2400 points for Eternity

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2400 points for Eternity

Post by Drachau »

Its been a while since my last post. I needed some time to get some new energy and by the rage of Khaine i did.
What an awsome story and now i finally came up with my first list which i would like to get reviewed. At the end ill explain my doubts. I hope you can provide me with some your opinions.

Loremaster of Hoeth 320
- Ogre blade
- Talisman of Preservation
- Charmed shield

Death Hag 320
- Sword of Might
- Cauldron of Blood

Glade Captain 129
- Bow of Loren
- Hail of Doom Arrows

Waystalker 90

11 Glade Guard 165
- True Flight arrows

10 Glade Guard 150
- True Flight Arrows

25 Witch Elves 305
- Full Command

20 Phoenix Guard 375
- Full Command
- Razor Standard

2 Bolt Thrower 140

5 Sisters of the Thorn
- Musician

5 Warlocks

6 Waywatchers

So thia list is made from models i have and which i really love but im open for changes. What i wont take are white lions as i dislike the models.
Sooo.... About my doubts. The loremaster is really good in providing a lot of spells. I did not know how to equip him and since he runs with the PG i kitted him more for combat. I am in doubt if i ahould take an archmage or a more combat hero.

Im also wondering about the overall list if it would work together (test play should provide more info). But i keep thinking im missing certain weaknesses.
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Killed by Khorne
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Re: 2400 points for Eternity

Post by T.D. »


Good infantry based list. You might have some problems pinning down very mobile lists or opening cans, but otherwise you have a reasonable combination of elements. I'd consider some more Waywatchers for one of your magic cav units to get that extra AP.

Regardless, I'd root out any bugs through playtesting :)
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