An introduction to the Moderator groups

Introduce yourself to the forum and tell us a little about your journey to the land of the Dark Elves...

Moderator: The Dread Knights

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An introduction to the Moderator groups

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Once in a while members tend to have questions about the role of the mods and how to become one, so I thought this would be a good place to tackle it for those that are interested.

While we might 'run the show', we are still members like everyone else!

The Dreadlords - The Administrators

The role of the admin has two main components:

- Being a Global Moderator (modding the whole site)
- Managing and creating forums to create a better forum for everyone

This first can be a bit of a big stick - we warn and ban people who don't adhere to the forum rules. Most bans these days are for spambots, though!

The second is all about trying to work with different suggestions from users when they come up and implementing them where possible.

Admins sometimes have additional responsibilities - For example, I'm in charge of the chat room and usually organise the appointment of new moderators.

How do I become an Admin?

It's not often that such a position comes up. When it does, the Admins ask for candidates from amongst the Executioners to put their names forward - The Admins then scrutinise and discuss who they think would be best for the post and then offer it to the person they agree upon would do best.

This usually means a moderator who has a good approach to being both a moderator and a member of the site and has done so for a significant period of time.

The Draich-Masters, The Dread Knights - The Moderators Image Image

The Draich-Masters and The Dread Knights are the moderators of the different discussion forums of The Dread Knights have moderator powers throughout while the Draich-Masters are assigned to particular forums.

Their job largely consists of:

- Ensuring their part of the site is a useful environment for users
- Moderating their forums to ensure people are following the rules

The first point varies from forum to forum. Sometimes it can be 'Topics of the Month' or something straightforward like links to useful web sites. Executioners can create further threads like this should the need arise.

The second point means they will delete posts that break the rules and issue warnings as necessary as well as responding to reported posts in their forum(s).

How do I become an Moderator?

The principle is similar to that of appointing an Admin. An announcement is created in Druchii Discussion for any member of the site to put themselves forward as a candidate for the position advertised.

Once that is completed, the Admins and Mods discuss the various candidates, usually reducing it to a shortlist of two or three before coming to a final decision. The lucky candidate(s) are then offered the position.

Successful candidates will have shown dedication to the site and have a sensible approach to the forum they wish to mod and understand how to deal with the different types of members they might encounter.

The Makers of Chains - The Role Players' Moderators

While RPG mods have all the powers of a moderator, their role is closer to that of a Games Master of a typical RPG. They will organise and create the setting for their own group of adventurers, driving the plot for their group and immersing the players in a world of fantasy and skulduggery!

How do I become an RPG mod?

Prospective RPG mods should submit their idea for a plot to Drainial. He is constantly looking for new RPG mods, so you don't have to 'wait' for a position to become available - if your story and writing style is good enough, you stand an excellent chance of joining their ranks.

You should read this thread about what you need to do to apply to be an RPG mod.

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