Need help with unit Identity

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Need help with unit Identity

Post by Jvh792 »

Hey everyone! I'm finally going to my first tournament and I've begun to plan my painting regimen. But before I truly begin, I want to plan a few extra things to make my army pop.
The theme of the army is beast-slaver. We trap and train various beasts from around the world to fight our battles for us. That said, you may have heard something like this from me before. I've got a list that I can work with now, and I'm looking for the right animal to combo with each unit.

35 Witches - For my witches I have created a scene/unit-filler of the cauldron crashing through a high-elf defended ruins while the witches overrun the walls. It's pretty cool, I won't lie. Can't wait to show pictures. I have chosen the dark elder Clawed-fiend to represent their "spirit animal". He'll be "guided" into battle by the whips and chains of the witches behind him. I will probably include some gore-crows circling above waiting for the witches to finish the high-elf defenders.

20 RXB/darkshards - I've decided to take an easy route here. Rather than do something crazy, I think I'm just going to use the Dark Eldar razorwing flock to represent Gore-crows. Their standard will be the dark riders crow banner, and they'll use the crow shields from the dark riders as well. I may also include an eagle from the hobbit, painted up black like some HUGE crow from hell. He'd be circling way above with the magic of magnets and wire.

10 Cold one Knights - I'm going to keep it rather simple here too. I have an old carnosaur model and I'm going to put a COK on top of. Slap him on a 50x100 base and use it as unit filler/bling. The basing is what will make this guy stand out. Heroic pose on top of a small mound with jagged cliff drop off (like 4 foot drop to scale). Dead high elves littering his base.

The three units I need help with are:
2x5 shades
2x5 warlocks
4 Bolt throwers

I can't quite figure out a way to make either of those work for me. Wolves for shades maybe? But I have no idea for warlocks... Slaaneshi animal?
Bolt throwers too... No idea.

Any ideas would be awesome. Thank you!
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Re: Need help with unit Identity

Post by Killerk »

Warlocks you can use the new WE sister models, mixed in with druchii or demonet pars. I made mine out of glade rider horses and demotenets bodies with arms from various models. you can also use demonet mounts say hell riders.
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Re: Need help with unit Identity

Post by Payce »

For the bolt throwers, perhaps use the crew for a Scourgerunner Chariot mounted scenically on a 50x50 base? It's still a Bolt Thrower, and it will look really good with a beast theme.
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Re: Need help with unit Identity

Post by Malys the younger »

Payce wrote:For the bolt throwers, perhaps use the crew for a Scourgerunner Chariot mounted scenically on a 50x50 base? It's still a Bolt Thrower, and it will look really good with a beast theme.

That's actually a pretty solid idea...


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Re: Need help with unit Identity

Post by Booah »

I love your ideas, beasts and flying creatures attracted me to the whole idea of dark elves. I'm trying to think of how to get more beast masters/slave drivers in to my army (modelling wise). There's definitely stuff from the scourge runner chariot and hydra kit that would be worth playing around with to enhance regular bolt throwers,it's a tricky one. There is definitely mileage in further slaneeshing up the warlocks through demon parts. Can't wait to see this army progress.
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