How to deal with specks

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How to deal with specks

Post by Red... »

I've recently begun doing some painting again (my Imperial Gua...Astra Militarum *sigh*) and have been trying to do them a bit more properly this time around (still not at a high quality, but at as high as I am going to get!).

So, I am painting them using a wet palette and doing multiple layers rather than simply glopping a single layer on. This works, for the most part, well. But I have hit a snag. When I accidentally get paint that goes on one painted part of the model that it shouldn't do, I am struggling to correct the issue because the watered down paint that I then reapply doesn't cover the mistake entirely (due to it being watered down).

To give an example: My guard have a red and white color scheme, with black and metal used for weapons and pouches etc. I have been painting the red first, then doing the white. Occasionally minor specks of white get onto the red or areas of white edge over into red allocated zones. When I try to correct this, the watered down correction color does not cover the mistaken paint entirely (as its watered down). How can I correct this? Should i use thicker unwatered paint for doing corrections, or what should I do?

Any tips much appreciated.
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Re: How to deal with specks

Post by Scythe »

If you're really speedy you can sometimes clean up mistakes as they happen with a clean, dry brush. Otherwise I'd say maybe use a thicker version of whatever the base colour is to do your touch ups.
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Re: How to deal with specks

Post by flatworldsedge »

I'm having similar issues, but find they only really happen around edges where it gets fiddily. I'm painting 1:1 water:paint on most areas, but then 1:4 around edges as a clean up and that is thick enough to deal with the specks. That said I'm painting in very dark tones, so likely easier to fix than a black speck on white.
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Re: How to deal with specks

Post by cultofkhaine »

I second what Scythe said a quick clean dry or damp brush before the paint sets. Another alternative I have used a sharp scalpel blade to scrap it off.
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