A very succesfull kainite list 2k

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Mirz do ordas 2
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A very succesfull kainite list 2k

Post by Mirz do ordas 2 »

what went before:

Ending last edition dark elves, i was working with a nicely working cauldron list of 3 x 10 WE, 3 x 10 corsairs, 4 nobles on a peggy, some DR and some harpies and of course a cauldron.

well, enter edition 7 for the DE ad well. all old lists went overboard, and due to black guard ans shade improvement, chariot no l;onger 2 for 1 etc etc, there was no more slots left for Witch elves in any lists.

I did like my naked, bloodthirsty ladies thou, and well, having something like 50 of them on the shelves. i wanted to use them again.

Combine this with more and more thourneys allowing special chars in the setting when they are in the normal hero selection, the obvious choice to try something with the uber biatch (making the other ones core, thus unlimited) was made.

this resulted in the following, way overpowered, list

Crone hellebron
death hag BSB with a cauldron
noble with 3 nulll talismans (ha. sdc, GW)

8 x 6 witch elves (no command)
3 x 5 harpies
15 black guard with full command, ring of hotek, banner of hag greaf
2 x war hydra

clocking in at 1997 pts ( no noble model with a shield)

this list does not rock, it rolls (over the enemy)

it has way to many threats ( 6 WE with hatred gives statistically 16 hits of which 4 poison vs ws 3, or 13/14 hits with at about 5 poison vs ws 4 to 8),
th BG is ( with noble and hellebron) the obvious danger, as are the hydras, but well, the true beathy are stubborn ld 8 BsB rerolling WE units, which also are ready to die for Khaine, should the need arise.

after a tourney today, hellebron has gotten enough blood to rejuvenate herself for a couple of centruries non stop.

in 3 battles the sole enemy survivor was 1 orge kingdoms hunter (shooting out of charge range the last round, (the cats were dead)
orcs and chaos korne mortals was both finished totally in 3 rounds.

At first i though i was lucky on my to hit rolls, doing 15 to 18 hits with the WE, but well, cannot have that much luck, so i started counting out that 16 hits IS AVERAGE, and once the enemy finds that out too, the BG can get into combat to (no army can deal with 11 threats to main combat units, esp when they get prolonged due to stubborn units with a BSB reroll.

i really wished i could build s list with core we without a special char, but if that is what it takes ( and 400+ unit to protect her), well, even for 750 pts in total, it is worth it. the unit in itself will not make its points back. the many WE will

personally, i think this will be the list that will cry cheese in big ammounts in a short time, with as only (possible) weakness a MSU high elf list
(killing blow on a hydra eats through arnoursaves, WE reap blood bu the gallons on infantry, and when ye really need it, the crone with 7 to 9 strikes first St 10 attacks kills everything
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Post by Druchii77 »

First, congratulations on your progress with this list. I personally think you could stand to combine a few of those 6 strong units of witches to create some 12 strong units. Otherwise, this looks pretty good. How does it stand up to heavy magic armies?
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Post by Colonel »

How do you think it would fare vs a knight heavy army? Have you faced bretonians? Chaos knights should eat you. You cant give killing blow to enough units to crack all that armor can you?
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Post by Dubhgilla »

3 x 5 harpies should slow down any Bretts with flank charges. Or use them to force a redirect.

Leaving 2 x war hydra's some nice S3 T3 tinned dinners :twisted:
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Post by Thanee »

Nice army. :)

Some armies will surely be your doom (esp. High Elves), but I can see how this can work well in general.

I don't quite agree with druchii77 on combining WE units, the point is to have these small units that still can deal quite some damage, and lots of them. If you are worried about losing too many models and not being able to roll on Stubborn, you can just charge in two units.

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Post by Dalamar »

How do you deal with anything even vaguely resembling a gunline? that's multiple units of witch elves dead each turn, then it's down to whether they can down the hydrae and BG before they deal too much damage... but regular dwarf gunline would make a short work of it and never get into combat.
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Mirz do ordas 2
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Post by Mirz do ordas 2 »

when desinging it, i was fearing funlines, magic heavy and high elves indeed, but it all worked out very nice thou

magic heavy means i will keep a lot under the ring umbrella, then will make spellcaster reconsider very fast, combine it with the mr 3 from the noble and sniping the champion is next to impossible with low cost spells

gun lines are no real threat actually, sure, they will kill some WE's, but immune to panic means they will not run, even if only 1 survives, and harpies make great missile screens on turn 1, and a good missile unit killer on turn 2, the hyudras can flame abd terror those units in turn 2 as well

Hifh elves will only spell doom when they are really good MSU (like 4x 5 swordmasters) and i cannot get off some flank charges, if it is the 20 strong swordmaster unit, chances arem the BG will get into them, else, the havoc of 2 flame templates is enough,

i can easily outdepliy them and put those hydras there where they will do good dmge

the tincan armies are no problem a hydra with KB wreaks havoc on them. frenzied knights are even easier to trap.

and no combining of WE units to make them stronger, they are now to small to warrant trapping due to frenzy, that will defintly chance when they get bigger
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