Eternity King 2000 Points Army

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Eternity King 2000 Points Army

Post by radlum »

Hi! Since the release of EoT: Khaine I've been thinking of making an Eternity King army, so I'm starting with a variation of my regular list:


Loremaster of Hoeth 330
- Book of Hoeth, Talisman of Preservation


Death Hag 115
- Witchbrew

Master 153
- BSB, Armor of Destiny, Halber, Sea Dragon Cloak

CORE 580

5x Dark Riders 110
- Repeater Crossbows, Shields

20x Witch Elves 250
- Full Command

14x Glade Guard 220
- Musician, Hagbane Tips


20x White Lions of Chrace 340
- Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

20x Phoenix Guard 340
- Full Command, Banner of the Eternal Flame

RARE 140

2 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower 140

TOTAL: 1998

How is this? I have the Loremaster since having all the rulebook spells is very useful. The Master would go with the White Lions (and benefitting from the BotWD) and the Death Hag would go either with the Phoenix Guard or the Witch Elves.

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