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Petition for GW

Post by Ajattaro »

Hi there. I'm active in several internet action groups, and came across this: ... miniatures

Totally signed it, although not every would do I guess. I understand GW way of thinking, even though I dont support it anymore
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Re: Petition for GW

Post by Rork »

My advice?

Get a bunch of people together. Put some money into a pot. Buy some GW shares.

Then GW might at least note down what this sort of thing says.

While there is money rolling in and their accountants are happy (ish), this sort of thing might be on someone's screen for 10 seconds.

I don't agree with everything GW does. Their grand tournaments aren't really grand any more and their stores are pretty hollow in some respects. But they're a business. They do business-y things.

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