Starting help required!

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Starting help required!

Post by Dozer026 »


Im quite new to playing Whfb and posting in the forum, and im wondering what would be the logical choice for my next purchase to start vs my dwarven friend.
Over the years of collecting and painting on a non regular basis this is my collection so far:

15 Dreadspears (Full command)
13 Corsairs (Full command)
1 Sorc
1 Assasin
5 Cold one knights (Not yet fully assembled and painted)
5 Dark riders (Shield, crossbow, Full command)

i maybe have foolishly made all my units with full command, but will it form a problem ?
I know of the WYSIWYG rule, but at first its going to be matches vs friends who probably done the same with their regiments.

So far i have been thinking what my next purchase is going to be most logical for enriching the army,
I have got 50 bucks to spend right now, so i was thinking to purchase a unit of warlocks and maybe another unit of CoK to perhaps bus them.

Or a unit of CoK with a dreadlord on a cold one to fully max out the potential of a CoK bus.
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Re: Starting help aquired!

Post by Thraundil »

Well usually, friendly players are not strict WYSIWYG lawyers. So, you'd be just fine NOT having for example a standard and a champion in your dark rider units....
With regards to "next buy", dark elves offer a wide range of models and specialised roles suitable to many different playstyles. Do not, however, attempt to shoot against your enemies as a source of victory: in spite of darkshards being "oh so famous for their rain of death", in reality, dark elves lose the shooting contest with so many other races its not even funny :P a little shooting to take care of flak and pressure monsters is fine, but no more than that.

Generally speaking, the power units of each respective category are:

Lords: Lvl 4 (duh), ideally mounted, ideally on a dark steed. Variations include having her on foot in a babysitter unit, e.g. spears since they are cheap, or corsairs since they are durable to shooting. Additionally, mounted dreadlord, either on a steed (popular build: full mundane armor, dawnstone, giant blade, other tricksters' shard for 1+ rerollable armor save, S7 attacks and enemies must reroll wards) or on a pegasus (popular build: cloak of twilight + dawnstone).

Heroes: Mounted masters. Here, the pegasus far outweighs any other option since you get 3 wounds and T4 on an elf. You also get to fly, and a stomp attack. Stick regular 4+ ward saves on them, and give your BSB a charmed shield as well.

Core: Dark riders for board control, doubleflee maneuvers, hunting enemy soft targets and the like. Witch elves either in big blocks for serious combat punch or smaller units for skirmishing. Remaining core options are generally "not worth it", although corsairs and spears/swords can be fine as a "hang back and dont get into trouble" unit.

Special: Bolt throwers are the obvious include here. They shoot very efficiently. A unit of shades is also a strong option.

Rare: Warlocks warlocks warlocks! Stick your lvl 4 on a steed with mr(2) in a unit of warlocks, and bam. 2+ ward save vs magic. And a highly mobile caster to boot. Popular options are death, death and death. A mobile purple sun as well as being in range of the relatively short death lore sniper spells is huge, and what lore of death does not have in direct umph, the warlocks supply with their own built-in doombolt. Buy them, use them, abuse them! Just keep them out of sight of ballistic skill shooting... A 4+ ward is equally good vs a cannonball and a skink javelin, once you're wounded!
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Re: Starting help required.....

Post by Dozer026 »

thank you for the summary, i kinda like the idea of running warlocks with the lvl4 as a 5 man unit, but is having 2 lords (and especially them beeing sorceresses) in the army a bit too much at this point :?:
I might remove some of the command of my spears and convert them to normal spearmen since they will be run next to the corsairs, and for the dark riders i will adapt the command to a musician only since that beeing the bare minimum i see in most of the batreps/army lists.
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