500 Point Learner List

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500 Point Learner List

Post by SuperHappyTime »


I've just gotten into Dark Elves for New Years after playing Dwarfs for the last six months. I'm looking to build my DEs the same way I built my Dwarfs (not by artillery BTW), but by starting with a battalion box (err, Warhost actually), building a modest force of 500 points, and then adding points from there. My first additional purchase was a Sorceress, because I've seen magic be fairly effective at 500 points. I'm looking at one of two lists:

Sorceress, L2 Dark
10 Darkshards
10 Corsairs w/AHW
5 Cold One Knights
(495 Points)

Sorceress, L1 Dark, D-Scroll
12 Darkshards
12 Corsairs w/AHW
Dark One Chariot
(496 Points)

Looking forward to 1000 points:
I've already built the 20 warriors as Darkshards.
I've built 20 Corsairs, but I have an additional 20 Corsairs that were given alongside the Warhost because the store I bought it from had shipping issues. Not sure if I should build more, or find something else to do with them.
Chariot was built with Dinos instead of Horses.
Heard the Fleetmaster was pretty bad, so I'll likely run him as a Master at some point.

Comments appreciated in advance. Thanks!
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Re: 500 Point Learner List

Post by T.D. »

Looks a good start.

You'll probably want more Corsairs so that you have an opportunity to run a decent size infantry blocks later on in higher points games.

Edit: And yeah, list 1 :)
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Re: 500 Point Learner List

Post by Daeron »

I would pick the first list without a second thought. I like units larger than 10 but the added value in this case is too limited.
Chariots are very random at times, so I would favour the COks. They should outperform a chariot, especially in such a list.
The second caster level is definitely a big help for those Doombolts and the extra spell, even dispelling.
The units of 12 do have more bodies, but they all panic at 3 wounds, just like the 10 man units.
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Re: 500 Point Learner List

Post by flatworldsedge »

I'd go for list #1 too - all the reason noted by the other chaps!
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Re: 500 Point Learner List

Post by Khaleth Blackheart »

I'd go for number 1 aswell, looks a good list, the only thing I'll add that may be worth considering is.
You could drop the sorceress to level 1, give her the ruby ring to still have a useful MM, then you could afford a standard with the gleaming pennant on the cold one knights, to help out with those stupidity tests.
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Re: 500 Point Learner List

Post by lverasmussen »

I am actually participating in a excalation league (and it is going to be my first time ever playing Dark elves)

My list is also 500 points but slightly different:

Hero: Master, heavy armor, sea dragon cloak, Enhancved shield, brace of repeater handbows (95 points)

Core: 10 Black Ark Corsairs with repeater handbows, standard bearer & reaver (130 points)

Special: 5 Cold one knights (150 points)

Rare: 5 Warlocks (125 points)

Total: 500 Points
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