The Watchtower Podcast Episode Twenty

How to beat those cowardly High Elves?

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The Watchtower Podcast Episode Twenty

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The Watchtower Podcast would like to announce Episode Twenty: From Down Here, We See-See Everything!!

We were originally going to call this episode “This is the New Sh!t” but it just didn’t seem appropriate given the ratty festivities skittering around. Things are definitely hotting up for the Warhammer World and the End of the End Times looks to be approaching.

Before the End of the End arrives, however, we decide to delve into the warpstone-moonlit depths of the new End Times: Thanquol book. Yes it’s about time the skaven got some more game-breaking love and yes-yes GW have definitely brought some of that along!

Post-End-End-Times talk we are abandoned by Treble and proceed to talk about all things serious aka Cancon practice. Cancon is currently Australia’s biggest tournament on the calendar at 120 players and us hooligans converge on the capitol of our country to eek it out over wargaming tables! Appropriately held over the Australia Day long weekend, we think it’s fair to say that the whole COUNTRY is excited to engage in our national favourite passtime; drinking (and warhammer). Or so we’re told…

Enjoy this episode and note that it definitely has been uploaded PRIOR to Cancon tournament beginning (and thus Treble will NOT be walking to Canberra this weekend).

As always, from up here, we see EVERYTHING!

P.S. Also check out new Aussie podcast Gronkhammer here at
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