D6 or lose a spell). In this case the character will add support to an infantry unit, but is really there to hopefully steal a spell from my opponent's mage. The reason for this build is what I see is a lot of reliance on single level 4s in this edition, and hopefully the crystal will limit that. After that, the dreadlord hangs out with a unit, like spears, to give them a little more punch. I'm not convinced this build will work, but I'm going to give it a try. Ideally, combine with Doom and Darkness to increase the likelihood of the Crystal working.

Deadeye by Isryion
Dreadlord - 246pts
Blood Armour, Lifetaker, Guiding Eye, Seal of Ghrond, Halberd
Isryion wrote: He goes in one of those large units of rxbows (20+ w/shields) people are talking so much about. He's not a fighter, so the less he is in combat the better, though throwing a halberd on him will make this unit a daunting one to charge, if it wasn't already.

This build is ranged support, in a unit of crossbows he can increase their destructiveness once by giving them a reroll to hit, while putting out 3 shots a turn himself. He also gives a dispel die due to the Seal to help with the magic phase. The reason for Blood Armour as his sole defense is that he should not be in close combat against any large unit or character. As such, taking an initially minimal armour save helps against lore of metal strikes, while giving him the option to get to a better armour when he swings at strength 5 against any fast unit that reaches through the arrow storm.

Lord of Regret by L1qw1d
Dreadlord - 240pts
Black Amulet, Relic Sword, Blood Armour
L1qw1d wrote:4+ Ward that if you make it, they take a wound no armour saves allowed. The Relic Sword is overlooked a lot of times, but having the 5+ instead of always needing 6's to hurt the REALLY tough guys (and consider what happens if a Hydra, Hag Graef, or Murder BSB is around).

As an alternate, if you aren’t worried about the T7+ critters out there, taking the Sword of Might is a fine substitution since you’ll smash troops well with the str5 attacks with any bonuses from banners or if a Cauldron happens to be available.

Spell Eater by L1qw1d
Dreadlord - 273pts
Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Blade of Spell Theft, Potion of Strength, 3x Null Talismans, Dark Steed
Expanding on L1qw1d’s explanation, this build is intended to take out the offensive capabilities of a high level, multi-wound, mage. Putting him in a fast unit, such as Cold One Knights or Dark Riders lets him close rapidly while providing the Magic Resistance to the hard hitting unit. Toss the 5+ ward from the Cauldron and your unit now has a 2+ ward against spells! Although tossing him out seems like a good idea, the opponent will likely challenge with a unit champ and keep you from smacking the mage around. Taking a unit with you makes sure you can use your unit champ to field challenges while your Lord either kills or hampers the mage.
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Post by D.styles »

I like the builds on heree aha mc hammer dreadlord would be fun to bust out but i usally tool up my dreadlord to dish out pain as well as taking in some too. i usally run him in my block of spearmen. heres his build!

cold one
black dragon egg
whip of agony
armour of eternal servitude
andd dragonbane gem!

He has a 1+AS 4+ regen and 2+ward against flaming attacks always strikes at S5 andd has 5A! ohh and has a nasty breath weapon to help out my spears (:

how does he do in challenges? hes 4-0 so far (:
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Post by D.styles »

oppps forgot his sea dragon cloak! aha
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Post by Ebonyphoenix »

Not bad, I'll pilfer that to the main topic later.

By the way, do you have a catchy name for that build for when I add it to the list?
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Post by D.styles »

yeahh hes my dreadlord of whoop ass, motorcycles and stallone haha
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Post by Lancesaba »

What about the Hunter of Pure Blood
Hero slayer
potion of strength
Armor of eternal sevitude
dragonbane gem
Sea Dragon cloak
Dark pegasus
Points: 299

if my points are correct. Our book says 30 so i am going with that.

he attacks a powerful lord first with his 5 str 8 attacks. it will puncture any armor and wound everything on a 2 so he could vary likely kill them if they have a 4++ he still has a good chance because on average he will cause 2 wounds anyway. then you go and hit the lvl 4 next turn with no armor save and do the same. he has a 2+ and 4++ really. he should also break from combat due to combat rez so he can rally and charge the next character. if he can take out multiple characters (which shouldn't be to hard) he can quickly make up his points.
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Post by D.styles »

thats a good drealord too but im kinda into the taking on any situation character builds. those are the best for playing different people and tournament play
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Post by Norngahl »

Personally i prefer durable Lords with high damage output (something druchii lack of)

1. Slayer of Kings
Dreadlord - 240 Points
Armor of Darkness, Pendant of Kaeleth, Soulrender, The other Tricksters Shard

Comes with 1+/reverse ward, S6 with -4 on AS and the enemy has to reroll his wardsaves. Pretty bad guy that will kill any enemy character with ease.

2. Black Guardian
Dreadlord - 241 Points
Armor of Darkness, Pendant of Kaeleth, Crown of Command, Great Weapon

1+/reverse Ward, S 6, Stubborn at LD10. Pretty similar to lone Guard at the gates but fits better into infantry and is a little bit more offensive. Best with horde spears and often overlooked.
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Post by Burizan »

Sorry to ressurect such a long dead topic;

Lord of Diplomatic Immunity:
Pendant of Khaeleth
Crown of Command
HA/SDC/Dark Steed

He holds up anything. He is also suited to killing characters and ethereals.

Edited as one option had two enchanted items >.<
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Post by Hansleonard »

The Terror from above:

Heavy Armour
Sea Dragon Cloak
Whip of Agony
Black Dragon Egg
Pendant of Khaeleth

Virtually unkillable, fast moving. I have used him for everything from meatshield for my Hydra to killing those pesky BT's
With a 1+ Armour save, reverse ward save and 2+ against flaming he is extremelly durable
Dishing out 5 S5 attacks each round + 2 S4 (5 on the Charge) attacks from the Peg, Stomp and a nasty Breath Weapon he can destroy a full unit ina couple of rounds by himself. Or he can destroy the opponents War Machines, or just be one heck of a Hammer in the flanks or rear of the opponent!
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