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Triune of Elves! Wood vs High vs Dark! 1k, 1,5k 2,5k ideas?

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 10:48 pm
by NinjaWarlord86
First Post, glad to be here with all you evil ninjas!

My friends and family; after 22 years of not touching Warhammer, started playing again!!! We have a massive showdown in mid October with my uncle as Wood This Elves, our friend with High Elves, and I am Dark Elves.

We have a 6th-8th edition rules we are trying to configure so some of the older characters can participate due to the fact that many Wood Elf characters are gone. Mostly we are using 7th Edition rule book as our agreed upon standard. I nearly own every model with exception of Hydras, Warlocks, Dark Riders, Sisters of Slaughter and the Kharibdyss. I’m concerned on how to deal with Waywatchers and Teclis. Any Kryptonite for those guys? I’d love to hear ideas on my lists below, and tactics. I’ll post some pictures of the lists to once I get more painted!

What troops would be best suited to address Wood Elves and High Elves?

Because we live in other States, we are taking all weekend to play 3 games.

One will be a Character showdown of a 1,000 points each
Objective: smooth playing & attention to special rules, cohesive magic phase.


1,000 Point Characters

Morathi & Sulephet 455p, Heartrender +45p
5 Black Guard of Naggarond 13p, Tower Master +14p with Dark Venom +10p, Musician +7p, Standard Bearer +14p


995 Point Characters

Malekith & Seraphon 600p & 320p
Kouran Darkhand Black Guard Champion

The Next Game will be 7th Edition following all the rules to the best of our ability. 1,500 Points, Granted, there is some adjustments needed to comply with unit ratios, the amount of Characters, and troop type allowed for such a small army.
Objective: apply what we learned in the previous game on a slightly larger size. Paying attention to combat resolution.


1,470p “Juggernaut”

Cauldron of Blood +110p, (Gifts of Khaine 50p)
33 Witch Elves 10p,
Death Hag +90p Battle Standard Bearer +25p, Musician +5p.

Level 3 Supreme Sorceress 225p
Level 4 +35p, Manticore +200p (Black Dragon +320, Magic Item 100p)

Reaper Bolt Thrower 100p


1,468 Point Army

Dreadlord & Black Dragon 140p & 320p, Lance +6p, Heavy Armour +6p, Shield +3 (100p magic items)
Cauldron of Blood +110p, (Gifts of Khaine 50p)
20 Witch Elves 10p, Hag +10p Battle Standard Bearer +25p, Musician +5p,
Tullaris Dreadbringer Executioner Champion
14 Har Ganeth Executioner 12p Musician +10p, Standard Bearer +10p

Lastly this is the one for all the GLORY! 8th Edition 2,500 Points very loose on the editions, rules; basically anything goes as long as I can reference it anywhere official, I can do it!!!!!
Objective: Have fun and see who dominates the other two!


2,456 Point Mega Death Battle!!!

Army Notes:
1. Wizards can use any amount of dice to cast.
2. Witch Elves has B.S.B.
3. Frenzy on Witch Elves.
4. Fear on Executioners.
5. Heavy Magic! Use it!
6. Anvils are Corsairs & Executioners.
7. Hammers are Magic and Witch Elves.
8. Eternal Hatred on High Elves. Re-roll all first missed hits every close combat, applies to mounts too!
Army Power Dice: 2
Army Dispel Dice: 6

Malekith & Seraphon 600p & 320p
Magic Weapon: Destroys Magic Power on 4+(only once)
Magical Armour Save: 4+ only one wound at a time.
Ward Save 2+.
Magic Resistance 2, Dispels against Maliketh cause 1 S6 hit for every die rolled. Bound Spells 1 S6 hit.
Power Dice =5
Dispel Dice =3
Troops pass panic tests with 12”.

