2K end times list for tourney.

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2K end times list for tourney.

Post by Venomblades »

Hey guys, got a mini end times tourney coming up in March and somewhat lost in what to bring along.

All I know is I want MALEKITH Phoenix king along, worth 825 points. Massive chunk on my points, but he does look insanely powerful. People I will b going against are bringing avatars such as Tyrian etc etc hence why it's worth bringing malekith.

As for what units to spend the rest of my points on evades me. As Phoenix king, his list choices is more or less high elf, so fire core I'm thinking reavers and/or silver helms? Then perhaps cold one Knights to make up the rest?

Any advice?
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Re: 2K end times list for tourney.

Post by Payce »

With no Magic Resistance to speak of, he is going to be a huge target for enemy casters. Grab some level 1s, get a scroll, perhaps some lore of life to boost him.

Also, I would think Reavers and Glade Riders should be your cavalry of choice, possibly Sisters of the Thorn. You will need target saturation and board control, fast cav chaff can provide both. Sisters will add to your magic dice pools.

For your killing power, White Lions or Phoenix Guard. Frostheart Phoenixes are just beasts. Finally, never leave home without bolt throwers.
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