2500 GT List

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2500 GT List

Post by jarbs »

Have a GT coming up in a few months and working on finalizing my list. Looking for a few veteran eyes to look it over before I start play testing.

Lv 4 (probably shadow as of right now)

Hag on cauldron

Sword of might/ES/DS/SDC/HA

Master on peg
Full mundane/COT/Lance

25 witches

14 shards (lv 4 here)
Flame banner

2x5 dark riders with shields

hydra with fiery breath

23 black guard (BSB here)
razor standard

5 hapies

2 bolt throwers

5 warlocks


Tried to make it as well rounded as possible, with a presence in every phase.

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Re: 2500 GT List

Post by Mikael.k »

It is already a competative list IMO, but there is some things you could make to make it even more cutt-throat. You could drop the hydra for 2 more bolt throwers, and maybe add in a few more BG/witches for the points leftover.
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