2,500 pt. All Comer's, but facing Lizzies

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2,500 pt. All Comer's, but facing Lizzies

Post by Vietnow »

Trying to nail down my "go to" list for Empire. This will be only my 2nd game above 2k points. I have to say, I'm digging this army book so far.

-Arch Lector, General
Armor of Meteoric Iron, White Cloak of Ulric
Great Weapon

-Battle Wizard lore of Light
L4, Dispell Scroll

Ench shield, dawnstone, potion of strength (saw this idea on another thread, big fan)
Full Plate, BSB

-Warrior Priest
Dragon Helm, Fear sword
Ha, Barded warhorse, shield

-Witch Hunter
brace of pistols

-Master Engineer


-Archers x10
full command
2 detachments of 5 archers
Battle Wizard goes here

-Knights x5
Greatweapons, music

-Inner Circle Knights x11
Standard of Steel
Full Command
Warrior Priest goes here


-Greatswords x37
Standard of Discipline
Full Command
2 detachments of 5 archers
Arch Lector, Witch Hunter, and BSB go here.


-Reiksguard Knights x 6
Standard, Musician


-Celestial Hurr

-Hellblaster VG
Engineer goes around here

Basic strategies;
Archers line up behind Greatswords next to the Celestial Hurr. This should give my main combat block +1 to hit at all times, and be used to support charge later. With hatred, lore of Light buffs, prayers, and 3 characters in horde formation make this a rather scary unit. The WH gives MR2 to the unit also. I feel this isn't much to pay for 55 points, plus you get his special rules. I'm not too concerned with his safety for 55pts. Archer detachments are used to set up favorable charges for me, or prevent nasty combo charges on me.

With hold the line and stubborn (Ld9) this unit can take a pounding while simultaneously grinding down elite units. I just need 1 to survive to keep my points. This is a bit of a deathstar, (cheap by comparison to other armies') If this unit breaks while playing blood and glory, I would lose.

The archers are my wizard bunker. This could get sketchy against fliers and solo characters, as the archers won't stand up to a stiff breeze. Two archer detachments are meant to delay this. Since his bunker is made of straw, I don't kit my wizard defensively. Any input here would be appreciated, I don't have much experience with bunker play. (My DE sorc lords are generally solo fliers)

The IC knights are fairly punchy their first round of combat, S6 and hatred. They're also very durable. They can handle medium strength units on their own provided they don't face steadfast troops for too many rounds. If I manage to use them as the hammer to the greatsword anvil, anything which isn't unbreakable is running. Being mobile they also provide me with options in the movement phase. I like having a mobile combat block, even with cavalry being less effective in 8th edition.

The two small units of knights are my mobile chaff. While they aren't as mobile as fast cav, they have great armor saves. I've noticed some Empire players feel they're too expensive to be thrown away. Yet I throw away my similarly priced dark riders all the time, to great success. The Reiksguard serve a dual purpose. Being stubborn they can also be used to hold up something nasty for a little while. I felt because of this they warranted a standard. This gives me 1 more fortitude for Blood and Glory, and being stubborn they're less likely to give up free vp's for the standard. However, I now realize this doesn't matter, as my GS block is the only important unit for that game type. Dropping the standard is a likely choice.

The GW knights will likely be deployed near the HBVG, to scare war machine hunters away. The archers will likely be obstructed, and won't make a dent in even lightly armored hunters. With the engineer, the HBVG can destroy any type of chaff trying to hunt it, but only 1 unit per turn. While I'm not trying to tailor my list, I know he's going to have multiple units of terradons/rippers. To be fair I generally have 4 units of fast cav with my DE, so it's really not list tailoring.

Cannon is pretty self explanatory. Kill large targets and targets of opportunity. Also, effects enemy deployment.

THOUGHTS?? All input is welcome.
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Re: 2,500 pt. All Comer's, but facing Lizzies

Post by Noble korhedron »

I'll try to come back in a while and post a longer response in place of this, but have you tried posting this on Warhammer-Empire as well?

EDIT: O.K, I'm back and ready to write my more detailed remarks. Can I just start off by saying that full command on the Archers is total waste of points? Futhermore, if you're going to bunker a Wizard Lord in them, you would be better off I.M.O running them as part of the 'Griffon Formation' as described here: http://warhammer-empire.com/theforum/in ... c=42921.0;
Basically, how this would work is that you should give your Greatswords two combat detachments, 15-20 models strong, which will flank enemies, and the 10-man Archer unit plus two 5-man Archer detachments deploys and moves in co-operation with them; with careful deployment, you can have your two combat blocks as detachments guarding your Greatswords's flanks, and in front of these you run the two 5-man Archer detachments as chaff/redirectors, while the parent Archer unit bunkers the Wizard Lord(who F.Y.I is given a supporting Lore, preferably one with lots of buffs(AKA augment spells) behind your Greatsword parent block.

This becomes your basic formation, so the rest of your army should be geared towards supporting this Formation and making it more effective. An example would be to take your required Core as a small 10-man block of missile troops(either Crossbowmen for long range or Archers for move-and-fire) along with a block of approx. 10 Inner Circle Knights to guard one of your Greatsword's flanks. Try to make sure you can fit a Great Cannon or Helblaster and Master Engineer to go with it.

The approx. 10 ICK Knights now become your main supporting unit for your Greatsword block, and you can add Pistoliers as an optional extra if you really need a small hard-hitting unit that would be good at making a nuisance of itself.I won't comment on the Wizard Wagons as I have yet to play one, but if you're going to take something like this, you need it to support as many units as possible, so instead I would think about a War Altar for the Arch Lector if you can spare the points. Place the War Altar or other buff-wagon behind your main Greatsword block, along with the 10-man Archer bunker for your Wizard Lord, then cover the other flank with your missile troops(if you take a static unit of them), Great Cannon, and Helblaster with attached Engineer. If the opponent doesn't have any serious chaff units, you can probably give the Pistoliers to the war machines flank, but if they do, you're probably better off with the Pistoliers doing one of their ideal supporting jobs of chaff hunting for your army.

Anyway, I know this isn't very detailed, but if you would please read the Warhammer-Empire thread, even as a guest, you will get a much better idea of what I'm trying to put across here. Assuming I don't get my ass modded for this, I would heartily recommend you join Warhammer-Empire as well, since, and with all due respect to the mods.; this place pretty much lives up to it's URL, unless you're either asking for advice about fighting the Druchii, or for beating up the Asur!! !lol!



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