Sisters with hair?

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Searinox Nagharha
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Sisters with hair?

Post by Searinox Nagharha »

Now I rly love the SoS... their is just one thing i cant stand...
I prefer my woman with long flowy hair :P

now i was planning on either just putting the WE heads on or mold and cut the hair onto the Sister Heads.

Has any1 tried this yet? And do you think any1 would mind me just putting the WE heads on?
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Killed by Khorne
Killed by Khorne
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Re: Sisters with hair?

Post by T.D. »

Should look pretty good with Witch Elf heads. The equipment (and paint scheme) should allow for easy visual separation.

Mine have uncovered female heads too :)
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Miscast into the Warp
Miscast into the Warp
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Re: Sisters with hair?

Post by Amboadine »

With you there. I prefer them with the WE heads and SoS equipment.
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