the Northern Vanguard

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the Northern Vanguard

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Hi there!

Here's my new ETC-comped list that I'd like to hone for tournaments. I hope that I get more feedback than with my last list (Northern Skies, which can be found on this same forum), since I'm not too experienced with DE yet, even though I can say that I'm an experienced player even I have had a break from competetive gaming.

This is really similar to my previous list, but with some alterations. I wasn't happy with it's ability to take on large enemy blocks and fast heavily armoured units, so I made some changes.

First in this list I had Heavens on lvl4, but I found out fast that Beasts would suit this lot better. I also squeezed a unit of harpies, because you can only have 2 units of DR in ETC without spending one choice from the pool of choices. Had to drop Ruby ring, crossbow from BSB and couple shades.

Here's the list:

Northern Vanguard 1.1
ETC 2015 Dark Elves

Dreadlord 285pts - General
Lance, Enchanted Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Dawnstone, Cloak of Twilight, Dark Pegasus

Dreadlord 304pts
Sword of Might, Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, the Black Amulet, the Other Trickster's Shard, Dark Pegasus

Supreme Sorceress 315pts
4 lvl - Beasts, Ring of Hotek, Dispel Scroll, Dark Steed

Master Battle Standard Bearer 133pts
Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Dark Steed, Banner of Eternal Flame


12 Dark Riders 270pts
Full Command, Shields, RCBs

5 Dark Riders 95pts
Mus, Shields

20 Witch Elves 265pts
Full Command, Standard of Swiftness


4 Reaper Bolt Throwers 280pts

7 Shades 146pts
Mus, Std, Ahws

5 Shades 105pts
Mus, Ahws

5 Harpies 75pts

5 Doomfire Warlocks 125pts

Total points: 2398pts

5/5 Choices: 3 Mounted Dreadlord/master, 4 RBTs, 5 Warlocks
Shots: 72/80
-Space for little more shooting. I can't take more warlock or DR units.

First half of the game I'm gonna play avoidance and try to disable enemy shooting and win the chaff war, and shoot and cast at enemies. Positioning RBT and witches can goad enemy to the direction I wan't, because they are only points that are not going to run away. I'm planning to hold witches back until it's time to combo charge the enemy. I can rush the enemy too if facing gun line, witches with M6 are fast enough. God I miss Comet of Cassandora already...

As for characters I wanted peglords that can deal a lot of hurt together, and focus on characters and monsters. My general is prety standard, and other DL is something I prefer to use for character killing. Black amulet + TOTS combo is so awesome, this guy has collected heads of so many badass heroes, mostly all sorts of WoC characters. I usually field him with gw and Dragonhelm, but I had no etheral counter in this list so I took SoM. I don't know if S5 is high enough, but now he has better cannon insurance and can grind in combats too, so not so one sided character anymore.
I went cheap on BSB. I don't know if flame banner is a good call, but with mobile fire platform it should be effective. I could take out HPAs and TGs and others out effectively on my fist turn with RXB and RBT shooting. Flaming darkshards can be avoided. BSB can join witches before combat too, or run solo, but these options have their risks. I like him cheap so losing him won't hurt so much, since he does not yield 100p extra if dies outside of combat. BSB is not the most important man in this list.

I have never played big unit of DR before this list, but it really seems promising. Excellent movement and they have something to do through the whole game. When BSB and SS join the units it's going to be huge amount of points though in semi sguishy unit... Good thing that they are fast cavalry. With their large size I can commit them to combat in the last half of the game. Beasts lore is really needed for this.

I could split my shades into 2 units of 6 with banners, instead of one expendable and one important. I only have one banner model though. I would get more fortitude though, but having banner in small units kind of frightens me.

I thought that I could just tuck the points of harpies to safe place, and buff the large shades by 3 and add champion, crossbow BSB and IC icon for SS. Large unit of shades would use gws then. This would add sturdiness to the list, and almost effectively the reverse thing I did to include harpies in first place. I'm not sure if this list need expendable chaff units, because large DR really dont need redirectors to help them. Im supposed to learn to play with them better... Also it would be smato hand out only little amount of points... Harpies are going to die anyway, and 7 shades is somewhat easy to kill.. Maxed out shooting would be good call too.

Please give me some opinions at least if you got no suggestions for the list itself. Im not experienced yet withDE, but I am eager to reap honor for our kin! :D
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