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Copyrighted material

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Copyrighted Material:

The subject matter of this site is, in the most part, concerned with the game of Warhammer, produced by the company Games Workshop Ltd.

All Warhammer material, the Rule Book, the army books, the supplements, White Dwarf etc. are subject to copyright. This includes text, photos and artwork.

Publishing, on this site, in whole or in part, any of this material is copyright infringement. It does not matter if the material is freely available elsewhere on the Internet, legally or illegally, or if you own an original copy of the material. Paraphrasing or translations are also copyright infringement.

This is a serious issue, and not often taken lightly by companies. This is of particular concern to, as we are trying to develop closer ties with GW and we also wish to become a part of the Warpgate network.

Well, you might say, is GW really going to be concerned with the reprinting of the rules for just one item? It is unlikely, but one item soon becomes two, then four and so on. Soon, if we allowed this, we would have, published on this site, what constitutes a “substantial amount” of copyrighted material, potentially causing GW’s attitude towards us to change.

So, more simply, what can we allow on this site?

Reproducing the rules for any item, unit or special character cannot be allowed. The quoting of passages from the Rule Book, army books, supplements, the Q&A (yes, this is also copyrighted) or White Dwarf cannot be allowed.

The reproduction of a small part of a rule when asking for, or giving clarification of a rule or point is unlikely to be a problem. Providing a description of the uses or effects of an item / rule / formation should not be a problem, but be careful. Describing the City Guard as a unit “with rxbs in the front rank and spearmen in the rear ranks.” is a completely different issue to reproducing the Garrison Formation Special Rule.

Please be careful, by infringing someone’s copyright you are potentially putting the future of this site in jeopardy. Just because other sites allow it doesn’t mean that we should, and just because other sites get away with it doesn’t mean that we will, or indeed that they will for very much longer. If the material is available as a download, or elsewhere on the GW site, provide a link. If it is in one of the books, please provide the page number rather than quoting the material.

Images are also subject to copyright. While many individuals, and sometimes even companies, allow reproductions of their images this is not always the case. Even when reproduction is allowed, the IP holder will generally require full credit for the image to be given explicitly. Please check first.

GW’s Intellectual Property policy can be found
here. Please note that this refers only to trademarks and images.

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If anyone has any questions about this PM me or any of the admin and we will answer to the best of our ability. Though we are not laywers so we like to err on the side of caution. Thank you all.