Supreme Sorceress - Mounted

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Miscast into the Warp
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Supreme Sorceress - Mounted

Post by Amboadine »

Well helpfully the Warpfire Dragon I just purchased came with the full set of Sprues for the Dark Elf Dragon instead of just the parts needed for the model.

This means I have a spare mounted plastic sorceress (See pictures of Dark elf Dragon on the GW website) if anyone needs one.

I am currently based in the UK.
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Re: Supreme Sorceress - Mounted

Post by lverasmussen »

I could use one to put on top of a dark steed :p

How much will it be with shipping? I am located in Denmark..:)
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Re: Supreme Sorceress - Mounted

Post by Searinox Nagharha »

to bad ;P beaten to it, it seems
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Re: Supreme Sorceress - Mounted

Post by flatworldsedge »

Just in case she's still left after you've spoken with the gents ahead of me, give me a shout! Sure Iverasmussen or Searinox will give her a good home though!
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