1 Death Hag 90p
Poison Attacks wounds on 6’s
(Cauldron of Blood +110p, Gifts of Khaine: Witch Brew +25p on Witch Elf unit: no combat bonus for enemy, Cry of War +10p: enemy leadership test or WS reduced to 1)
Magic Resistance 1,
Dispel Dice =1
20 Witch Elves 10p
Hag +10p Battle Standard Bearer +25p, Musician +5p, two attacks

Tullaris Dreadbringer Executioner
Re-roll fail to wound.
Heavy Armour.
Causes Fear.
15 Har Ganeth Executioner 12p
+2 Strength, Killing Blow, Musician +6p, Standard Bearer +12p (25p of Magic Standard) Heavy Armour, Killing Blow, Fear.

Lokhir Heartfell 250p
15 Black Arch Corsairs 10
(Two Attacks) Reaver +10p, Musician +5p, Standard Bearer +10p (Magic Standard 25p)

15 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen 10p
Guard Master +5p, Musician +5p, Standard Bearer +10p, Shields +1px15

5 Shade 16p
Light Armour +1px5, Additional Hand Weapon +1px5,


Caldron of Blood “Death Star” 2,500

Morathi & Sulephet + Sacrificial dagger 25p +Tomb of Furion 25p
10 Shade =16 Light Armor +1px10
Reaper Bolt Thrower 2 Operators =70P
2 Cauldron’s of Blood =190p
Hellebron +Blind Rage 25p, +Iron Hard Skin 20p
25 Witch Elves 11=275p, 1 Death Hag +85p, Battle Standard Bearer +25p Banner of Nagerythe +100p, Musician +10p,
Tullaris Dreadbringer Executioner Captain, Armour of Fortune +35p, (5+ Ward Save).
25 Har Ganeth Executioner 12p Standard Bearer +10p Scare Crow Banner +5p (Fear to Flyers), +Musician 10p,
10 Dark Shards 9p

Re: Triune of Elves! Wood vs High vs Dark! 1k, 1,5k 2,5k ide

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 6:13 pm
by Calisson
It has been a long time, but if I recall well, among our named characters, Morathi was seen the most often. Must be a reason.
Shadowblade, I don't recall seeing him much often.
Kouran would never be used.
So first game, option 1.
Beware of Teclis, he has been seen leading almost 100% of HE armies when named characters were allowed, it must be for some reason.
Sorceress on manticore, that's a recipe for loss. On dragon, she's hard to play but at least, playable.
This said, WE are probably good against other Elves, so option 1 should work. Option 2 looks acceptable, too, despite no magic.
Lokhir has poor rules, unfortunately.
Last game, option 2.

Re: Triune of Elves! Wood vs High vs Dark! 1k, 1,5k 2,5k ide

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 9:55 pm
by NinjaWarlord86
Thanks for joining the conversation.

Whenever I look at the stats for Manticores I’m usually under impressed, Shadowblade is an extremely expensive Assassin, win a decent chance of knocking a 3 wound character. I’ll go back and revisit that one without magic; moves some things around so there are some spell casting.

Re: Triune of Elves! Wood vs High vs Dark! 1k, 1,5k 2,5k ide

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 10:39 am
by Dark Alliance
I miss the old days of Warhammer. For what it's worth my favourite time was around the Storm of Chaos book. Looks like you'll have fun anyway with the rules you plan to use.

Re: Triune of Elves! Wood vs High vs Dark! 1k, 1,5k 2,5k ide

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2021 6:30 am
by NinjaWarlord86
Hey I have been away. I want to tell you how it all went and will have an extremely lengthy Battle Report soonish.

Re: Triune of Elves! Wood vs High vs Dark! 1k, 1,5k 2,5k ideas?

Posted: Thu May 26, 2022 9:22 pm
by NinjaWarlord86
Well I lost considerably. I didn’t apply the Steadfast rule twice and lost my two main units. By turn 4 80% of my army was wiped out.

Re: Triune of Elves! Wood vs High vs Dark! 1k, 1,5k 2,5k ideas?

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2022 11:59 am
by Red...
Now that’s what I call a lengthy battle report.

Sounds like a tough game; always frustrating to forget rules but it happens. Good luck with the next bout.