What will you add?

How to beat those cowardly High Elves?

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Miscast into the Warp
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Re: What will you add?

Post by Amboadine »

Clockwork wrote:On tbe right of the picture you can aee a mock up of my Eternity Guard - more are on the way!

I believe they are now referred to as the 'Shadowfire' Guard ;)
Mentioned in the book as a mix of Phoenix and Black Guard. The name actually evokes quite a nice colour scheme in my head.
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Re: What will you add?

Post by Clockwork »

You're right that is much cooler! Haven't got to tgat part myself yet.
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Re: What will you add?

Post by Teowulff »

I will add at least the following:

Phoenix Guard
White Lions
Dragon Princes
Glade Guard
Warhawk Riders
Sisters of Thorn
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Re: What will you add?

Post by MexicanNinja »

As I'm a huge fan of cavalry armies:

Silver Helms
Dragon Princes
Wild Riders
Glade Riders

For an infantry army:
Phoenix Guard
Glade Guard
Way Watchers
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